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“21 Health Benefits of Swertia Chirata - Great for Diabetes, Cancer, and More”

Swertia Chirata or sometimes called Chitretta is a bitter herb from India that has many health benefits. 

History - Swertia Chirata goes all the way back to Sanskrit times and is mentioned in the Charaka Samhita an ancient Ayurvedic healing text from India. Swertia Chirata was first brought to Europe in1839 and has been…


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Guilt, Stigma, and Five Considerations

Guilt, Stigma, and Five Considerations

by Kathy Custren

Guilt…it can be a real eye-opener to discover that there are those who live, day in and day out, carrying an overbearing burden. As with many things in life, there can be too much of a good thing, which is just as true about guilt, if not more so. When guilt or another person’s expectation becomes extreme, it can also feel very…


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Crossing the Threshold of Your Life’s Purpose

Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for

that work has been put in every heart.” ~ Rumi

You now stand in front of a door. But, this is no ordinary door, for when you tilt your head skyward, you see it extend into the Heavens above. It is ancient—hand-crafted from yew wood—beautifully carved and gleaming, the wood’s rich color a deep honey brown to purple to reddish-orange. The door is unattached and…


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The Relaxed Soul on “The Miracle of Lamps and Truth”

Sai Baba had a small grocer near his temple.

The grocer would donate oil for the lamps at the temple… 

to light the temple at night. 



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“Emotions, Healing, and Truly Getting Better”

We think that our emotions have nothing to do with healing, and that any given medication will do it’s work. But without loving emotions doing “their work” we have a hard time healing. 

It’s said that 75 to 80% of our wellness is connected to lifestyle and mindset… but I feel it’s actually about…


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Join Dr. Haider TODAY for his live call in radio program - 5PM EST or 10PM GMT

Join us this Monday at 10Pm Gmt 5Pm Est for

Dr. Paul Haider - Spiritual Teacher  and  Master Herbalist.

See Link to Show - 

Dr. Haider is a…


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“It Does Make a Difference”

An Experiment Shows that Meditation Does Make a Difference.

Learn to Live in the Here - and - Now

Find Your Inner Self - Your True Self…


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A Blessing In Disguise

With so much negative drama going on in the World today many people are asking, how can I truly make a positive difference. Whether it be as a parent, spouse, friend, neighbor, acquaintance, coworker, business owner, public personality or just simply living as one with humanity on this beautiful planet called Earth, the difference that you and I can make is by healing within!…


Added by Stacey A. Maxwell-Krockenberger on May 17, 2014 at 10:00pm — 2 Comments

I'm Not the Problem! You Are!!

May 17, 2014

10:09 AM


By Pau Nijar


The tension builds on upon every breath.  You stand there upright, ready for imminent impact.  Nothing’s going to get through you.  Your determination…


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What's love got to do with it? or

By Paul Nijar

The greatest treasure of all is beyond any numerical value and can never run out. Well duh! It’s already obvious what it is from the title.

Love is such a powerful force that everyone has been exposed…


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The Healing Power of Forgiveness

I consider myself to be a nice person. I spend a lot of my life - giving to others and teaching positive life skills. However, what I like about myself sometimes makes it hard for me to accept other people when they are inconsiderate, selfish and downright hurtful towards others. You see I have a lot of rules about the way people should treat each other and these rules, when I am not living consciously, make my life harder than it needs to be because I have no control over other people's…


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3 Things You Can Do Today To Increase Your Happiness

Did you know that there’s a growing field of science known as “Positive Psychology”? Dr. Martin Seligman, author of Authentic Happiness and Learned Optimism, put this area of psychology on the map during the late 1990s when he served as president of the American Psychological Association, but it has its roots in the work of Dr. Abraham Maslow and other well-known social scientists from the 20th century.

Instead of merely focusing on “how can we relieve suffering?”…


Added by Angela R Loeb on May 17, 2014 at 8:30am — 2 Comments

“13 Ways to Sooth Away Eczema and Psoriasis”

Many people suffer from these two very common skin problems and there are a number of great herbs that will help… here are just a few. 

Neem Oil - Neem oil is fantastic for eczema and psoriasis because it contains nimbidin which is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent… helping with redness, swelling, and a good antiseptic…


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The Relaxed Soul on “Undoing the Ego Mind”

And we live in the Milky Way Galaxy…

Which is one infinitesimal part of the Universe.

We live on a continent, in a specific country, in a state, and in a town. …


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From Russia with Love | Dr. Peter Gariaev & Linguistic Wave Genetics

As more light is shed on the areas of energy, frequency, genetics, and DNA, the old story from conventional science and physics that DNA is 97% junk is, well just that, junk. Dr. Masaru Emoto was closer to the truth when he stated that, “since we only aware of and activating 3% of our DNA, we are therefore 97% ignorant beings.”

From Russia comes more great work in the field of Linguistic Wave Genetics, a modern spin on an old theory that has had its methods and research in the dust…


Added by Jefferey Jaxen on May 16, 2014 at 9:30am — 2 Comments

The Relaxed Soul on “Those Who are Poor”

There are those who are poor… and lack money and food.

There are those who are poor in spirit… who have everything.

There are those who are poor in spirit… who scorn those who lack money.…


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“20 Great Benefits of Waking Up Before Sunrise”

There are so many great benefits of waking up early in the morning… here are just a few. 

  • Those who wake up before sunrise have their warm beverage and meditate before all the noise starts… noise is one of the great stressors factors of our time.…


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Listen to Dr Paul Haider - Radio Interview in the UK - This Monday

This Monday May 19th at 5PM - EST -

I will be talking on the following program in the UK.

You can listen in and enjoy the show.



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The Relaxed Soul on “You are the Buddha”

Buddha had a cosmic experience.

An experience that awakened his understanding that we are all ONE.

Sitting under the bodhi tree HE lived thousands of lives in a moment.…


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“21 Very Healthy Benefits of Soba Noodles”

Soba Noodles from Japan and are made from buckwheat flour (which is not wheat at all)… and are highly nutritious. 

Buckwheat was a staple food in Russia, China, and Eastern Europe for years… because it contained high quality protein. …


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