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The Charlotte Reznick Interview!

Tonight on OM Times Radio!

For over 20 years, Dr. Charlotte Reznick has pioneered therapeutic interventions with a wide spectrum of children. Responding with unerring intuition to children's diverse needs, Dr. Reznick is best known for creating Imagery For Kids: Breakthrough for Learning, Creativity, and Empowerment. This highly insightful program of guided and interactive imagery - enhanced by music, relaxation techniques, drawing, and journal writing - can help all children achieve… Continue

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Incoming Energies for July 2010 from Blue Ray Healing

Blue Ray Healing



Added by Deb-Aurah Araznu on June 17, 2010 at 10:02am — 2 Comments

Is Love Something to Obtain ?

I get an overriding sense these days, upon observation of the many trials and tribulations in 21st Century relationships, that the ultimate goal is about getting love from a partner like it is something to be owned....a possession or a thing; but how that method is working less and less and causing more and more angst and tug o’ war games.

The meaning of human existence and our drive for connectedness with others and to receive and give love is a universal. Many spiritual…


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Tame the Beast - Insecurity

A battle field for the heart and emotions...insecurity. It plagued my life and the men I dated, so many times in the last 25 years and was the source of great angst too many times, often with disastrous consequences.

Insecurity is a feeling that can't always be intellectualised and virtually never rationalised when in motion. The energy generated can be overpowering and when it blows the surface, an emotional eruption can be the result. I have experienced and seen many scenes of pain…


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Feel it Don't Intellectualise it

I have been wonderfully engrossed in some fascinating conversations lately with people who are at varying stages of their relationship journey. Some are happy and content, what a joy ! Some are "bumbling along" and some are in the middle of a tricky separation and having to explain what's going on to their partner and loved ones.

For those who are experiencing the pain of troubles in love, the explaining part is quite a challenge when you think about it, because it is feelings…


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Is it Time to Move On or is it Just Your Stuff ?

It struck me that there is a distinct difference between knowing when to throw the towel in and call it a day with your dear heart and when it's just your "stuff" surfacing again. But how do you really know ?

I don't profess to nailing scientific proof to either side, even though our minds want to cling to something tangible because matters of the heart are somewhat "fluffy" at times,but there seems to be flavours to the way people behave in love conflict.



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Find the Love You Really Want - Why Waste Time ?

I have always have a number of topics to write about on the subject of romance and relationships. In fact the list is endless; but one pressing subject I want to chat about as the sunny season of hope springs forth, is that educating your "self" in the art of creating successful relationships is the only way forward. Wouldn't you love to save a whole lot of heartache and time ?

Consciousness seems to be the major buzz word on the planet now. In essence it means becoming aware…


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I Love to Change

"Awake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving."

~ Teilhard de Chardin

In his mythical adventure "Illusions," Richard Bach told a story of creatures who clung to the roots growing out of the sides of a creek. Their entire life was about "clinging to the side"

and "resisting" because if they let go, their fears would come



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Starseeds, Lightworkers, Soul Travelers, and More!

They are here on a mission to heal and awaken and help raise this planet's vibration! Highly creative, self-motivated visionaries who are extremely sensitive to negative energies. Working in many different professions, they possess a light energy that make them fast healers and fast learners. They have the amazing ability to overcome any obstacle that would dare to stand in their way, tapped into the sources that help us to communicate, heal and learn. Plugged into the matrix and ascending…


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Honouring Your Father

Honour your Father…But what if I don’t want to, what then?

If you were like myself, you grew up in what I think was an average home of the sixties and seventies. Dad was the provider, protector and last word on anything in the house. He didn’t let you see him cry, he didn’t say anything sappy to you and not to your mother in front of you and he most definitely didn’t talk about sex to you! You knew he loved and cared for just “because” even though he rarely if ever told you that. When… Continue

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Honouring Your Father

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Leaving it to the Universe

As spiritual human beings, connected to a higher power, we may not know what choices to make regarding both the important and the not so important decisions in our lives, and therefore decide to delegate this responsibility to the Universe. We may want to let the Universe manifest what is best for us without providing much effort or input. This attitude, despite its spiritual tone, does little to contribute to our spiritual growth in our human body.…


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What do you feel or imagine when you hear the word love? What does it say to you when you read “Love”? Does it bring a particular picture to your mind? Does it fire up your heart?

Does the word itself set you on a journey of imagination remembering a particular person, a special place or experience from your past? Is there a warm and happy glow or is the feeling tinged with sadness?

Perhaps you agree with the poet “It is better to have… Continue

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Incoming Energies for June/July 2010


A message from The


June/July 2010

Blue Ray Healing


Deb Graves / Araznu…

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Healing Thoughts

Have you ever wondered why some people react one way in a given situation while others react totally differently? Let’s look at a common reaction to coming across a snake on your path while you are out for a walk. Now, if you have a fear of snakes you would most likely instantly become frightened, your heart beginning to pound, your throat becoming dry and maybe even find yourself feeling weak. Just think, by the time you actually jumped back in fear, a split second transformation has already… Continue

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I love OM Times!!

It's like Myspace only, no drama!!(well, we talk about how to get rid of drama;) !

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Focusing Your Attention

You've got a proposal due. You unplug the phone, turn off the radio, and close the door to your office. Why?

You're getting ready to focus your attention, and remove distractions. In our fast-moving world today, there is so much input from outside distractions, and we're so…


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Get Back to Where You Once Belonged...

When you can, find a quiet place and affirm, "There is only one life, and God is that life. I am in It and It is within me... all of the attributes of God I claim as mine this moment! God knows only perfection in all manner and form of expression, and I am that expression! God's love flows…


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