June 2011 Articles (43)

Pineal activation and the dissolution of the Astral Veils


As we move toward the ascension into 5D, the usual veils between the waking and the astral planes become transparent and ultimately fall away enabling us to become fully aware of dimensional planes of etheric love and light (primarily 5-6D). This process enables one to become fully conscious of the astral plane, first during sleep and then during the waking consciousness. Doorways and portals then open up in ones consciousness bridging the dream world and this…


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Understanding time - Transcending Linearity


Conventional time is an illusion and the belief in its reality causes suffering, entrapment and bondage to the third dimensional realities. The ascension process awakens our awareness to other temporal realities and enables us to transcend linear time resulting in a rapid spiritual evolutionary process and the speeding up of all life lessons. This freedom from linear time eventually lifts the vibration of our body out of three dimensional space-time – the end result…


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Channelled messages from Rainbow Beings – received at a Vortex in Sedona

Dear Humanity,

We are the rainbow ones – the beings of love from beyond your world – many of you are beginning to feel our presence at this time and some of you can begin to see us now..

We carry the vibration of galactic love that is about to enter your world and begin a profound healing work within your collective. When the Galactic Sun becomes aligned with your world all the dimensions align and we can begin communicating with you and in 2012 we will become visible to anyone…


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Journeying to the Source – Rainbow Beings, the Inner Suns and Immortality

The Source is the origin of all love and all of conscious awareness. Deep within our being this Source awaits to be rediscovered, the love experienced and the vibrations assimilated in order for us to ascend to a new level of consciousness where the Source is ever present and ever visible.

In the beginnings of our spiritual journey the Source is felt vaguely, and guides us on the path. Later on we can begin to actually see the Source upon the awakening of the pineal gland and higher…


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4 Tips To Deal With Frustrating People

"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself."

              Saint Francis De Sales

Every day there are plenty of good reasons to be frustrated. Another long line. Telemarketers. A goal isn’t materializing “fast enough.” People don’t do what they’re supposed to. Rejection. Disappointment. How to deal with it all? You can drive yourself crazy, behave irritably, feel victimized, or try to force an outcome--all self-defeating reactions that alienate…


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To Be or To Do II - A Spiritual Walk in the Physical Realm

Last time we took a walk on the wild side as we focused on the act of “being” and the importance of grounding oneself while looking inward for healing, prior to needs of the planet.  Until we are of sound mind & body there is no way to truly help others or tackle the big issues, such as saving our home planet. 


You’ve read and hopefully had time to implement some of the pro-active steps to self healing into your daily regime.  This brings us to the present moment. …


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What is the First Rule of Love? It is to listen, to be

fully present and to intently listen. 

Listening is a skill that very few of us have taken the time to fully


What makes the act of listening a rule of love or perhaps

an example of love in action? It is simply this: when we take the time to

thoughtfully listen to others, being completely aware of, and in the “now”

moment, we are truly accessing our own ability…


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I know this topic has been written about several times, but I wanted to add how I view forgiveness as I feel it is a very important part of our Spiritual Development,

Forgiveness is a door. You have the power to open it and walk through.

By this I mean, if the door stays closed, then one has chosen not to open it because of not being able to forgive. Once you do learn to forgive, a door is opened to a whole new vista of Path choices and new ideas and a higher connection with… Continue

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Our Source is One Within Us All

I believe a little differently than most people. So my post may or may not make sense to you.

We have never been separated from our Source. In my belief system the Source is and always has been inside of ourselves. Through all our journeys in all our lives and incarnations this Source has never left us and it never.

Our species and most species upon this Earth as we know it, be it animate or inanimate is only a temporary host for our Soul and the life Spirit. When the host… Continue

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Battle With The Ego

The great war...your inner self and the ego.

The ego is one of the hardest parts of our being to be silenced. The ego is everything ingrained in our mind from birth to now. It is the programming of society, parents, family and other people. The main objective in finding ones self is to learn to silence the ego and hear the silence of the wisdom within ourselves.

This takes years of work, and I do mean work, for the ego will creep into the back recesses of our mind to be heard.… Continue

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My Story

My path throughout my life has been one of loneliness. Since I have had my gifts since I was a child, I had to one to talk to or ask questions to or learn. So as soon as I was old enough to read I went on my own journey to find my own answers.

I was raised in the Protestant faith. I knew that was something I did not want to follow. I was made to go to church until almost the age of 16. I learned this is not how I would not raise my children. I gave them the freedom to choose what… Continue

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The View From the Window

When I first read what I am going to post below, it had a very profound effect on me. It was an "aha" moment for me. Sometimes we take life and everything in it for granted. We don't stop to smell the roses. We have conditioned ourselves to be quite comfortable in our own little world with out much thought of the reality of what the real world is.

This story reminded me of how blessed I am. That I needed to look around and see and be thankful for my health, the love of friends and… Continue

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States of Your Mind

Taking hold of your mind and the states of your mind.

I was in a place about two years ago where I gained great knowledge about the mind. In the diagram of the two circles intersecting, I was taught that the left part of the circle represents our Reasonable Mind.

The Reasonable…


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A Simple Gift

I have been waiting for the fireflies to make an appearance. Last night I was granted my wish. They were a bit late in their arrival this year, but I was not disappointed.

The small, simple creatures of nature has been my friend since being a small child. It always tells me everything is all right with the world. As a child, I could never wait for them to appear and when they did I would always run to my mom and ask may I please have an old jar and could you please poke holes in…


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Self Acceptance


Do you accept yourself?  Do you accept who you are?  Do you know who you are?  What does self acceptance mean to you?   Do you accept who you are as readily as you accept your friends and co-workers?


You may accept others the way they are, or how they express their feelings much easier than accepting your own life situation and feelings.  You may defend your friends from criticism by telling others to back off, that your friends are doing their best and they have…


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STREETteam July 2011 : To Be or To DO - A Spiritual Walk in the Physical Realm Pt I Posted by deZengo on June 24, 2011 at 10:30pm

To Be or To Do – A Spiritual Walk in the Physical Realm

            The other day I experienced an overwhelming sense of peace from the experience of just being “out” of the self imposed box!  One that confines and separates us from nature and all simple pleasures – such as the warmth of the sun on our face.  The mere act of being in nature (driving, walking, riding) brings relaxation.   Living in a rural part of Tennessee, we…


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Introspection I (The Chrome Lake part 3)

« Introspection I » is the third part of « The Chrome Lake, » and its first section with vocals.

As implied by the title, the piece is about looking into oneself. More precisely, it speaks of having the courage to look at the places which have been hurt, despite the pain, for this is part of the healing process.

The chorus hints at the empowerment that comes from exposing oneself, including one's areas of…


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SACREDspace : July 1/2 2011 : The 411 on Yoga : Styles & Practices (A-K)

"The 411 on Yoga"

Styles & Practices (A-K)


Nearly all styles of yoga have their roots in hatha yoga –a physical discipline that focuses on developing control of…


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SACREDspace : July 2011 : The 411 on Yoga

When you begin reading about yoga, books suggest the ultimate goal is to unite the mind, the body, and the spirit. Yogis view that the mind and the body are one, and believe that if they practice yoga and incorporate the tools for living, one can find harmony and heal self. Yoga therefore is considered therapeutic and is being utilized for those interested in “prevention NOT treatment.”  As you become more aware of your body's posture, alignment and patterns of movement, you also gain…


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Creating a community of support for families with children with special needs

I have always believed in the power of togetherness, and online communities are the perfect example of how much can be gained from like-minded individuals teaming up to create change in the world. As a mother of a child with special needs, I also know how challenging it can be to find the right information for my son and his unique needs. 


So with those facts in mind, I have decided that a new online community needs to come together... one for families with children with…


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