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Amenti: Balancing to Obtain the Hall Pass

Amenti: Balancing to Obtain the Hall Pass


By Kathy Custren


A recent post by an online friend had me revisiting time and words with Thoth, the Atlantean; an immortal, ancient sage whose wisdom on spiritual and metaphysical matters rings true for many who delve into the writings attributed to him, which are known as, “The Emerald…


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The 7th Avatar - Book 2 - “The Avatar and the Apprentice” - Chapter 30

Chapter Thirty  - “The Sixth Sense and the Craft”

Then the four prophets moved under and around the waterfall and onward through the jagged mountains. And soon they came upon a valley that was full of endless cactus and sand… and the High Priest asked the Apprentice: What do you sense here?…


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Psychology-The Brain Quiz

Psychology is a reflective in a life of our mind .Our mind has a tremendous energy forces ,which is limitless .

Our memory ,intelligence ,our working of brain very often ,commonly known as genius ,are the living energy forces of our mind .

For our physical standing our mind plays an very important part as whatever contribution which we are creating & also placed in our every action of our life which its surrounding & social fabrics depend on our…


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3 Reason Retreats Are Necessary Play-dates for Adults

Are you focused enough on your inner-joy from the art of play? Joy is not child’s play. It is your birthright. Embracing it as an adult is still important and paramount for peace of mind, body and soul. Here are three reasons experts say you should put fun back in your life, and a way to do it.  

You do much…


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The 7th Avatar - Book 2 - “The Avatar and the Apprentice” - Chapter 29

Chapter Twenty Nine  - “The Vibrational Energy of Water”

Then the four prophets made their way through the jagged mountains to a waterfall that was cascading 1000 feet from a frozen icicle encrusted cliff that jutted out from a sheer rock wall. And the Stranger said: This waterfall is a constant flow of energy,…


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The Perfect Place at the Perfect Time: Trusting the Universe to Position You for Success

720 Words – Personal Growth

You are in the perfect place in the perfect time – right here, right now. It may not be aligned with what your mind is telling you should be in your life, but the Universe has positioned you for growth by having you experience whatever it is you’re going through at the present moment. And the Universe keeps you there for as long as it takes for you to learn what you need to know for the next leg of your journey.

There are times when it seems you've…


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God-Our divine path--Part VIII

In  my earlier articles ,I have touched the planetary influence on global & natural forces .As we known fully well that planetary influence what we call zodiac planets play & an important part in every individual for preparing the birth chart at the time of his birth which generally prove that what mode of conduct ,behavior, nature ,intelligence ,his hobbies ,taste,& other parts of his life line.

It is very obvious that although men are born equal but differ in…


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“The Background Acceptance of Love”

A man knows that if he keeps doing what he is doing he will die.

But there is a constant fear in the background

that does not allow him to find inner peace… …


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Meet Me There

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there. - Rumi

About a year ago, at a workshop on love, consciousness and tantric philosophy, I was introduced to a personally revolutionary idea: That boundaries are about where we meet, not places we need to defend.  This was big to me because I had been told I needed to establish better boundaries, hold my boundaries, etc.  While that advice was helpful, the context of a place where we meet…


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God-Our divine path--Part VII

We all have observed the natural calamities sorry episode & suffering of where many human beings including children   ,due to the disturbance of global environment .

Fortunately quite many offers are not affected only witness from our within are their tears,& loud crying .

Very often my silent mind think that when god remain within every human being & also god is very kind & all the time omni present while for considerable long period in one or…


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Observatory Experience Believe it or Not-IV

As an observer , we have under gone & faced the mourn of our family –friends & also one with the observation ,we have not accepted the reality of Death ,as our conscious mind prefers to close our eyes of this True reality of our life.

Death is certain –Not in our hand. But whatever the life we have with us ,should be governed under our control –with all our Action for which we are born & in the time of our intelligent ,Hobbies, Training ,Achievement ,&…


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The 7th Avatar - Book 2 - “The Avatar and the Apprentice” - Chapter 28

Chapter Twenty Eight  - “I’m Afraid of Heights, I Might Fall”

And the four prophets made their way back to the narrow trail to trek up and down the jagged mountains. But soon they come to an area of the trail which had been washed away and the drop off was thousands of feet down. But there was still a small ledge that…


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When You Love Yourself

"I love you!", I giggled as I tickled my little girl, and we played on the bed.

"I love me too!", she yelled. I thought this was a good moment to connect.

"Great! What do you love about you?", I asked while snuggling her on a big pillow.

"Everything! I am kind and funny. And I am open. I even try to be open to loving people I don't like!" A few minutes later, she was asleep. I thought about her spontaneous reaction.

"Do not let anything that happens… Continue

Added by Gail Matheson, PhD on June 17, 2015 at 11:30pm — 1 Comment

Gender: In Defense of Identity


By Kathy Custren


An older co-worker, just the other day, remarked about the way our society is changing at such a rapid pace. Perhaps there is no clearer sign that we are in the midst of an age of great transformation than the fact that an increasing number of people are redefining the meanings of both gender and identity.


The very public rise of Caitlyn Jenner as a transgender icon in the media has placed the topic of…


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Are You a Leader? 5 Truths Every Natural Born Leader Lives By

The new leadership paradigm invites each one of us to step into our life’s purpose, which is your highest potential expressed through your strengths.

There’s a new kind of leadership emerging that is gaining momentum. It has the power to transform the world in what took multiple generations centuries to accomplish under the old paradigm. It leaves no one behind, generating true equality and prosperity for all—including you.

It also means that you are…


Added by Christine Horner on June 17, 2015 at 8:04pm — 1 Comment

Green Building 101: A Guide to Sustainable, Holistic Home Building

With the public’s environmental conscience growing stronger, builders are now working with clients to create more eco-friendly homes and offices. These use materials and techniques designed to put less stress on the planet and operate with minimal resource consumption. Perhaps you're interested in a new home, or maybe you want to move your business into a better building. Either way, you want to use the best of the new green building techniques. The following are four steps to get you…


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4 Steps to Shift Your Money Mindset

Our goal of living an abundant and happy life with all our creative and financial needs met, is why we work so hard every day.  When working harder and longer hours isn't being reflected back to us in our bank balance, we need to look at our mindset about money.

Abundance, or lack thereof, is connected to feelings inside of us. These feelings come from our past experiences. According to Eckhart Tolle, "a person's thinking and beliefs are conditioned by their past: their…


Added by Kathryn Remati on June 17, 2015 at 1:32pm — 2 Comments

The 7th Avatar - Book 2 - “The Avatar and the Apprentice” - Chapter 27

Chapter Twenty Seven  - “I Think Therefore I AM”

Then the four prophets went on their way trekking through the rugged mountains and soon came upon a home perched on a high plateau between valleys. Over the doorway of the home were the words “Doctor Lai”. This was the home of a medical doctor, and as they past by the…


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The 7th Avatar - Book 2 - “The Avatar and the Apprentice” - Chapter 26

Chapter Twenty Six  - “The Story of Mudslides and Floods”  

Again the four profits started their trek through the jagged mountains and came upon a valley filled from one side to the other with tea plants. It was so soothing to see this that they sat on a hill overlooking the valley take in the view. But soon a farmer…


Added by Dr. Paul Haider on June 16, 2015 at 12:28pm — No Comments

God-Our divine path--Part VI

We have with us the master key for our progressive noble life. As a human beings it is the moral duty for every of us to make the world a living symbol for the overall happiness of the mankind as whole.

It is possible for us to create the world where there should not be any conflict among the people!! ,We all have witness two world war killing innumerable ,innocent ,person ,small children ,& subsequent suffering of the people who have survived .

We all are…


Added by Rohit.M.Parikh on June 15, 2015 at 1:30pm — No Comments

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