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 Criticism can rob us of zest for life and send our spirit into a dark corner.

While people with the fear of being judged know that it is irrational, they still can't help perpetuating their anxious thoughts and feelings.

More than 75% of people around the world experience the…


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22 Doors To Paradise: Astrology As A Map of Our Greatness

 Astrology can take us into the genius of each person, who they really are, why they came here, and what is their heroic mission, the "story" they are living out, each moment.


It also can prepare us for the initiations that Life is offering to us:


How to find, and be, the delight and magic (Venus), 

How to be bold and make things happen (Mars)

How to REALLY express ourselves, so life feels like our heart's creation (Sun),

How to organize a…


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Our Anxiety Over the Novel Coronavirus Might Be Worse Than The Disease

Mass hysteria goes viral:

The hysteria we’ve been feeling lately over the arrival in North America of the novel coronavirus reminds me of the fears that we had around the SARS crisis in Toronto in 2003 and the Ebola virus in 2014.

If you lived through either of these times you can probably recall how freaked out people were during these outbreaks. Many Canadians over-reacted to situations that turned out to be not nearly as bad as they’d thought.

With the latest…


Added by Marcia Sirota on February 4, 2020 at 2:24pm — 1 Comment

ALONENESS VRS LONELINESS: 7 Steps To Living Happily On Your Own

Aloneness and loneliness are two different things.

We don’t have to feel lonely when we are alone.

We’ve been told through various stories, movies and literature that only the presence of another person in our life can help us to alleviate the void we…


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6 Ways to Implement Yoga into the Classrooms

From being dependent on our parents or guardian for everything to start to become the guards of our own life, we all grow. The golden period of this transition is spent in classrooms as a student. 

In today’s world, where everything has become constricted to materialistic success and competition, the classrooms are losing their charm and becoming an asylum where young minds with stress dwell for long hours…


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The Supreme Awakening

Book Review

The Supreme Awakening: Experiences of Enlightenment Throughout Time -- And How You Can Cultivate Them…


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The Advaita Vedanta, Science and the Theory of Evolution

People may or may not be spiritual, but spirituality is important, because it influences many of the vital trends of the human civilization. Science, obviously, is important because it helps us in real life by advancing our capabilities to survive and enjoy life. People most commonly link with spirituality through their religions. Thus, it would be extremely beneficial for the human race if science and spirituality could work together to go forward…

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Too Many Thoughts Floating in Your Head?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the things that need to get done? Do you lose sleep in the middle of the night thinking about what you forgot to do or worried about what is going to happen the next day? How are you going to squeeze it all in? Do you have a hard time NOT thinking while you are trying to meditate? Or actually not being able to find time to…


Added by Maria Humphreys on February 1, 2020 at 2:00pm — No Comments

Planting Seeds in Mediumship

Have you ever said these words? I’m sitting in the power but, nothing is happening. I’m doing the exercises but, it doesn’t go the way it should. I practice all the time but I can’t see any progress. I think spirit blocked me or the sitter is blocking me. Is this you? 

Most mediums have these thoughts at some point along their journey or thoughts that are similar. It’s okay. We live in a world of…


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Environmentalism 101

Environmentalism 101

By Scott Taylor Lynch

Word count-565

Bio-word count-53

The best way to practice environmentalism is to strive to think of the physical world and other beings in synchronicity with yourself. This is the main tenet of most religions and spiritual ethics. Parents feel this as they help their children grow and learn to make decisions for themselves. It does not give away any power you have, in fact it will multiply your resolve and wisdom to help…


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The Heart of Motivation

The Heart of Motivation

By Judi Lynch

Word count -671

Bio word count -60

What drives us to realize our ambitions? How do we keep motivated to keep moving forward with our plans and goals in life? How do we discover those things which inspire us? When we are experiencing life with an open heart and mind we can realize what we are passionate about. That realization can assist us to understand our life purposes and themes through which we can thrive.



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Soul Work: It’s a Process. Seven Phases of a Spiritual Journey

Once we are captivated with the bliss of the spiritual world, we soon grow disappointed when our lives don’t immediately change. Soul work is a process and has many phases from absorption phase, individualization phase and purge phase. We learn to document our experiences to record our progress and purpose. As we come to the end of this path, we realize all we must do is let go and receive all the miracles in our life.

It is easy to become enthralled with the…


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Thoughts On Sarcasm

Abstract: We all have experienced sarcasm in one form or another.  Definitions and examples of different kinds of sarcasm. Asking ourselves if we are aware of how much sarcasm is part of our daily speech.  Is sarcasm a heathy way to make the changes we want? Is sarcasm part of the resolution or a problem in our world? A list of choices that we can make in the moments of wanting to be sarcastic.

We all…


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8 Tips for Beating the Bad-Weather Winter Blues

They say that November is the cruelest month but I’m putting in my vote for January as a close second. All across Canada and the United States, a harsh and gloomy winter is upon us. Ontarians have been experiencing an unseasonably mild winter suffering pelting rains that have flooded many an unsuspecting basement, while British Columbia and Newfoundland are having record-breaking snowfalls. In Florida, frozen iguanas are falling out of trees.

So how can a person survive the long,…


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LOVE: it isn't always "nice"

Since birth we’ve heard it again and again, “Be nice!”  Our mothers said it, our fathers said it, our grandparents said it, our teachers, preachers and religious leaders of all type said it.  Be nice!  It seems to be the ultimate in being loving.  But being loving isn’t necessarily nice. 

Nice means being pleasant, being pleasing, being polite and perhaps even self-deprecating.  Being nice means that we smile even when we don’t feel like smiling.  Being nice means always saying…


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How to Create a Positive Mental Space for Your Mind to Thrive

It can be difficult to change your mental space if you aren’t prepared to make some changes in your life. You need to surround yourself with positivity in order to succeed. Here are some of the techniques that you can utilize in order to help your mind thrive.

Avoid Negative Sources

Negative people and places can start to wear you down. Avoiding spending time with these sorts of people will enable you to create a peaceful mindscape. Another thing to consider is your own line…


Added by Rachelle Wilber on January 29, 2020 at 11:00am — No Comments

Inspiration from the SUN

Inspiration from the Sun 


You are not “You”

You are not pessimistic

You are not optimistic

You are not an employee

You are not the boss

You are not the son

You are not the father

You are the cosmos …which is in you


You are the Creator

You are the Divine

You are One-ness


You are the Earth that grounds us

You are the Sky – air that lifts us



Added by THIRI KAY KHINE on January 28, 2020 at 10:18am — No Comments

The One Minute Habit Change Technique

At the point we take the first breath, our beliefs begin to shape our perceptions consciously from our environment. Beliefs come through our parents, siblings and our surroundings. They are shaped and formed into the landscape of our reality and as a result affect our imagination and behaviour. We build upon this landscape, testing as we go. We are constantly learning as we mimic behaviours, take our first steps and respond according to the reaction of our caregivers. If we cry we get a…


Added by Caroline Rushforth on January 26, 2020 at 7:30am — 2 Comments

Water of Life

Water of Life 

Water has memories 

The miracle of life - bathed in a Red Womb

Warm Red Watery Cocoon 


I step inside you and watch the light dance 

Red, Warm and Safe inside you

The light from the Sun piercing through like crystal shards

Awestruck at light 

Floating amidst Water 

In Mother 

Protected Loved and Held.  

I'm Sinking 

Deeper and Deeper 

In Water 



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I am Ready

I am ready to manifest LOVE in my life

I am ready

I can feel it within my HEART 

in every cell in my body 

I am ready Universe! 

To call out to whomever is destined to be my soul-mate ...

I am ready to release guilt

To walk away from doubts, questions and fear

I am ready to smile into Love's eyes 

And welcome him with open arms 

I am ready to take the LEAP 

I am ready 



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