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Esoteric Groups and Political Currents: Book Review

Gary Lachman

Politics and the occult : the left, the right and the radically unseen

(Wheaton, IL: Quest Books, 2008, 261pp.)

Gary Lachman has written a very useful and sober book on esoteric current in modern political thought — modern meaning here from the Protestant Reformation to the present. A sober book is necessary as the internet is filled with wild speculation about the role of the Illuminati on the political and financial system. The current meltdown of the banks… Continue

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The War of Pain and Life

In the beginning there was Pain, and it called itself Birth. It offered no comfort nor promise, yet it bore with it the essence of being: Life. It grew in the greatness of itself and matured through the breath of its host: a human child. In the days that followed, Pain gave way to Life, who was now feeding ravenously from the knowledge and light given of the host. It called out joyously in the squalls of the beast and announced its triumph for the human race to regard. Life was… Continue

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Are You An Emotional Empath?

Empaths are highly sensitive, finely tuned instruments when it comes to emotions. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme, and are less apt to intellectualize feelings. Intuition is the filter through which they experience the world. Empaths are naturally giving, spiritually attuned, and good listeners. If you want heart, empaths have got it. Through thick and thin, they’re there for you, world-class nurturers.

The trademark of empaths is that they know where you’re coming… Continue

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~ What Fates Impose

My first blog for FATE Magazine...

~ What fates impose, that men must needs abide;

It boots not to resist both wind and tide. ~

October 13, 2009 arrived with optimistic bright sunrise and cloudless sky... a perfect autumn day that inspires one to totter about their garden and muse on what next spring’s planting season might inspire. In the act of laying flowerbeds to rest for the winter I’m given to ponder the introductory blog that I plan to post on FATE Magazine… Continue

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You Can Let Go of Negative Self-Judgments

Many people cling to the myth that those who are successful inevitably feel good about themselves and are free from self-doubt and insecurities. I’ve worked with many clients whose résumés, personal achievements, and reputations garner the deepest respect and admiration, yet their negative self-talk is often utterly brutal. Despite their low opinion of themselves, they’ve managed to fashion lives that many would envy. Yet the disconnection between their inner feelings about themselves and their… Continue

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Marty's Mid October Message


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Russian Magic: A Book Review

Cherry Gilchrist

Russian Magic: Living Folk Traditions of an Enchanted Landscape

(Wheaton, IL: Quest Books, 2009, 188pp.)

Russia cannot be understood with the mind alone,

No ordinary yardstick can measure her greatness:

She stands alone, unique —

In Russia one can only believe Fedor Tiutchev

Cherrry Gilchrist has written a useful book on the structure of Russian folklore, its main characters such as the Firebird and the Snowmaiden, and its… Continue

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Stress Brake

In 2003, my life was a runaway train racing toward an old, dilapidated, wooden bridge. I had 3 teens in high school and I was severely conflicted about my demanding salaried position at a large corporation that primarily served government, legal and financial customers. I had lost the house of my dreams to a predatory lending scam and my mother had just been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. On top of it all, I was turning 40 that winter.

I had given up playing music and…


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Learning to Fall

Like the baby bird that falls out of the nest

We must first learn to fall before we can fly.

There have been many times that I have fallen

Only to learn to grow wings to fly.

I have fallen from the nest and soared high above

Only to come back and realize that it is my

Falling that is what taught me to fly.

The falling part is the scariest part

To overcome. But to feel the exhilaration of flight,

And know that I can land on my feet,

That is the… Continue

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Echoes of Light

In times of darkness,

or just when things are sad life

seems to have no meaning or maybe very little.

But it is in times like this when your heart

And mind need to stay open and listen.

Through the screaming of the darkness,

We can heal the echoes of light,

That when we are closed we often miss.

The echoes of light come and remind us

That in the screaming of the darkness,

You’ll find the blissful sound of silence.

The silence that we… Continue

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No One Notices

No one notices the screams of chaos,

Dogs barking, loud music, racing cars,

And loud people.

No one notices the serenity of nature

As she chirps her songs through the

Crickets and toads.

No one notices her whispers

In the dead of night.

In all the chaos of the city

She is still loud enough

To make her voices heard.

They are faint but if you listen

Hard enough you can hear.

You can hear and find

Serenity in the screaming… Continue

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I wished Upon a Star

The last time I wished upon a star,

All my dreams came true and

Even more than I wished for.

If I knew what I was in for

I never would’ve wished for hell,

Or for a new life.

In those years I was lucky

I was not stabbed with a knife

Or done away with one strike.

To every day waking up

At the fear of death breathing

Down your neck.

To feel as though the grim reaper

Followed your every footstep.

To stare Satan in the… Continue

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My Fault

It’s my fault I made him mad.
It’s my fault he drank.
It’s my fault because I wished on that stupid star.
It’s my fault that mom’s not so tolerant.
Why do I feel so guilty?
Why do I have to live with my faults?
Why do we live like this?
I miss life.
I would give anything to have it back!

© Ashley Cappelletty 2001

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My Awakening

I am tearing down my walls,

And breaking chains from the fears

That have clouded and scorched my world

That has kept me in my hell

My spirit has awaken, traveling the world,

Now I run with the antelope

I chase the butterflies of change

And swim in the healing waters of rebirth.

I soar with the eagle

Across the crisp clear sun filled sky.

I lay in a world of everlasting beauty.

My visions repainting themselves with

Lush and lavishing… Continue

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Lord of My Dreams

I walk along the sandy beaches of my dreams listening to God’s voice in the wind. Whispering softly, ‘You are home.’ I feel the caress of the oceans lapping waves. The waves so calm and serene they seem inviting. I close my eyes and feel hands upon my shoulders and a voice in my ear. ‘Now is the time…dive in.’ A voice so soft, it left me feeling lighter than air.

I walk stealth fully into the crystal tide and as I get deeper in the waves, my body begins to glow and fill with a deep… Continue

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The Gift

Six years of hell, six years of pain

He that did it, as a sick and twisted mind game

So many names, so many hurts,

So many wounds, so many tears

He that did it spat on us like dirt.

So much noise, so much fear

So much blood, so many restless nights

He that did it loved to fight.

So much pressure, I couldn’t hold it in

Every day I confessed my sins

When my teacher saw the pain I was in

She said “Tell me about it”

I said “Where do I… Continue

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In my life there have been more tears and fears

That I would never wish on another soul

I won’t write you a script with a happy ending

I won’t silence the pain that I’ve held onto so tightly

Let me show you my pain, my struggles

That will make you cry

That will make you angry

That will make you wonder how I came to be.

My journey into the darkness

That has made me a beacon of light.

Let me show you the horrors and miracles of humanity

Let… Continue

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To Fly with the Eagle and Rest with the Buffalo

A man once sat amongst the buffalo in the wild. The beast would allow the man to sit on it, to rest from his weariness. The man had a burden that weighed heavily on his heart. One day as he sat, the man sensed a rustling around him like a mild wind blowing around him. The Buffalo as it lay on the ground, took no notice of the softly shifting breeze. A shadow and softness caressed the man’s face, closing his eyes. Across his chest, slowing his heart. Down his arms, making them ever so heavy. It… Continue

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Should You Be Creating or Competing?

What is the real reason that business people do not foster partnerships as part of their business strategy? Don’t you think it’s sensible to think that if you partner with successful and powerful people, your business will also flourish? If you are learning and sharing with already successful business people, won’t it take you less effort to do what they’ve already done? One of the things that can keep your partnership success from happening is that you entertain some form of a sense of…


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What is Structured Water? Audio/Video media

What is Structured Water? --

The Nature of Structured Water --

Structured Water Studies --

At the end there is a before and after of the water measured by a Russian…


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