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10 signs you are not personally developed:

Who is not personally developed? He, who:

1. Is self Important – he thinks that he is more worthy than others, is narcissistically bragging, underestimating, subordinating and abusing others. He acts as the Master.

2. Is Pity one – he thinks that he is less worthy than others, he pities himself and complaining about everything. He is the…


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Learn to Natural Breathe and the Breathe of Love

Dear friends, breathing is living, so it’s very important how we breathe.

When we are toddlers, we still breathe naturally with our bellies. That is Natural breathing. In fear, we start to squeeze our stomachs and move from the deep and natural breathing to higher and shallow lungs only breathing.

We start to collect and hoard…


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Our Mission to Heal

In a world full of conflict and in crisis modern missions reflect upon self-healing and address our deep-seated emotional triggers. Once we learn where these triggers arise from, we can begin to release them, document them, learn from them and eventually heal. Our own healing, reflects on everything we do and every person we come into contact with. In doing so, we can’t help but heal the world.

In our pragmatic society, many of us at one time have written a mission…


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There Are No Limits

Lately, so many people have been complimenting me on many things - my energy, my confidence, my ability to spread happiness to other people. It is wonderful to hear but I want you all to understand - whatever you see in me is absolutely a reflection of everything that is you too! We are all made of the same stuff. The same energy that is driving me is within you too.

All of us are the same, we are connected. To be honest, this applies to all the good and the bad (I don't like that…


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POWER POINT PRESENTATION A JOURNEY TO MEDITATION --- By Darshan Goswami, MS, PE Meditation is simply a quieting of the mind and inner spirit. It is the ability to sit still and block out all thought…


A JOURNEY TO MEDITATION --- By Darshan Goswami, MS, PE

Meditation is simply a quieting of the mind and inner spirit. It…


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What makes them effective and what makes them fall through

For centuries, successful and influential people have been using affirmations that have brought them extraordinary results. Step-by-step, with the help of effective affirmations, many ordinary people have turned failures into success, illness into health, unhappiness into joy of living. However,…


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The 5 Mental Habits Guaranteed to Bring You Happiness

We all want happiness and we think that it’s so hard to come by but really, it’s not. It’s just that we’ve been looking for it in all the wrong places. We think that we’ll be happier if we have more money, power, fame or influence. We think we’ll be happier if we’re richer, more attractive, or if we have nicer stuff. None of this is true. Of course, we need a certain amount of money in order to be secure, but it’s been proven that more money can’t bring us more happiness.



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Is Your Reality Operating Differently Than Your Perception?

Don’t you hate it when you know deep inside you, that you are so much more than what you are currently giving and producing in the world?  I mean, come on, I have high hopes and dreams for myself and yet, I seem to be stuck in some type of multiverse, flipping back and forth, not really making any traction or gain.

The perception of who I yearn to be just does not match my current reality and I don’t know…


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The Mother of Us All: Ancient India's Vedic Civilization Part Four: Restoration

The previous article, "Decline and Fall", described the loss of Vedic culture. This one tells of its rebirth.…


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The Mother of Us All: Ancient India's Vedic Civilization Part Three: Decline and Fall

The previous article, "The Global Culture", described how Vedic civilization spread around the world. This one tells of its loss.

The basis of Vedic culture, what kept it strong, was a technique of meditation that enabled…


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The Mother of Us All: Ancient India's Vedic Civilization Part Two: The Global Culture

The previous article,"The Homeland", described the origins of Vedic civilization in India. This one tells how it spread around the world.…


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The Mother of Us All: Ancient India's Vedic Civilization Part One: The Homeland

Researchers have determined that the Vedic culture of India was the first global civilization. They have uncovered archeological and historical evidence indicating that the society which began millennia ago in the Indus Valley grew to encompass all of South Asia, then spread peacefully to many parts of the…


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2020, The New Journey Begins! From Awakening Consciousness into Presence!

We are entering a new decade, Humanity is about to enter major inner transformational years. I urge you not to miss this opportunity to shift your energies into a much higher level of consciousness.

Everyday opportunities present themselves for us to look deeper. Even a kindness to another human being can bring a change within one’s life. It is as simple as that!

Humanity has been given an enormous opportunity to shift into a different level of awareness. Now like never before…


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3 reasons why people find it difficult to use 'intuition'.

Most people are highly intuitive, and they do get intuitive signals in various ways and forms.

However, not all of them find it easy to follow and apply their intuition.…


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Universal Laws Bring More Joy in Life!

What are universal laws? Our creators put these, and many more, principles in place. By practicing them our lives will become richer and more fulfilling. Although the laws are infinite, we are focusing on seven principles for now. As we expand our awareness, more will become known to us:

• Live in inner integrity.

• Use our psychic sense, along with our physical senses, to make decisions.

• The focus of our thoughts should be on love.

• Please ourselves first,…


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We are what we Believe In

We are what we Believe In

By Judi Lynch

(Article submission for Nov. posted 12-2-19)

Word count – 658

Bio word count - 60

Our minds are miraculous receptors, soaking up information that forms our beliefs and opinions of the world around us. What we hold to be true shapes and colors our life in countless ways. The view we have of ourselves and our purpose can be wide or narrow depending on our willingness to let in new thoughts and ideas. This is true…


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Noninvasive Treatments for OCD

There is no cure for OCD or Intrusive thoughts. In fact, OCD is the least understood mental illness today and one of the top ten most disabling worldwide conditions, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).  In terms of treating OCD with psychotropic drugs and CBT therapy, most individuals will only experience mild improvements.  Those of us who suffer from OCD have spent years trying to understand and control our thoughts.  These…


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The Age of Self-Promotion - Connecting through Collaboration

We live in an age of self-promotion. While everyone is trying to be seen and increase followers, caught in the algorithm game, we run the risk of losing connection to others. Building genuine connections of collaboration and support not only help us, but encourage others. It is being mindful we all have gifts to share and all our…


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Kids Are Our Future

Subtitle: Are they going to be brave enough to stand up for what they believe in?

Number of Words: 787

Summary: Kids are our future… and what we teach them today, will guide them to be brave enough to stand up for what they believe in when it’s their turn to lead the world.

We believe kids need to be brave enough to stand up for what they believe in, and it’s up to the…


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Memory the Key to Death and Life


Birth and death are mere doors we walk through, shedding memory of a past life and gaining new memories of a life to be. We shed and gain memories quite automatically while alive in this world now. This moment and death are much alike in this respect, only the degree of which shows notable difference. Understanding this, there is little reason for fearing death.

Birth and Death a Continuing…


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