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Why We Need Tolerance, Now More Than Ever

These days, I've been thinking a lot about why people are so polarized and so angry and hateful toward one-another. The right wing of politics has tremendous animosity toward the left and vice-versa; race relations are at an all-time low; Poland is lately declaring certain communities “LGBT-free;” and it seems like every other day we read about people harassing or bullying random strangers on the street for reasons of pure intolerance.

Not that long ago, we'd come far in terms of…


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Pluto square the stellium in Seattle's chart


THE APPENDIX: appendice C ~ confessions of a confused metaphysician

Of Seattle, and Saturn and Pluto Conjunctions, and Grand Stelliums

by Garrett Coulson



In the spring of 2000, I was living in a sprawling condo complex a couple blocks off Commercial, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The complex was called…


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The Karmicons Series (11/12)

Dear friends, the karmicons fabricated the karma as artificial currency for false endebtment and forceful pay-off of imaginary…


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I’m not good enough.

I’ll never earn as much money as I need to.

No one will ever like the real me.

I’m afraid of dying poor.

I’m afraid of looking stupid.

There aren’t enough good jobs to go around.

I have to please people so that they’ll love me.


Sound familiar? These are limiting beliefs and we all have them. They are those nasty little stories we tell ourselves, and we learned some when we were kids from our family,…


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The Karmicons Series (10/12)

Dear friends,

Now, I will reveal the incarnation procedure. You will see how lying and deceiving are the karmicons.

With this revelation I started the demise of Evil Karmicons organization and allowed you to live…


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Waiting for Jesus

Abstract—Upon waiting 2000 years for Apostle Paul’s promise of Jesus’ impending return, it is time to consider other possibilities. The problem for all religions and disciplines is not obtaining eternal life, but rather of accepting and coming to terms with the notion of living in an eternity. We’ve been given the tools; we must learn to use them.


A Promise that Never Came


The Apostle Paul wrote his letter to the Thessalonians: Jesus…


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The 5 Most Effective Ways to Listen to Improve your Relationships

The Ancient Art of Listening

The number one complaint that most people hear from so many in their lives is ‘He/she is not listening to…


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Want the Key to Manifest Anything in Your Life? Before Law of Attraction There is This

The First Law of the Universe Before Law of Attraction

Most people have heard of LOA (Law of Attraction). Yet, beyond and before LOA, there is a more vital Law that few speak…


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Authentic Living - Who We Are and Why We Are Here

In life there is a tendency to go for the ‘things’ of life~ the house, the car, the relationship/marriage, the family, the money, the job etc. And for a while those things appear to make us ‘happy’. There comes a point in time though where those things ‘out there’ no…


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What Is ASMR? Why So Many People Enjoy 'Whisper Videos' On YouTube

There is a wildly popular trend since 2010 that has many on youtube ‘feeling the vibe’. ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is the means by which through video (or in some cases in person) and utilising variations of the 5 senses stimulates a relaxation…


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The Karmicons Series (9/12)

Dear friends,

the karmicons are so cynical that they even fabricated the law by which they can torture and torment us. They are falsely presenting themselves as our »legal« owners of our lives and forcing us with their stupidities.…


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Telephone Call From My Dead Mother.

My Mom, who *died three years ago, called me on the phone last night ~ in dreamland.

I picked up the phone, in my dream, “Hello?”

“He’s gone,” I heard my mother say.

“Who is gone, Mom? Daddy?”

It was as if she didn’t even hear my question. “I saw him go,” she said. “It was beautiful! He saw the face of Jesus!”

The thing is, while Mom has been gone for three years, Daddy *died three years…


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The Fear of Change is the "God of Stagnation" in disguise. It despises progress, and it demands the sacrifice of our happiness.

It can stop us when we are about to move.

It says it’s for our own…


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The Karmicons Series (8/12)

Dear friends and »schoolmates«,

for the karmicons we are so bad that we have to go to their school of Evil where they as false teachers and true torturers »teach« us how to be good.

Evil beings can not teach us…


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You are not a washing machine!

Dear friends,

did you know that you are not a tool but a very Beautiful Being?…


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The Karmicons Series (7/12)

Dear friends, today you will see how the karmicons are forcing Evil in our lives under the disguise of spiritual school.

Don’t be naive and fall for such stupidity. Be Good.…


Added by SENAD DIZDAREVIĆ on July 3, 2019 at 9:30am — No Comments

Yoga Studio at Home: How to Update and Zen it Out

When you’re looking to take your yoga practice to the next level, it’s important to make sure it’s consistent. You also want a consistent space to do your yoga practice in. This is why it’s an excellent idea to develop a yoga studio at home. If you already have one that needs to be updated, consider the following tips.

Get Rid of…


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Letting Anger Fuel Positive Change in Our Lives

Letting Anger Fuel Positive Change in Our Lives

By Judi Lynch

Word count – 715

Bio word count - 60

When news of injustice or heartbreaking challenge in our lives hits us, our first reaction is to feel anger. There can be several ways to channel that anger into taking action which helps us cope with difficult situations to comprehend their place in relation to our spirit. Anger has its own energy which can be transmuted into positive, productive and life-saving…


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Writing, a pathway to contemplation

Abstract....Writing, the most profound art of exploring ourselves, places that carry the unmined wealth of wisdom, the unseen gold that emits the light, as we try to see ourselves through and through, the thousand pearls that release the moment, we begin to understand ourselves. It is the wildest splash of delight, all coming as we let a pen probe into us, not in the sense of probing but just a silent plea to our hearts to release all that has been buried for…


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