December 2015 Articles (97)

“The Alchemy of Changing Anger to Love”

As we make our way through the many life times of karma, we move from one type of understanding to eventually connecting to the ultimate experience of bliss. This may take eons and even hundreds of thousands of life times, but eventually it does happen. Like a moth to a flame we are drawn towards the light, and thus the light of love eventually pierces our heart. Here is the process of spiritual…


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“Italian - White Bean and Kale Soup”

This hearty stick to your ribs soup will warm the soul on cold winter days… and will please everyone sitting around the table. With the healing goodness of lots of beans, garlic, kale, onions, and tomato this wonderful meal will sooth away hunger and heal the body, plus it’s quick and simple to make… check out this tasty recipe. …


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Dream is our hopes ,inspiration ,the way for our guideline for the motivation of our action .The dream therefore plays a part in our life whether we get the realization of the dream or otherwise ,for that very purpose we ourselves get involve with the hopes that our dream make gets realize .

It is in such cases hoping against hope…


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Things you should aware after Nose Surgery/Rhinoplasty?

Nose surgery also known as Rhinoplasty is a procedure to repair or reshape the nose. This is generally performed for cosmetic reasons in order to enhance the look and feel of the nose along with making it proportionate. As per the Plastic Surgeons & Specialist Associations, this procedure helps in enhancing the personality of the patient along with adding up the self confidence of the person. Also, you have some other benefits as well for opting the nose…


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“QiGong for Energy Release”

Here is another QiGong process for bringing energy into the body 

And releasing that energy into all the chakras of the body. 

It’s all about breath work, movement, and visualization, …


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“A True Story About the Love of Good Friends”

Once there was a great woman tennis player who just happened to be an amazing African American, and she was playing tennis long before Arthur Ashe. Her name was Althea Gibson, and Althea came from the inner city of New York and was a really tuff kid. In fact her father would take her to the roof tops and teach her boxing. And her father would knock her down, and tell her to get back up and defend herself. And soon she…


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“The Spiritual Meaning of Holiday Foods Around the World”

Each and every culture has different holiday foods which signify different aspects of spiritual life, and the bringing together of family, friends, and community. And these foods also help us understand how important certain parts of life really are… and to fill our lives with abundance from the inside out. 



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“Yoga for Healing Kidney Disease”

There are many ways to heal kidney disease and some of them have to do with working from the mind to the body, and others work from the body to the mind. Yet all of them can be very powerful in the creation of healthy kidney tissue. Here are some wonderful yoga positions and breath work that can heal kidney disease. And this way of healing kidney disease is very natural and doesn’t need medications, herbs, or…


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A good interesting question ''What is Sleep?''has been raised by Sufi Zaman from India .

Due to the very basic essence of '' SLEEP'' in human life .Generally we have not pay that much attention to our importance of our SLEEP in our life due to day to day our involvement of the problems of our life covering career ,& development of our progressive line of action.

In this line general views have been expressed as follows 

In our body right from our birth…


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What do seekers really seek?

Most seekers wade through life looking for that one thing that will connect us to our truth. That one treatment, workshop, class, article, book, wisdom, practise that we can settle into and feel like we have arrived. Most of the time we really don't know where we are headed. We just have this burning desire to be someplace where we can feel at peace, calm, happy. A sense of being home. This desire propels us into our journey - we keep searching for that connection, that space; not entirely…


Added by Geetika Timmins on December 7, 2015 at 7:12pm — 5 Comments

Bringing Death Back to Life in an Age of Consciousness Shift

During the last 100 years, says Rabbi Schachter-Shalomi, our culture has “pathologized” death by taking it into the hospital. We have done ourselves a real disservice by separating, or “compartmentalizing” death - and endings - away from life; and this has been taking its toll on our society. There is a tremendous focus on and bias toward youth and beauty, not to mention image; and we have become dishonoring of…


Added by Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund on December 7, 2015 at 4:00pm — 2 Comments

Decor Tips for Tying Your Room Together With One Color

Decorating a new home is one of the greatest pleasures of adulthood. Most of us spend our teenage and college dorm years thinking about what we would do if the freedom and resources were available for decorating our own place. However, people often feel unsure of how to proceed once the time comes to pick out their furnishings and accents. Here are some foolproof ways to make sure your home is well-coordinated, while leaving a little room for quirky personal touches. …


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“Why Spiritual People are Happy People”

There was an old guru who said “Those who are happy are truly spiritual”.

Happy = Spiritual

One attribute of being a consciously spiritual, is that when we know something needs to change we do whatever it is to be healthy,…


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“Serrapeptase - Great for Atherosclerosis and Disease in General”

Serrapeptase has many healing qualities including being able to heal atherosclerosis, pain, swelling, edema, carpal tunnel, nerve damage, heart disease, cystic breast disease, chronic redness, and so much more.


History of…


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Thinking V/S Meditation

The question has been raised by Jeanan Shafiq from Jordan 

'' What s' the difference between Thinking & Meditation ? ''. 

This has become the way of life for every human beings .All the development including the scientific research have a root of thinking & meditation .

No human beings can sit silently without thinking .It involves activities of our mind & as we all know that our mind is a storage of our various ideas & thoughts & we…


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“The 7 Aspects of Healing”

There are 7 aspects to being human,

Three that are vitally important for healing,

And three that are exceedingly important for balance, …


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Why Do Americans Fear Death So Much?

So why is it that we Americans fear death so – especially in our modern world?

First of all, perhaps death is not what most of us have been told it is – something scary to hide and avoid? In my experience from doing hospice for years, my conclusion is that there's actually nothing to fear about death itself. In fact, understanding and learning about death can open up and enhance our lives…


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5 Ways Healthy Relationships Help Us Heal

Sixteen years ago I met my husband and my life changed from that very moment. I was 24 years old then and was traveling on my own still finding my place. I was comfortable being single and independent but there was that piece that was missing. Once I met my husband that piece would be made aware to me.

I did a lot of healing work on my own before this. Disconnecting from my past guilt, working through fears, and taking steps towards rebuilding my true sense of being. Once I entered…


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Ethics is the Highest Science

The scientific recognition that meat eating is dangerous to human health is the link between two ground-breaking books published forty years apart; Animal Machines by Ruth Harrison (1964) and The China Study by Colin Campbell (2006). A new second edition of Animal Machines was launched recently at Oxford University on the occasion of a Zoology Department conference to celebrate two remarkable scientist-pioneer women and their books; Rachel Carson and her environmental classic Silent Spring…


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10 things you should avoid after Buttock Augmentation Implants?

Getting recovered from your buttock augmentation implant surgery involves loads of relaxation and rest. With most of the surgical procedure the idea of reclining your back is inevitable over the easy chair and make your feet propped up along with the sea of pillows. With the help of this surgery you cannot think much on putting pressure over our buttock areas as it can ruin your recovery phase to a great extent. But don’t worry; you can try out a couple of things…


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