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Life does not begin with birth and end at death. And there is one question that leads you to the life beyond. Who am I ? It may not be essential for every human being living in this planet to ponder over this question because the answer might cost some material sacrifice. But for the human civilization that is wandering down along the subtle descension into depravity, at least a few will have to make a sacrifice to find the answer.…


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A Journey To Personal Freedom

A Journey To Personal Freedom 702 words

Abstract: Although personal freedom is defined differently for everyone, one common piece could open us to a world, unlike anything we have experienced before. Allowing freedom to heal and serve us for our greatest good. Is personal freedom our fourth dimension?

Personal freedom is something that we all want more of,…


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Yoga and You: How to Improve Your Body and Mind Connection

If you feel disconnected from your mind, then you can use yoga to improve your thinking patterns. You may become lost in your thoughts rather than enjoying the present, and this type of behavior can lead to feeling sad or anxious. Yoga exercise has wonderful benefits for your body, but it can also improve the…


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Steps to Protect from Energy Vampires


Feeling drained around certain people? Life is filled with the ebb and flow of energy, though sometimes we find people who "take" energy from other people. These "energy" vampires exist in all walks of life. Learn how to identify these situations, how to protect one's self, and the next steps.



Whether at work or living life, it is challenging to avoid "energy" vampires. They are present in…


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4 Fantastic Insurance Plan Options for Day Spas

Day spas are becoming popular with the population focusing more on wellness and health. With this insurgence of interest, you have to take special care to protect your business. Here are some of the insurance plan options that you should consider for your day…


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Mitakuye Oyasin: The Wisdom of the Ancient Ancestors Moving Into the Twenty-first Century

 Throughout history, the wisdom of the ancestors of many indigenous peoples has been passed on, generation after generation, family after family.  As we look at the crises happening across our strife-torn world today, we find ourselves searching like never before for solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems.  Yet I believe the ancient ones had a key:  in Lakota it is said, “Mi Ta Ku Ye   O Ya Sin,” — “we are all related.”


In presenting this article, I…


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There are so many challenges we human beings have to face and resolve in order to have a life of dignity, purpose, fulfillment, and happiness. In many places on the planet millions of people have much to overcome in order to merely stay alive; they don't even consider improving the quality of their lives, just that they physically survive another hour or another day.

In considering my own overcoming-and-transcending processes throughout the years, I have come to the conclusion…


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Shefqet Avdush Emini, an internationally recognized artist. He is an academically educated artist who developed his…

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Find Tremendous Joy In Teaching Your Passion

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day grind that we forget our quest of consciously creating a purposeful lifestyle.

The lawnmower breaks down, the dog needs a few teeth removed, and you need to plan a baby shower. Add in work, yoga and perhaps getting the dishes done this week, and…


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The Inner Critical Voice

Abstract: We all have an inner chatterbox that we sometimes want to shut down.  In this article, Amy addresses where this often comes from and how to address it so that you can troubleshoot your own enlightenment.

Most of us have heard the little voice in our head criticize us.  It might warn us of impending doom or that we, ourselves, are not good enough to achieve our goals.  Many of us suffer with our inner critic  most of our waking hours and even…


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Practicing Spiritual Optimism

Practicing Spiritual Optimism

By Judi Lynch

Word Count 737

Bio Word Count 60

Have you ever known someone who, no matter what you say, continues to respond negatively to your suggestions after asking you for advice? Even if it appears they are destined to complain for a lifetime, remember that your words may just take more time to sink in. You might hear later, “I thought about what you said.” Also, there is more than just one answer to a life challenge and the…


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The best way to boost your sense of well-being.

Joan and Frank were married for 30 years. He was a career diplomat, and Joan faithfully followed him to his many posts around the world, being a supportive wife and mother of their three children. She made deep friendships and started projects wherever they lived. When they…


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“Taking Control of the Thoughts in Your Mind: How Spirituality explains Psychosis. Part 1"

“Taking Control of the Thoughts in Your Mind: How Spirituality explains Psychosis, Part 1.”

By: Shira Notes


How do we discern between the voices in our heads? A question that for centuries has led to people being called, “Psychotic” or “Schizophrenic.” How does the development of telepathy tie in to modern psychological diagnoses? Over the past year and a half I have been led to study the voices in my own head in order to achieve a…


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Repairing Damaged Trust

Relationships don’t start with a high level of trust. Trust must be built day-by-day, when two people demonstrate trustworthiness through their words and actions. Trust is developed conversation by…


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Freedom From The Inside Out, Surfing the Waves in Turbulent Times

 Abstract: Wondering about our ability to stay present in turbulent times. Coming to realize that we are shaping our lives by the way we think, feel and behave. Freedom on the inside out as the experience of knowing that what is happening on our inside is shaping the experience we are having on our outside. Tips on how to how to experience freedom from the inside out.

In turbulent times we ask ourselves if we can stay present, make good choices…


Added by Crystal Presence on April 24, 2018 at 3:00pm — 1 Comment

Coming Awake


We are advanced entities already and can realize our higher natures while performing the simple ordinary tasks our daily routines require. We need not spend time meditating for long hours, we can accomplish a same result at work, at home, anywhere, when we learn to discipline ourselves. Results, although perhaps many years ahead, will…


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Becoming A World Class Listener

Couples that thrive are skilled in the art of attentive listening (also known as committed listening). They allow themselves to be penetrated by each other’s words and feelings. They don’t simply receive information, but allow themselves to be informed by it,…


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The Universe Has A Message For You

The Universe Has A Message For You    724 words

Abstract: Manifestation and making our dreams come true is challenging. What if all that we do to receive what we desire isn't enough? Maybe we need to consider what the universe is asking of us, instead of what we continue to ask the universe to produce.

Everything we want is available just for the asking.…


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Puppy Wisdom

“Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed.”~Corita Kent



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