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Evaluating the Small Things - An Essay on Self Exploration


I have arrived at an impasse in my road of life and recent discoveries into myself. Many days I am filled with joy surrounding the events and my personal "revealed truths." I cannot wait to share the revelations that have

helped me survive my own personal pains and struggles. The "YOU" I wish to help is no longer…


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Miracles of the Healing Light Energy

Miracles of the Healing Light Energy

by Rev. Judi A. Lynch

It was four years ago this Spring that something very miraculous happened to me. I woke up again! A big beautiful light came rushing back in and opened up a flood of spiritual gifts beyond my human imagination!

All my life I knew things, told people things, gave out warnings, saw things now and then that I knew were very much out of the ordinary. I didn't take them for…


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by Blue Diamond

Worlds upon worlds, universes upon universes your love is expressing, all around,

All as One.

Who knows of this but a few, all in the game of peek-a –boo,

that in no time and space,

all is known and One.

I read of Thoth.

His words and stories truly delight.

It makes me marvel and understand more and more about life.

The mysteries it seems, are as infinite as the sand,

where layers of consciousness and galaxies… Continue

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Rumi Quotes Love

I cannot sleep in your prescence.

In your absence, tears prevent me.

You watch me My Beloved

On each sleepless night and

Only You see the difference

Looking at my life

I see that only…


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A New Pathway for You

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” ~ Tony Robbins

Your life has been driven by the invisible, although powerful force called your mindset. Judging on the quotation above, it’s important to change your mindset in order to experience greater success. Here

are some suggestions that have worked for me along the pathway of my own



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Does Your Past Repeat Itself?

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

~ Eleanor…


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A Smile and A Gentleness


A Smile and A Gentleness

There is a smile and a gentleness

inside. When I learned the name

and address of that, I went to where

you sell perfume. I begged you not

to trouble me so with longing. Come

out and play! Flirt more naturally.

Teach me how to kiss. On the ground

a spread blanket, flame that's caught

and burning well, cumin seeds browning,

I am inside all of this with my… Continue

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Oracle Reading for March 2010 "Blue Ray Healing"

Oracle Reading for March 2010

by Deb Graves/Araznu, Blue Ray Healing

Connectivness is the message being received for the month of March, sensing and feeling a belonging to everything. You will begin to acknowledge the vibrations of others on an inner plane. The heart energy will be felt whether a person is next to you or across the world. Your intuition will recognized the… Continue

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Enlighten Yourself

When was the last time you said to yourself “what a coincidence”. Or “WOW I was lucky” running into an old friend you have been thinking about? Or change your plans, resulting in avoiding…


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Your Relationship Space - Beirut or Bliss ?

Welcome to the month of love ! I hope you are feeling loved and are approaching 14th February with excited anticipation. How does your relationship look ?

Your relationship consists, you may think, of just you and your partner, but in therapy terms the "relationship" is often referred to as the "space" between you which is filled with all of your actions and situations, good or bad that either serve to help or hinder you both. It is here where your children and pets live and how much… Continue

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A video story/poetic meditation from Wisconsin in Winter...… Continue

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First Law Of Heaven

By Blue Diamond

Be still and in your stillness be aware.

Be aware of things within and things without.

Be aware That as within, So without;

Of your breathing, as it goes in and flows out.

Be the observer and the observed;

the object and the subject.

Be still.

Know in your soul that All is well.

All is in order, even the disorder.

For what is disorder but an octave

in the order of things?

From the One… Continue

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Rewriting the Script 4 - Comedy!

'When we look at the world from a New Perspective, We discover a world of New Possibilities!'

Author Unknown

In the December 2009 issue of Om-Times, Silver Threads talked about the Action Script; January 2010 brought Drama; February 2010 delivered Tragedy: And now, last but not least, Silver Threads presents Comedy!

When going to the movies to see a comedy the expectation is usually that one will laugh, relax, and escape the woes of the day. A great comedy has the… Continue

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Mental Trap

One of the gardening tools used in Tending to Your Garden Within is mirroring. It is a mechanism to look at experiences in our daily lives and investigate their deeper meanings. Many times, what we feel and experience in the outside world has meanings for us inwardly, and can be used to know ourselves better.

A couple of months ago I meet a very nice lady who was an associate minister at a local church. I then attended two programs outside the church setting which the lady also… Continue

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Marty's February 1st Message

Background Music “Healing AngelHands” by DJ mrflannel

Check out his channel at:

For a list of Charities and how well they are rated go to:

Support Humanity Healing Foundation in their Global Endeavors

Suggestions,… Continue

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Have You Gotten Too Comfortable?

“When we die and go to Heaven, God is not going to say, ''Why didn't you discover the cure for such and such?'' The only thing we're going to be asked at that precious moment is ''Why didn't you become you?''

All those efforts you made in the past have gotten you very comfortable. Are you afraid to disrupt your comfort to achieve even bigger dreams? Are you reluctant to climb out from under your warm blanket for fear things won’t work out, or that there will be too much work… Continue

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The Astro-Sage

The Astro-Sage

Looking at the Climate for February 2010...

“The groundhog is like most other prophets; it delivers its prediction and then disappears”.

~Bill Vaughn~

Greetings Fellow Travelers!

February arrives and we’re 41 days into winter... radiant white sunlight casts deep blue shadows on snow banks in the northern climes… Continue

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Healing Violet Rain


There is something inside me

That won't let me cease the way ahead

To a world so exciting

That will carry me to a brighter day

Though the voices of darkness

Cloud my space with their webs

I won't fade in their cloudy stormy ways

For the gray gloomy words they speak my way

Fall right pass me as rain that clears its self away

So no evil can harm me

It's bounced quickly back to… Continue

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I am God

I am filled with the power of God. I am solid and strong just like a mountain. I am an immovable force. I recognize that all of my strength, my courage, my faith, and my power comes from within and not from without. The only one that can move me is God. I live for God's purpose through every aspect of my life. I am filled with appreciation for Dattatriya Siva Baba. He has opened my eyes to God realization. He is the all, and the everything. He has… Continue

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