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I’m a psychiatrist and intuitive in Los Angeles. What I do isn’t my job. It’s my life’s passion. With patients and in workshops, I listen with my intellect and my intuition, a potent inner wisdom that goes beyond the literal. I experience it as a flash of insight, a gut feeling, a hunch, a dream. By blending intuition with orthodox medical knowledge I can offer my patients and workshop participants the best of both worlds. Now, listening to intuition… Continue

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Oracle Reading for February 2010

Oracle reading for February 2010…


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Marty Tells a Story About Raven


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Haiku :: Divorce & Healing

Love has dimmed and gone
The time to let go and fly
Live fearlessly once.

Face your fears head on
Learn from each failure and grow
Each day brings new hope.

The Wind
Some go with the wind
Others will complete the race
To win, must find peace.

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Haiku :: To Be a Woman

What Would Webster Say?

Define a woman

She gives and takes with balance

Her actions show love.

Let's Grow Up

Girls hate each other

Missing out, fearful of love

Women know to trust.


Tears are shed alone

Put yourself in her shoes once

How would you survive

Lips Lie

Her lips say happy

but her eyes say something else

Give her strenght… Continue

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Haiku :: Natures Scent

My eyes cannot see

the glory of natures scent

only the nose, knows.

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Haiku :: Learning Worth / Accepting Value

Learning Worth / Accepting Value

A Worms Life

Worms don't know value.

They do what comes natural.

Keeping soil alive.

The drawing was done by

:: Elizabeth Desiree ::

Sacred Space Select - Artist with OM

The drawing was made using an application in Facebook. Her for sell paintings / work can be found at Paintings by Lizzie…


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Haiku :: A Collection

Search Deep

Be the observer

of thy own life discover

truth, peace, love, hope forever.

The Dragonfly

The Dragonfly flies

Stopping to investigate

Curious humans.

All Eyes

They all watch our life

looking to measure our deeds

Does our life show love

A Mother's Love

Somewhere mother's cry

thier sons' are dying in war.

Nightmares consume… Continue

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Imagine if...

Imagine if...

as the sun rose bringing in the another day you awoke with no anger in your heart. Suddenly, you felt compassion and sympathy for even those who tried to harm you. You knew and understood their pain must be unbearable and began to pray for them.

Imagine if....

there were no more boundaries to separate man from man -- human from human. Our race, gender, religion were no longer used to separate, isolate and judge us. We were all part of… Continue

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Haiku :: Connect to SELF

Connecting to "SELF"

Breath In...Out...Feel Your Body

Take the Time. Protect!

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The Purpose of Life

I read another post that asked that question. What is our purpose of existence and I prayerfully submit my thoughts and ask that others join in, as our sharing knowledge, wisdom, thoughts etc... expands our minds and spirits.

In my youth, I lived for everyone else. As a child, I obeyed the rules of my parents - with no thought to their validity, just obey because if I did not I would be punished.

As an adolescent I began questioning everything and everyone. I wanted to… Continue

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Life Lessons :: 101

Since I began my spiritual journey, many years ago, I have understood the importance of reading. So when I was trying to figure out which side was up after my husband left me and after my diagnosis of cancer I began reading every book I could get my hands on. I read then meditated and even fell asleep with the words and lessons running lose in my head. So for me it was natural to turn to others for help, guidance and even assistance.

To my amazement I discovered that there were… Continue

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Thought of the Day : The Last Frontier - WITHIN!

The further I come in my own studies and inner discovery the more aware I have become of the consequences of missing opportunities to share / learn / explore with others on this journey called "life."

Today is just another day, much life yesterday and most likely similiar to tomorrow. What makes today a special day? I believe each moment holds some hidden truth...I affectionately refer to them as jewels that I am awarded as I continue to keep my walk pure and seek the creators… Continue

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What could PREVENT disease through your DIET?

Who would care enough to make the changes? Is it easier to eat the foods that we know are NOT healthy versus fix the foods that ARE?

At some point in your life you will either know or meet someone who is going through or will go through cancer. I cannot say that I am surprised when I look at all the carcinogenic in the very air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. When I looked deeper into the chemicals we put on bodies with soaps, deodorants, perfumes and textiles I… Continue

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********************************* Fat Burning Soup Recipe 2 Large Bunches Green Onions 2 Bell Peppers 2 28 oz. Cans Tomatoes (can be placed in blender) 1 Bunch Celery 1 Large Head Cabbage 1 Pkg…


Fat Burning Soup Recipe

2 Large Bunches Green Onions

2 Bell Peppers

2 28 oz. Cans Tomatoes (can be placed in blender)

1 Bunch Celery

1 Large Head Cabbage

1 Pkg. Lipton Onion Soup Mix

2 Bouillon Cubes (optional)

Several cloves of garlic or bottled garlic (optional)

Several Bay Leaves (optional)Cut vegetables in small bite-size pieces.

Put all… Continue

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RECIPE :: Tangy Stir Fry Cabbage

Tangy Stir Fry Cabbage

:: Ingredients ::

1 Whole Medium Size Cabbage

1 Onion (Yellow is our preference)

¼ cup Shredded Carrots

1 Bell Pepper (Slice or Cube)

½ - ¾ Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Season Salt

Red Peppers (if desired)

Fresh Minced Garlic to desired taste

½ Cup Chopped Cilantro

Extras & Optional

Tabasco Sauce – Fresh or Cooked Tomatoes

1-2 Cups Ground or Chunk Lean Meat (Turkey or Chicken… Continue

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Earthbound- The Pursuit of Conscious Wholeness

Striking the right balance between our physical and spiritual aspects is one of the most challenging aspects of existence. We are dual beings by nature, spiritual entities bound to earth by physical bodies. In our lifetimes, we are charged with the duty of nurturing and tending both with equal devotion and love. Yet while both aspects of the self are deserving of honor and respect, there is a tendency for people who are more spiritually focused to ignore, avoid, or dismiss their bodies.… Continue

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Christmas- The Birthing of Something New

Christmas can become the opportunity to welcome the message of hope that emanates from the mystery of Christ's birth. Even non-believers perceive something extraordinary and transcendental, something intimate that touches our hearts in this yearly Christian event. It is the festivity that sings of the gift of life. The birth of a child should always be a joyful occurrence".

Christmas is the encounter with a new-born baby, wailing in a wretched grotto, how can we not think of all the… Continue

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Tending To Your Garden Within

To live life fully with joy requires one to know self without the filters of societal conditioning, familial conditioning and one’s ego. These filters block our vision and the truth of who we really are and how we are connected to the Universe. These filters also block us from being in touch with our self and hearing our own inner guidance and voice.

To know self requires being able to recognize and delve into layers of beliefs, frozen emotions, past traumas, and self-limiting… Continue

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Tuesday: Breaking Down the Moon...

As the Moon chases the Sun in Sagittarius she begins to feel the incendiary effects of Sol’s inferno. Later tonight the two will marry once again and the heat of their passion will propel the Queen of the Night into Capricorn, where she’ll flirt with hoary Pluto and wink at youthful Mercury on her journey back around the wheel.

This is the time of disintegration, Dear Pilgrim... nothing should be initiated while the Silvery Goddess becomes the Phoenix. Dross and the past will ignite… Continue

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