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OM Times Health & Wellness Editorial - November 2011 : ARTivism - Creating Beauty from Pain

            It’s hard to believe another month has come and gone!  Where oh where does the time go when you’re having fun?  Technically, time is the same whether we enjoy it or not, so why not embrace each moment as an adventure to create fun or at least something positive from each experience?  Being conscious and aware in each moment we are granted an opportunity to take those metaphorical “lemons” and create “lemonade!”   Some situations are easier to recognize than others, but I believe…


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If Your Submission Relates to Health & Healing

Please post it here as well:


We are trying to streamline the process for our editors - so they do not have to look through the entire magazine & submissions to find what falls under their category.  


If you are health & wellness related - please join us there.


Submit your post as a normal blog post, as everyone…


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PREVENTION not Treatment : Reclaim YOUR Power & SAVE Health Care Costs

PREVENTION not Treatment : Reclaim YOUR Power & SAVE Health Care Costs


February 25, 2010 03:34 PM EST (Updated: February 25, 2010 05:00 PM EST)

views: 518 | person recommends this …


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Got Yoga?

We want to hear from YOU!  

Do you teach yoga?  

Know a great studio or book?  


Want to help us build this and actually collaborate to create something to give

back to Humanity Healing and to set the standards for studio certifications?

See Below for

more Information &…


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Breast Cancer Survivor - Submission to BCABPP



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How Many OM Times Authors want FREE Marketing Tips?

We are considering a weekly call in show for our members who want the benefits for their business side of conscious marketing tips.


Depending on the feedback we get will determine what medium we will use - but it's time to move our happy conscious selves forward! ;-)


We would love your feedback.



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October 2011 - The 411 on Yoga & Cancer

SACREDspace Studio - the 411 on Yoga and Cancer

Most of us will never hear the words, “you’re biopsy came back positive – it was malignant!”  However, chances are that someone in your circle of family or friends will be affected by this deadly and indiscriminate disease.  Hopefully you will revisit this article for suggestions on…

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The ART of Cancer

The ART of Cancer


Q : What do you get when you cross a designer, artist, yogini, social activist with cancer?


A: You get a conscious voice who realizes, in the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, that there is “nothing to fear but fear itself!” My personal battle with breast cancer provided me with an opportunity to get involved in the healing process and dig deep! As the result…


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Submission to CARE2 - Tribute to Those Doing Good Things ---> Liane Legey (go team)

Humanity Healing's Heart!


Liane Legey is a one woman dynamo.  Although I met her in the virtual world, she quickly became one  of my dear long lost soul sisters, a collaborator and a business associate.  

I have watched her create lessons plans, teach distant classes, manage a community of thousands (…


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Health & Wellness : Oct 2011 - A KISS for Health : Keep it Simple Silly

Each month we seek alternative and creative methods to help our readers focus on simple and practical ways to rediscover their individual health via the mind, body and spirit.  There is no magic pill to be offered as a supplement for individual commitment and effort.  We can share the tips and techniques that have worked for us and many others as they also discovered the most important part of living a healthy and happy life begins with the commitment and individual dedication to do…


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The Heart of Cancer & Healing

Within our body there are seven major energy centers, called chakras. These spiritual centers are aligned along the spinal column and are related to certain organs in the physical body. When energy is out of balance or not flowing correctly in the spiritual centers of the body, it can manifest as different kinds of imbalances, eventually resulting in illness or imbalance in the corresponding organs. Since the breast is close to and associated with the heart chakra, breast cancer can be seen…


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Breast Cancer Awareness Month – PREVENTION not Treatment

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – PREVENTION not Treatment


October is a special month for me personally and for millions of women (and men) who have been or will be diagnosed with cancer, as it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Although there are notably more women diagnosed than men with this type of cancer, no one is safe until we redirect our funding dollars toward PREVENTION not Treatment!


Understanding PREVENTION

It has been suggested that…


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September is - Yoga Awareness Month

September is national yoga awareness month. I am dedicating my writings to the power of yoga! Yoga has been a huge influence in my life and has given back to me in so many ways! So this month, I am introducing the power of yoga and how it may have an influence over you.

National Yoga Month: Reasons To Incorporate Yoga As A Lifestyle

1. Creates Discipline: Discipline is a necessity in life. Discipline

is essential for achieving any kind of success in your life! It…


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Health & Wellness : Sept Mid 2011 - The Tri-Healthy Formula

In order to have complete health and wellbeing, all parts of existence must be addressed and attention given.  More often than not, the emphasis has been placed on the physical aspects which are necessary as a means to work the muscle groups and all major organs.  However, as a human our health is dependent on three separate but interconnected pieces – seen and unseen.  The first is the most obvious…


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OM Times Sept 2011 : Health & Wellness Editorial

OM Times Sept 2011 : Health & Wellness Editorial


Each month, as topics relating to our mental, physical or spiritual health are discussed, we are laying the foundation for a “RoadMAP” to healing that begins with(IN).   I have been inspired lately as I continue to see and connect with those creating change as they “just do –what they do!”  It reinforces what my belief that…


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la Ninas World™ in the News

OM Times September 2011
A Story of Giving



A Story of Giving

Ms. Pearson had a…


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SACREDspace : Sept 2011 : Yoga for CRAFTERS

Yarn Therapy: Maximize your Breathing (Yoga for Crafters)


 Belly breathing. Most adults do not realize that they spend the majority of their lives breathing incorrectly and this is the cause of many major health problems related to stress. It amazes people to find out that a simple thing such as breathing can truly affect their health in positive ways. But what is belly breathing and why is it important to practice during knitting? …


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SACREDspace : Sept 1/2 2011 : Individual Spotlight

How Yoga Has Helped Me

by Mandy Leng


I was born in postwar England and it was a very difficult way to grow up after I hit the teen years. In the middle of great turmoil I found a Yoga book written by an East Indian yoga practitioner. It had photographs of him doing Yoga poses and explained how to do them, along with instructions on breathing and meditating.


No-one I knew was interested in it, so I…


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Recycling Blues -- Blue Jeans that Is!

The Recycling Blues—

Blue Jeans, that is!


•Long strips of 1/2-inch-wide, bright solid color and calico cotton material (torn across the grain)

•Blunt, wide-eye plastic tapestry needle

•3 yards of 1/4-inch cotton piping cord or…


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Yarn Therapy - The Therapeutic Qualities of NeedleCraft

Knitting Therapy -

Meet the Yarn Therapist



Everyone who knits or crochets has probably heard something about the therapeutic qualities needlecraft offers.  However, no one ever really stops to explain exactly what these qualities are.  After doing a bit of research I thought a blog post might help clarify the topic.       It is being reported now that stress may be responsible for up to 90% of medical conditions.  There…


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