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Prison Guards

Dreams are one of the important tools mentioned in Tending to Your Garden Within that you can use to tend to your own garden within. Dreams are an aid to connect with Spirit, or higher Self, and utilize the messages received to know self, and to create a more beautiful garden within.…


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If we review our major life events, we may observe many patterns that have been repeating themselves. We may be experiencing repeated hurtful patterns of relationships with our mates, friends or bosses for the past ten, twenty or thirty years. As an adult, after an unpleasant experience, we do not take enough time to evaluate our unpleasant experiences for many reasons. We may want to postpone remembering the experience, or we do not know how to analyze the situation, or we…


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I See You

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a class titled “Divine Femininity”. My reason for attending the class was to have a better understanding of femininity and how to balance my masculine energy with it. Some of the participants were expecting to see female participants only. It was very interesting to watch their reactions to seeing males in the same group. I could understand their concern – perhaps they were thinking men do not experience some of the same hurtful issues as…


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Focusing on the Dessert

If someone asks you what desserts you like the most, you can probably recite a list easily. If someone asks you what you cherish in life the most, after a little thinking,you will list some items such as health, family, friends, money or work. You may also list things that you love a great deal, but would hope to do more of, such as exercising, reading,laughing, writing, playing music, walking, etc.

In the…


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In our life time, we run into people that make a great impact in our life. Sometimes they are our parents, family members, friends or strangers.

In the context of Tend to Your Garden Within, such people can be a source of water and nutrition that help the flowers and fruit trees in our garden flourish. In my opinion, these people are sent from the

Divine to change the trajectory of our lives so we…


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Unconditional Love

I believe that all humans crave to experience unconditional love. We all are conditioned to react to words and acts of love differently, depending on our own childhood and past experiences. Our first experience with love probably was from our parents (with their own notion of love), which we most likely experienced as “conditional love”. Conditional love was most likely used to control our behavior “for our own good”. The concept that we are…


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Daily Choices

We all feel the chaotic energy and change around us which can sometimes be unsettling. We may fall into despair because we can not fix events, or become overwhelmed with fear and anger when dealing with them. The good news is that we have choices in focusing on our thoughts and feelings that bring us down or lifts us up. Sometimes, what it simply boils down to is the fact that with conscious control over our thoughts and emotions, we have a great impact upon how…


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Happily Ever After

There are many events during the year when we may feel that we are not loved, or not loved enough by others. Valentine’s Day is one of the days where we may experience these feelings more than any other day of the year. Perhaps we did not get what we expected, or maybe we received nothing at all. It is important that we keep these thoughts and emotions in proper perspective; that is, “Who is responsible for our happiness?”



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Mental Trap

One of the gardening tools used in Tending to Your Garden Within is mirroring. It is a mechanism to look at experiences in our daily lives and investigate their deeper meanings. Many times, what we feel and experience in the outside world has meanings for us inwardly, and can be used to know ourselves better.

A couple of months ago I meet a very nice lady who was an associate minister at a local church. I then attended two programs outside the church setting which the lady also… Continue

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Dream - Light Up The World

Dreams are messages from our personal, collective, and/or the Divine subconscious to us. Personal dream messages that we receive may not initially be clear and sometimes may require practice to develop insight in understanding them. This is perhaps due to the encryption of messages (use of symbols) by the Divine to by-pass our ego’s filtering mechanism which is blinded to other realms of reality.

Dreams are one of the important tools mentioned in Tending to Your Garden Within… Continue

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Preparing Your Garden Within for the New Year

We have made it to the end of another year. This time of the year is typically used for goal setting and projecting our positive energy forward. It is also a time to let go of things that are not needed and to create an environment to welcome new things that will serve us in the upcoming year.

In the gardening within metaphor it is pruning time

( It is a time to pause and reflect on our fruit trees within and… Continue

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Tending To Your Garden Within

To live life fully with joy requires one to know self without the filters of societal conditioning, familial conditioning and one’s ego. These filters block our vision and the truth of who we really are and how we are connected to the Universe. These filters also block us from being in touch with our self and hearing our own inner guidance and voice.

To know self requires being able to recognize and delve into layers of beliefs, frozen emotions, past traumas, and self-limiting… Continue

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