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Mental Disorder

Dementia is a mentally disorder .If this disorder is outcome of destiny just in childhood under the neuron care it is not giving the desire result .

Parents remain a silent observe for the agony   ,pain & disturbance of child but the parents by keeping the faith within themselves accept the tolerances. Generally such child longevity   remains between the age of 35 & 45 this does not necessary mean that such child should leave minimum period of 35 yrs . Even in…


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Science & Compute Age

Science has an universal applicability which has its root from quite good earlier years for its innovation in sun ,moon ,well many stars & planets in the sky joining with air -fire -water & subsequently on our mother earth .

Computer is the outcome of the recent time & to place the computer in the range of science is making the comparison with childhood period & adolescence .

Computer moves fast & save the time saving working of the people .In…


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Religion has its roots right from the arrival on our birth .We all are born equal but our arrival on this holy earth with the joy of our parents  

we come to know regarding our caste ,creed & religion ,& with the passage of time we come to know our culture.

Our creator is kind for the entire human beings of our universal .Looking to environment of universal ,thousand of years back almighty ,created for establishing moral codes & ethics to make a worthy…


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Doctor Faith Vision & Patient smile

Nicely observed by Cameen Kettanun –Phd  from Bangkot university come across in New York Times has come to his mind the question ‘’ One doctor called it a tragic choice .There are 2 children in front of you & you only have enough medicine for one .How do you choose?

This is the signal observed by Dr & also by patients but in this particular case certain decisive points came in surface as follows

Problem is of human touch with the discrimination of our…


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Our Arrival on this Earth

Motherhood is only a gift of god .It is a creation of mother which has made the world more beautiful .

What a great fortune for mother that she receives all the loving exercise in her mind for the arrival of the child when she starts receiving the movement of the child & the experience she is gaining which she receiving a salutation through heart & mind.

It is in this happy environment spirituality comes naturally in the mind of woman -a…


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Creativity & Scientific Approach

Creativity is a way of life .It is so to say our footstep & in-this line in our science can remain silent without creativity .

Creativity is important for us .It is only a creativity which can also helps us to play our part in our action of our life .It is at these stage we can confirm that for our achievement if any performance & also for our life line action we cannot afford to ignore creativity & this substantially applicable to science…


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Is Money a peaceful Path

Money is what money does .What money does is important & not money itself. With this outlook if materialistic person with their attitude want to fine peace in money for satisfying their ego ,pride ,& social standing ,they may certainly opt for peace in money forgetting the basic fact that money may not be everlasting & it also depends on  our fortune sometime playing part against Socio-Eco environment ,in this line money may not be a permanent inner attitude for peace…


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Motivation of the highest point in the Life

Our life is challenge ,we live in competitive world.Ideas comes to our mind every day but we remain realistic in order that it should not come in a way of our progressive action of life.

Our life cannot become a measuring tape as it has a flows of ideas from the within & outside .In the line with a knowledge understanding ,social background & our achievement  for our life action  we are placing our footsteps on our life career & development…


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Professional jealousy -unhealthy outlook

Jealousy remains a part of human nature but certain human beings by his very temperament remain fully conscious regarding the negative elements of which we all are born .

Such human beings know the value & basic end of their life .Whether one believes or not we all have come out on this earth by bringing the resulting fruits -positive /negative of our previous lives & such trend is also playing the part .

With this it has…


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The Theory of Rebirth

Man are born equal & the identity of the child is known after his arrival on our Mother Earth .It is the identity of parents which remains the criteria for the child regarding his identity in relation to CASTE,CREED & RELIGION .

The development of growth of the child at the initial stage is fully dependent on his parents & subsequent his education ,his behavior ,his company ,his career ,growth & development beside his contribution as a human being…


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The pathway of Knowledge

Knowledge is power as no limitation .For acquiring the knowledge -learning we have to keep our mind & vision open this will help us to keep our intelligence open & help us to receive something new knowledge ,guidelines for our development .


Asking to learn any knowledge is a good habit this…


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Ingredient For success in Life

Failure are the pillars of success .As human being whatever may be our standing ,ups & downs remain the part of our life

& as such we should accept our failurs has challenge for our life.

With this for our failures we should not think regarding the failures & also to cry over split milk but we should carefully

find out the reasons for our failure & to carry out our introspection in an impartial manner which may…


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Scientist Mind -Inspiration

Every human beings irrespective standing & even individual development of their contribution calling the salutation should

place their footsteps in an very humble way under their moral code ,conduct ,& ethics .The same gets reflection has a human

beings as thay have to so their example by virtue of their behavior in our social surrounding .

While only scientist to be considered on different footing & in different…


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Modern Teaching

Range of modern teaching remain in vast areas & to be viewed in the modern scientific & technological development in the view of the fact

the world has become small.In the academic areas it must have a line in the view of the trend of 21 st century.

Modern teaching covers a wide range of subject & as such students who are future citizens & also to say a world citizen

should become the inspiring forces for the social…


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Brain & Hand in Education

Every part of body are important but to me Brain & Hands remain twins with us all the time .Brain & Hands & thir activties

correlates with each other .Our brainis a pillar of our existance & our hand join to gethers ( as '' shake Hands '').

Fortunately our hands greats reflected in all planetary influnces & it shows a tune of head line,showing our nature ,

intelligence,our sentiments ,our feelings ,our…


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Our Mood & Behavior

Our mood is a working play of our mind .It depends on our attitude -our thinking & it is not necessary that the environment of

our mood to be acceptable to our close surroundings.In certain cases our mood becomes a play of pleasure & or pain & inthis way

it becomes a mixture of pleasure & pain .

In certain cases our mind becomes so much senstitive ,joyful.pleasurable under a different feeling which we wish to…


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Fear is a psychological traits & any human being passing on this phase may come across the FEAR.In certain cases it has been

observed that in darkness or visiting certain places where certain talks of problem may come to notice while visiting this place

such human being is under going a FEAR .

PHOBIA is a psychological notion .In case of seious accident observe by human being & watching the death on such events



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Reply on Ages

Dear Rohit, your personal opinion is appreciated. 

I have in my family the perfect example of what you mean. My very much beloved 83 old mother is now retired, after jubilation from her long important career as an international scholar. She still gives Master classes from times to times, she dedicates her time to writing and Editing the scientific Journal from her Academy.

As time goes by, I notice that, even if she was nonstop worker all her life, she now became…


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Modern Technology & Humanity

We cannot place modern technology as a blessing in disguise .All the development which we see around us & so to say inthe world are due

to technological development .

Technological & or scientific development may have certain adverse influence & it has even endanger the society or even

the atmosphere & environment of the nature.Even with this vicious line ,technological & scientific development have made…


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Ageing & Maturity

Ageing & Maturity is applicable to every professional personnel even including writers ,with the passage of time our retirement

age limit or in the case of professional personnel is depending on his health or other manner of thinking . For the

scientist his activities remain with mental process ,analytical approach & concentrating his working & performance in

laboratory .



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