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Mars opposes Saturn: commit to move forward or hold your ground

When Mars, dynamic, fiery ruler of Aries opposes the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, you have some choices how to work this energy. Remember that this is the beauty of tracking and following the impact of the planetary influences - you can choose how to use the energy. Good choices are made by using your analytical, information-gathering abilities combined with your natural INSTINCT, your intuition.  In my work with John Corsa, crystal healer,…


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Moon in Capricorn activated by the Pluto-Uranus square

The theme of our times is the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square. These two outer planets are busy bringing about transformational shifts in paradigms and perceived realities so as to make our perception of our reality almost unrecognizable. You may find that things that used to bother you just slide off you like eggs off a hot teflon pan. Or you might be focused on concerns you never have noticed before. Be a participant in the evolution of your own perception. Stay open,…


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Saturn opposes the Sun: don't give up!

Saturn, taskmaster of the zodiac, moving through the emotional depths of Scorpio (until September 2015) gives us all the opportunity to dig through all our emotional storehouse, picking what to keep and what to discard. How do you know which emotional patterns to keep and which to toss? Keep what supports you in raising your vibration, those emotional response patterns that support and full state of happiness and joy.

It's easy to get caught in vibration-lowering patterns of behavior…


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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio and Crystal cocktail to harness the energy

I'm still shoveling snow over here in the foothills of the Rockies so even though it's closing in on the end of…


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In times of CHOAS: set your intention for inner PEACE and clam

With the 3rd 0f 7  Pluto-Uranus squares approaching on May 20th we can really FEEL the chaos and potential for profound transformational shift occurring on all levels. Events playing out on the global scene and perhaps even in your own neighborhood can rattle even the most Zen type. It's really easy to stay calm and centered when things are easy. It's when things heat up and start to really MOVE that it is imperative you pull the right tools out of your psychic tool bag and…


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Sun, Venus in Taurus: NOW is the perfect time to GROUND yourself

Grounding is one of most important tools you have in your intuitive toolbox, your magic carpetbag of tricks to keep you most effectively in your power, free of anxiety and stress As part of John Corsa's Reclaim Your Intuition course, which I think is a MUST for all human Earth dwellers…


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Moon in Leo: express yourself with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

The Moon moves through a constellation every 2 and 1/2 days. The Moon is the emotional nature and expression of the Mother aspect of the Divine Feminine. How you feel and how you express your feelings is often connected to the constellation the Moon is  moving through, the phase of the moon (we just passed the first quarter phase of Moon in Cancer square Sun in Aries) and how the Moon impacts your personal chart. Many factors are involved and are at play every moment!

The Moon moves…


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Managing FEAR in times of CHAOS

It is a time of chaos, what with the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square working its transformational, and often shocking, magic through March 2015, on our planet and you can find yourself overwhelmed with feelings of unrelenting anxiety, hopelessness, helplessness, grief, and fear. Where will the next bomb drop? Is it safe? What can I DO to make things better?

I love this piece on FEAR that John Corsa, crystal healer, channeled.…


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Mercury enters Aries, Venus enters Taurus: Rose Quartz recommended

In the aftermath of the Sun-Mars conjunction in Aries, as both Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn move retrograde, intensifying the impact of the emotional delving and systemic transformation, and the on-going Pluto-Uranus square is activated, it can feel hard to take a deep breath without wondering what is next.

It 's also hard to fathom, yet true, that what is next is up to you, and the person next to you, and the person opposite you, and each individual consciousness on the…


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Boston Marathon Astrology

Another day of trauma for Earth dwellers, the anticipated aggressive explosion of pent-up emotions of anger, grief, jealousy, and separation. At 2:53pm in Boston, Massachusetts a bomb was set off near the finish line of the Boston marathon. There are physical deaths. There are many wounded. And the psyche of the American people. and people all over the world, are set into shock -yet again,

The chart houses are for the chart of Boston, MA at the time of the explosions.



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Pluto retrograde in Capricorn: rendez-vous with your personal SABOTEUR

All I can say is that if Pluto is working his unique brand of magic in your chart you will know it -guaranteed. I call Pluto the roto-rooter of the zodiac as its influence is to completely dig out crap and debris you didn't even know you were harboring, take that crap and…


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Pluto goes retrograde

Pluto, planet of deep, profoundly felt and personally experienced transformation stationed Retrograde yesterday, 12 April 2013, and is now moving backward, as it were, from our perspective, until 20 September 2013. Pluto will re-visit 11, 10, 9, and 8 degrees Capricorn over these next five months. If you have planets or points in your chart at 11, 10, 9, and/or 8 degrees Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, or Cancer Pluto will be working those areas and issues in your life that are requiring the…


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New Moon in Aries Crystal Cocktail

Sticking my head out after a 2-foot snowy New Moon in Aries welcome here in the glorious foothills of the Rockies I can actually feel the ground soaking up every delicious bit of moisture. Spring has officially arrived in my little nook of the galaxy. I just pulled the MOVEMENT card from one of my divination decks (John and I will probably making our own deck soon because God knows I need one more project to work on!) and MOVEMENT is the word of this NEW MOON.

As with…


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Dark of the Moon: prepare to set your Intentions

The balsamic moon phase, the dark of the moon, just before the moon turns NEW, is the most powerful time in the lunar cycle to release the unnecessary to prepare for bringing in the intentions you set and committed to at the New Moon.

Spend some time with your Self and venture into the dark places of your psyche where you hoard and protect the thought forms, patterns, and belief systems that run your show. It is of utmost importance to identify any of those that are limiting and…


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Working the Aries energy

You probably have noticed the chaotic feeling of MOVEMENT and a sense of forward momentum. This is to be expected during the time of Aries and yet this year with the Sun, Venus, Mars, Uranus and asteroid of discord, Eris, also in Aries - this Spring really packs a punch.

Aries energy, ruled by Mars, stirs things up so much that you might find yourself Spring cleaning more than just your closets. Don't be surprised if you feel angry, furious, enraged, wildly…


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John Corsa channels Pleiadian group, Weeeee.....: Dynamic Force of Opposites

John Corsa, multi-disciplined energy healer, crystologist, and trance-channel, today channels a Pleiadian group called Weeee.... (if you ever known a Pleiadian type, Weeeee...... is EXACTLY what they would say! I have been know to say Weeeee many times during a day!)

Today Weeee...... says:

"The proper Universal flow is the dynamic force of opposites. As such, we are experiencing the Dawn of a Golden Age, releasing ourselves from the grasp of a time of Darkness.

The Dark…


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