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Full Moon in Gemini Lunar Eclipse: releasing the lies

This FULL MOON at 6 degrees Gemini (opposite the Sun at 6 degrees Sagittarius) is a LUNAR eclipse, the partner to the New Moon Solar eclipse of a few weeks back.

Where 6 degrees Gemini-Sagittarius sits in your chart will be activated and triggered for growth through the Spring of 2013.

Interestingly, the  New Moon Solar eclipse back in the early summer of 2012 was at 1 degree of this same Gemini-Sagittarius axis. If there is a planet (or planets) or significant…


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Crystal Cocktail to soothe the first round of Holiday stress

You can't miss it. If you are out in the world and have to interface with any shopping establishment at all and if you live anywhere in America you will be bombarded with the HOLIDAYS.  The HOLIDAYS trigger all kinds of responses, no getting around that. I have talked with grief-stricken people who are looking at the upcoming holidays without their passed-on loved one, with people who, when confronted with a visit home display a range of coping mechanisms from complete mental and emotional…


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Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: intensified transformation

Before Pluto was discovered in the 1930's Mars was the planetary ruler of Scorpio.

Today we consider Mars the fiery ruler of Aries and Pluto the emotional intense ruler of Scorpio. Both Mars and Pluto have a potent charge to their energies and when you hook them up together you activate the Martian drive for transformation on the deepest level.

Pluto is at 8 degrees Capricorn, slowly moving through this Saturn-ruled sign of authority, government structures, and the systems that…


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Mercury goes DIRECT, mercifully

Mercury goes DIRECT today after a particularly mischievous retrograde period. Mercury played with me as it usually does - challenging me to question of I trust that everything is working out or do I just throw my hands up in horror and disgust and rush to the library to check out the longest Masterpiece Theatre series and park myself on the couch until the madness passes? Actually I ended up methodically following through on details of checks sent to me that bounced and collecting…


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Sun enters Sagitarrius

The Sun enters Sagittarius Wednesday, 21 November

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the expansion principle. Sag is a fiery sign that waffles between wise and foolish, which might not be such a wide chasm!

Seek to broaden and expand your perception of every little thing.

Mercury moving retrograde back through the late degrees of Scorpio. Chances are that you will be lowering your little bucket into the wells of your emotional depths…


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Mars in Capricorn and Mercury Retrograde's ongoing cluster-you-know-what

Mars, dynamic planet of action, moves into Saturn-ruled Capricorn where he will be busy making things happen until 25 December 2012. This movement of Mars in to Capricorn, where Pluto has been busy deconstructing all kinds of systems of thought and practical manifestation, is going to light a fire under everything you have been trying to get done. You might actually get some major work-related things accomplished. I know for me that would be QUITE a welcome relief. I feel like I have been…


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Anxiety results from not claiming your intuitive gifts

In these amazing times of TRANSFORMATION and epic-proportion SHIFT I want to encourage you, from the bottom of my heart and the far reaches of my Pleiadean brain, to do your GROUNDING and clear your psychic space of emotional debris.Emotional debris looks like grief, sadness, lack of forgiveness, lack of self-love, lack of self-care, blaming, and any other emotions you are holding on to that weigh you down (while doing nothing to the people you are holding…


Added by Cindy Morris on November 15, 2012 at 10:18am — 1 Comment

Mars conjunct the Galactic Center

MARS is conjunct the Galactic Center, the giant black hole which is the center of our Milky Way galaxy. MARS gives action and DRIVE to the imperative to transform at the very basic level of your being. Where does 27 degrees Sagittarius fall in your chart? This is where you will feel the dynamic energy to do your deepest transformational work. Of course we are seeing the impact of this influence in the purging of entire areas by water and…


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New Moon in Scorpio Solar Eclipse: 13 November 2012

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio gives each of us the opportunity to dump our emotional debris off at the curb. This could be quite a haul, or for some, a lighter load. Whatever is working inside of you that keeps you from experiencing the JOY that is your birthright needs to be discarded. Sometimes that is an old pattern of familiar behavior (like codependency) or sometimes it is a belief you hold (I am not good enough or I don't deserve to feel happy) or maybe it is a…


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Energy building towards New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

In this balsamic phase of the moon, her darkest phase just before the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, we are in the perfect mindset to look at the darkest crooks and crannies of our psyches to release what is stuck, what is rotting, what is tedious, and what is just plain boring to continue to shlep around. With Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius (Mercury will move back into Scorpio on November 15) the quest to reveal the TRUTH is…


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Cycles within cycles: Mercury retrograde, Uranus and Pluto

It's true that Mercury is retrograde until November 26th, which I am feeling with all that I am needing to re-visit and re-do as part of my own life management. This week I meet with my website guru

(Robert Piller!) to streamline Ignite Your Soul Potential, making it more user-friendly and easy for visitors to peruse and shop our many ascension,…


Added by Cindy Morris on November 10, 2012 at 2:38pm — 1 Comment

Mercury Retrograde: Didn't I just rake those leaves?

We have had such a beautiful Autumn here in Colorado - leaves still hanging on to some branches, the rest scattered all over, fading to their fallen colors, crunchy underfoot. I love to see the bare outlines of the trees, nests previously hidden by dense foliage now exposed, graceful branches gearing up for another winter, resting and regrouping for the Spring to follow on the heels of the big sleep.

But let's get back to those leaves. I have been raking daily for what seems like…


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Heaving a HUGE sigh of relief: Obama!

I am deliriously happy with the election results. Mostly because I have witnessed people turning their fears into ACTION, voting for a president who I feel has our best interests at heart - an intelligent, warm, and sane person - a person with BIG picture vision - LEO with an Aquarius rising - perfect person for these amazing times. Obama President Obama Leo Sun, Aquarius rising.

In my state of Colorado marijuana is now legal. And Washington state too. Freedom to choose to…


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Election Day 2012 and Mercury goes retrograde again

A critical election day 2012 complicated by a devastating hurricane in pivotal areas of the East Coast and Mercury, messenger and communicator of the zodiac, turns retrograde. Always potential glitches in all kinds of communication systems when Mercury goes retrograde as Mercury was retrograde in the controversial Gore/Bush race a few elections ago. Hopefully Mercury will do mischief elsewhere than in vote-counting and such.

We will know more later today what our individual and…


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Mercury stations Retrograde

Mercury, planet of communication, mischievous cosmic messenger, is hovering at 4

Mercury, mischievous messenger

degrees Sagittarius, preparing for…


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Mercury goes Retrograde and November is, well...

When I look ahead to the astrological activity for November 2012 I see potential turbulence and general unsettleness within and without. Many influences are lining up right about now to create the perfect scenario for necessary change. The Earth in all her…


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