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Crystal Healing for headache and anxiety relief

The other night I watched the magnificent Starseed, Jane Fonda, at age 70 something in her latest film - Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding. Jane plays the hippie mom living in Woodstock (of course!). I was amazed at her radiance and ethereal beauty, laugh lines and all! Her estranged, uptight lawyer daughter (played by Catherine Keener) comes to Jane's chicken-filled farmette, in the middle of a divorce. You know the story: revelation, reconciliation, and so…


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New Moon in Libra: Stoking up the LOVE

I am feeling the movement of the seasons as Autumn is full upon us here in Boulder. The coleus and impatiens who have adorned my garden with extravagant colors all summer have said their fond farewells with last week's frost. Bright blue lobelias and petunias are

still going strong as are a few stalwart marigolds. The leaves on the trees are doing their Fall dance, shifting…


Added by Cindy Morris on October 15, 2012 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

Satrun enters Scorpio October 5: got your scuba gear ready?

Let's catch up with Saturn's move into Scorpio!

The Sun has entered LIBRA just as Saturn packs his bags, preparing to exit his 2 and a half year Libra visit and venture into Scorpio, entering the depths of thorough cleaning and transforming. Saturn enters Scorpio on October 5th, taking up residence in this intensely emotional, sensitive Pluto-ruled sign where he will be working some major changes until December 2014. Get your snorkel gear on - you'll…


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Full Moon in Aries: Anyone notice it's getting hot around here>

Another Full Moon is upon us and this one promises to be a doozy.

The axis of this FULL MOON is Sun in Libra-Moon in Aries.

Relationship stuff is UP and that's nothing but fun, right?

Well, it can be but often relationship stuff is skewed and challenged by your relationship with yourself. It all begins there, does it not?

Here's something to ponder: How do I best LOVE and accept myself, acknowledging and respecting my needs, while also…


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All things being Equinox: I'll take Ascension

Such an exciting time to be on the planet, that's for sure.

As we approach the Autumn Equinox we are dancing with the second of 7 Pluto-Uranus squares and things are heating up around here!


The thing you need to remember when we talk astrology is that planetary movements are affecting each of us personally and all of us globally. It's most important to focus on your own process right now,…


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Jupiter in Gemini: Scattered Thoughts make for Stressful Days

Jupiter, planet of abundance, good fortune, blessings and abundance is traveling through the air sign of Gemini these days and will be until June 2103. Gemini is a mental sign of information gathering and busymindedness. Anything Jupiter is involved will expand and grow, The tendency with Jupiter in Gemini is to make your mind VERY busy. A super busy activated mind can lead to chaotic, scattering thoughts and lack of focus. Lack of focus combined with an overactive mind can leave you feeling…


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Comparing only adds to your anxiety and stress

The other night a friend was asking me what my favorite flower is. That question made me laugh as I used to own a flower shop, I have an undergraduate degree in horticulture and I am a bona fide flower faerie queen, so how could I possibly have a favorite flower? I love and adore them all!

This got me to thinking how we humans love to set up…


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Best Treatment for Panic Attacks

Occasionally I have mini panic attacks. I can relate them to times in my life where I felt no support and I felt like I was alone in a frightening world. These days, with the energetic shifts palpable as a change in the weather, as storms of feeling moving through my emotional landscape I can feel the beginnings of a panic attack making its way to the surface of my consciousness. As a panic attack begins I can feel it…


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Managing the Stress and Anxiety of the series of Perfect Storms

Astrologically speaking (and Astrology is poetic weather reporting on the cosmic and intrapersonal level) we are in the beginning phases of a Perfect Storm of colliding planetary influences that are nothing less than the necessary staging to bring about the consciousness shift that is on our evolutionary docket.

Meaning....the caca is hitting the proverbial fan and it is as we, who have incarnated to be a part of all this just at these pivotal moments, have expected it to be.…


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Full Moon in Pisces: Figure it our or surrender to Spirit?

The timing of this Full Moon is beautifully synchronous with my writing project of putting John Corsa's Reclaim Your Intuition  6-part audio class into book form. I just typed out the…


Added by Cindy Morris on August 31, 2012 at 9:58am — 1 Comment

All you really need to know about Manifestation

John Corsa, clairsentient intuitive healer and crystologist, and I held a gathering the other evening in which we taught some very basic MUST KNOW tenets of manifestation. I got to thinking about the "letting it go" part of the process and flashed on being in a restaurant. You know when you are in a restaurant you give your order to the waitperson and KNOW, with 100% complete certainty, that what you ordered will be brought to you…


Added by Cindy Morris on August 24, 2012 at 11:50am — 1 Comment

Neptune trumps the Sun entering Virgo

The Sun has entered Virgo, which normally would feel quite grounded and efficient but with a knock-you-over Neptune opposition it was all I could to get crosstown, do some errands, and make it back home. The air felt soupy, dense - like I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face. I had to put myself on the couch and space out for the longest time. I wasn't even sure I could get this newsletter out but, with a cooling nighttime rain and a good nap I feel…


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LEO New Moon: Creative Manifestation PLaydate with Yourself

It's the New Moon in LEO - time to manifest!

As I might have mentioned I am working on turning John Corsa's

Reclaim Your Intuition  audio class into a book - both for students who have already purchased the class to have the material in written form and for new students who will be purchasing the class and also

John Corsa's…

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What chakra are you beaming from?

MERCURY, beloved mischievous messenger of the Zodiac, moved DIRECT (meaning it is now moving forward) after a very gooey, 3 week retrograde period. Well, it felt gooey to me. I felt like I was making my way through molasses and sometimes felt it would take years to get from one room to another. Being a Pleiadian type, used to moving just below the speed of light, arriving somewhere before I even left the house (Pleiadians are time-warpers and we know time is not really real anyway!) I…


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The Intuition Olympics

I am mad for the Olympics. Talk about focus of intention. Some days I feel like I could use the focus of intention of an Olympic athlete to complete the creative projects I seem to create for myself on a daily basis.

Right now I am working on taking the transcription of John Corsa's Reclaim Your Intuition audio class and creating a book/study guide from it. I have the raw material in…


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Full Moon in Aquarius - Courage to Change

Sun at 10 degrees Leo

Moon at 10 degrees Aquarius

LEO birthday meltdown

First I'd like to say that every year, as my birthday approaches, I usually have a stupendous emotional meltdown as I seem to remember, on some cellular level, that early life on Planet Earth this incarnation was not going to be the bed of rose petals I so hoped…


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Check the Plug

Last month John Corsa, clairsentient intuitive and crystologist, and I went to the INATS metaphysical show at the Denver Merchandise Mart. Besides the fabulous collections of crystals and fun things to wear and the inviting "bookstores" that Llewellyn and Hay House created, we stumbled upon a display of pink salt items, which captured me completely. Lights and soaps and hearts and all kinds of lit up pink, pure Himalayan salt. I kept going back to the table to purchase more goodies.



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Wasp Nests and the Ascension Process

I have a very close friend who grew up in rural Colorado. I grew up in the Bronx. He is a killer of flying insects and their homes. I am an insect saver and home relocator. The other day he pointed out to me that I had a very small wasp nest growing on an eave quite close to the front door. What he didn't know is that I also had one growing on the frame of the skylight in my bedroom as well.

He said: "I suppose you don't kill these things." Of course I don't!  "Well," he said, "it is…


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New Moon in Cancer: Make time for some Self-Lovin'

You might think that a New Moon should occur at the beginning of a sign. I mean here we are kissing the whiskers of Leo and we 're having a New Moon in Cancer?  A New Moon means that both the Moon and the Sun are at the same degree of the same sign.  A Full Moon occurs when the Moon is opposite the Sun, sme degree as one another but opposite signs.

We had that New…


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