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The Last Teardrop


Why do we cry? This is due to emotions. Sometimes we cry when we are happy, most times when we are sad. Someone does something inadvertently to hurt our feelings, we cry. Crying is connected to our emotions. Even if we don’t cry, it is connected to some form of emotion or feeling.

It is paradoxal that we live in both truth and dishonesty. As we are growing up, we learn that sometimes it is okay to tell lies, such as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy. It…


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Logical Reasoning


What is real? Realities vary from one person to the next, depending upon one’s view. Our realities change from day to day, moment to moment actually and our respective realities are not always shared with others because of variations in views. Views can be seen, felt, or both.


For instance, a red rose can be viewed as beautiful. To one, this beauty is felt on the heart level. To another who perhaps doesn’t like the color red, does not view the same beauty,…


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Like Lambs Led to Slaughter

Yes, it is that time…to vote. I don’t get into debates regarding elections. As a matter of fact, I did not contemplate posting an article regarding politics.


However, because this is part of life, I will share a few thoughts for consideration.


When making a major decision regarding whom to choose, follow your heart or do as you…


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When You Love Someone

When you love someone, you open yourself up to endless possibilities. Some of these we would rather not experience though, but most of us survive.


Loving others can be challenging and there are some who have chosen to close their hearts to love rather than allow vulnerability in our lives.


As a parent, have you sacrificed for your children? Most of us have. And these children have not a clue because it was not required for them to know every…


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Going In One Ear and Out the Other


Balance seems to be a sort of theme these days as I write my articles. This makes sense to me because balance is a huge part of healing.


Healing concerns a threefold process involving our minds, bodies, and spirits. As we heal our minds and bodies, our spirits become free to be in touch with our Higher Power, therefore allowing us to be our true selves with our true natures.


We essentially become “unbound” by the effects of our past…


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Heart of a Mother

Some parents have lost a child physically. I cannot even begin to imagine what this feels like.

Other parents have lost a child emotionally when the child became an adult. The adult child makes a choice to disengage from the parent for reasons of the past. This is something I admit I am not a stranger to.

 I carried a child inside of me three times, each one for nine…


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Creating Balance

Several times the word “balance” has come to mind recently. Stop for a moment and reflect. What is happening in your life right at this very moment?

Allow your emotions to be what they are. Are you relaxed or are you in a “fight or flight” status? If you have learned to “listen to your body”, you will know. If not, it is time to tune in.


Tuning into your body does not take special gifts or talents. All you have to do is listen and observe, better known…


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Finding Trust in Your Life

Trust is a part of unconditional love. So many situations in our lives can invite mistrust. Trusting is not hard to accomplish because it is already inside of you. Be honest with yourself…do you trust yourself? Have you lost the ability to trust?

Pets, such as a dog or a cat, are very trusting. But when they are mistreated, they become mistrusting because they have been hurt. But if this same pet is shown loving kindness, the mistrust disappears, replaced…


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Owning My Tapestry

Having never considered memories as different colored yarns, I stumbled across a beautiful story called “A Snarl of Yarn” written by Bill Martin in the book, “The Tao of Forgiveness, The Healing Power of Forgiving Others and Yourself”.

When I first saw the title of the book, my thoughts of “oh me, another book about forgiving, what difference will it make from all the others I have read?”

Well, it was a turning point on my path of constant healing.

Before I read this…


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Only Love

On this journey called life...many concepts have been discovered. At times; contemplation of those we resonate with has become attached to our being.

For instance, "I don't know" becomes a sort of mantra. For some of us, this statement causes a disturbance within. Fear of portraying an egotistical mindset, if you will.

Ditching the ego's definition of such a statement by redefining it dissipates this fear.

In my heart...I do…


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Independence Day July 4, 2012

Memories of this day from the past are okay to ponder...just be careful not to attach to these thoughts as we remember.

 Wars have always existed due to an inability to agree upon beliefs of a nation, culture, or society. We still experience this in our country today.

Religions fight amongst one another over who is right and who is wrong. Families are torn apart due to their differences.


Why is this so? This does not have to be this way. These beliefs have been…


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Living in a society riddled with laws, morals, rules, standards, etc. we find a separation. We become judgmental and prejudice.

This is our form of survival, or so we think.

As we adapt to our judgmental and prejudice concepts, we separate ourselves from others and our God. This is in direct conflict with our purpose for beingIs this…

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A New View

Wishing you could go back and re-teach your children?

Well, many to a certain degree have pondered these thoughts as we gracefully age.

Society teaches us to be successful; we must drive ourselves to be the best at everything we hope to accomplish. We must be competitive.

This breeds the concept known as a goal of "being accepted".

Along the way, we gather as much attention as we can to spur this ego ridden idea.

From the first day of…


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Falling Into Place - Part I

The great Lao Tzu quote "If you correct your mind, the rest of you will fall into place" is wrapped in much wisdom of the ages.

What or who we identify with - we become. Whether we identify with the labels of mother/father, wife/husband, boss/employee, or any other label, we lose ourselves on a daily basis in this manner.

There comes a time in our life when an event happens that will stop us in our tracks. These events are not usually happy…


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Gifts of the Heart

We receive many gifts in the course of a lifetime. The precious ones are those given from the heart of another. These gifts can't be seen and have no material or monetary value...they are priceless!

Time spent with loved ones, a phone call, a smile, a letter, a visit...when these are shared with love and hold no expectations of anything in return, they are gifts of the heart.

Understanding this...becomes a simple truth…


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I am a new member here and have spent the past few days studying the guidelines regarding posting articles to be published in the ezine.

In the meantime, I have written two which are awaiting my decision and editing so as not to post to several different places. Yes, I am an organizer.

I just want to reach as many people as I am able to....so much pain in the world. I don't desire to "fix" it, my desire is to simply share what I have experienced,…


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