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Atheism: A deeper Look into the UnKnown

One day a friend sat me done and surprise me with a video of atheism at first I was stun. Then I laughed and said I don't care what you believe, if it makes you happy.

Further study on the subject indirectly allowed me to see something that I believe was over looked. God has many definitions and all of them break down to a simple notion of system. In ancient times they had many gods all pertaining to a certain substance, element, planet, issue or process. All these things had a…


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Inner Nature

To be connect with your inner nature is to be in tune with truly everything. Just like how the salmon knows when and how to swim upstream. You will know when to go against the resistant’s, when the geese know when it's time to go south you will know when it's time to move on and relocate. Your inner nature is the fire desire that  you to love life for what it is. What allows you to simplify your problems and let go of unwanted issues, and helps you to properly release your aggression. Your…


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A Sanctuary of the Mind

Do you have a place of peace in your mind; where you can step back from a situation or calmly step into a situation?  We all need a place of peace; a sanctuary of our own, where we can have a moment to ourselves away from the problems of the world and your own conflicts. So we can properly deal and sort them out correctly. 

To do this you must surround yourself with visual and audio instruments such as peace surroundings and good positive sudden music. Then slowing allow yourself to…


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Breathing is vitally important for humans to sustain life on Earth. Our breath is the bridge from our body to our mind, the element which reconciles our body and mind and which makes possible one-ness of body and mind. Breath is the tool, which can bring them both together, illuminating both and bringing both a scene of peace and calmness. Many people have gotten out of their natural flow and have consequently lost awareness of their breath. There is a strong correlation between…


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Working with Moon Magic

Moon magic is not the only kind of magic, but it is a very ancient

and powerful form of magical work. Moon magic applies the principles

of attraction in order to influence and benefit your life and the lives

of those you touch with its gentle persuasion. Moon magic belongs to

you. This is magic that is as natural as breathing and is always

available for your use. You can employ the principles of Moon magic

to attract people and…


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Shaman: An Alchemist

It is alchemy that the shaman learns in his or her initiation. The illness is a form of poison in the body that the shaman learns to turn into an antidote. For the cure of any venom is in the venom. The spirit becomes is in tallied with the antidote or can with stand any form of poison. This allows the shaman to help heal other people with the same illness or journey through the harsh world to retrieve their animal spirit or guardian spirit from the lower land. In alchemy you turn lead into…


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The trail

A Shaman begin his or her journey with a certain illness which is given many names like; spirit sickness, self-loss or initiatory illness. Which is physical and mental; certain signs are loss of appetite, insomnia, visual and auditory hallucinations. I wasn’t fully aware of the illness when I acquired it, even though I have over came it many times in my life until I researched shamanism. So I defined it as madness which helped root out my problem because I knew it was an ordinary illness.…


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Learning to praise the Moment

When an actor or actress wins an award you can feel the joy and the love. They usually start off saying something in the contents of how all the hard work and sacrifice was truly worth it. They give thanks to all those how help them get there in life, they have gotten to a moment that has meaning and were they can see the success. At that moment the world is perfect, they can clearly see the reason for it all. Why people suffer, why there is pain, why we are born. Not because they won an…


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Korean shamanism, Ever Evolving:

Unification of Old Religions

                                      Merciful Buddha, gracious Confucius, and loving Christ; here these three great holy figures are combined (Maan Bup Ttong Il).

Korean shamanism, also known as Muism/Mugyo, "religion of the Mu" or sometimes as Sinism/Shingyo, "religion of the gods", is the indigenous religious beliefs and practices of the Korean people. In…


Added by Dwight Bonair on November 24, 2012 at 8:00pm — 1 Comment

Modren Shaman

The Modern Shaman


A Shaman is a tribal spiritual healer and elder, who gives guidance on the journey of life, which they themselves have partaken and found successful routes through.  To become a Shaman one has to go on their own journey which usually in tales a traumatic incident or psychological/spiritual Illnesses that they overcome. Which they overcome and by overcoming the illness/journey they are able to help other people with the same…


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