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Christmas and the Animals: The Nativity Microcosm

No matter which religion one follows or whether one subscribes to the concept of religion at all, Christmas is an opportunity to recognize an often missed spiritual message: the animals, too, are sacred. As people scramble in their shopping, preparing, hosting, feasting, we should reaffirm the sanctity of all living things as embedded in the Nativity story. The preachers and teachers as well as the congregants and gift-wrappers can benefit from viewing Jesus’s birth narrative as illuminator.…


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Ritualizing to Release and Heal

Ritual is an act of devotion, an  invitation to the universe to activate our healing. Usually associated with religious and spiritual traditions and rituals empower us as we release and renew. Rituals help us navigate through life and boost our healimn with spiritual collaboration.  When we seek Divine  help, we purify through ritual. 

Rituals often use objects of nature to link us to the natural world; one of the most familiar is ritualistic incense. In the Catholic Church the priest…


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When Your Animal Dies: Actively Moving Through the Grief


Your animal  has died and you are distraught. If it's the first time you are experiencing such unmatched sorrow, you feel as if your world has just shriveled to nothing.  If it's not the first time, you feel as if your world has just shrivled to nothing.  The emptiness is vast and your suffering prolonged, yet you hesitate opening up to others who may  dismiss your pain as fleeting.  All of us who have cherished…

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Dorothy And the Divine Feminine: Isolation, Meditation, Liberation

The popular distinction between prayer and meditation is that  prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God,  that universal force that perpetuates life.  We know that in real world communication models, both skills are necessary.for progress in relationships.  While we are encouraged  by our traditional religious traditions to pray, in the West we place little if any emphasis has been placed on meditation and usually look to Eastern customs when we seeking a deeper dialogue…


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Surrender to Darkness, Find Your Light

In times of incredible sadness we need to remember that although it seems impossible to fathom, nothing is random, nothing is coincidental....there is a Divine Universal plan for all living creatures. Pain is part of that plan. How we get through that pain, whether emotional or physical or both (as one usually precipitates the other) depends upon our perspective, the path we choose. Most of us choose the path of Light, but in doing so, we must not disregard, disrespect, or fear the darkness.…


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What Your Intuitive Counselor Needs From You

 I had an appointment to read a cat this morning, so I went to the client's home, and as I usually do, I asked if she had aparticular issue she wanted to examine and she replied,  "Well,  I'm a skeptic, so I don't want to tell you anything that would influence you." I said, "OK, but asking these questions helps me focus in a very specific way so that we can find the answer to whatever problem you have."  This didn't convince her to reveal…


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Animals, Dominion, and The Bible: What You Haven't Been Taught

Adherents to the dogma of  some traditional religions tend to justify our objectification of animals by citing the line in Genesis where God grants Adam dominion over the earth.  This narrow and incomplete interpretation restricts our relationship with animals to a superior/subordinate status when a deeper inspection of the passage wold counter this view. The biggest controversy revolves one word in Genesis: dominion. Theologians have treated it as synonymous with rule and subordination, but…


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Psychic Messages: If You Will Them, They Will Come



“When did you know you had the gift?”  is a common question clients pose to intuitive counselors when they’re impressed with a reading.  Actually, some clients ask the question before a reading, hoping to gauge the experience of the psychic from whom they seek advice.  It’s true that many people are aware of  their intuitive abilities at very young ages, having conversations with guides and spirit teachers whom their parents dismiss as harmless imaginary friends.  Some…


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Erasing The Pain: 8 Techniques to Lighten the Load

Two of the most destructive energies we can turn against ourselves, old anger and regret, find a home in our bodies no matter how we try to shake them loose. They destroy not only the clarity of our self perception but prevent us from moving ahead on a path that can bring us joy. Their lingering becomes what I like to call emotional disease from which so many of our current conditions grow.,including chronic physical ailments. digestive issues, weight gain.   Consider this metaphor: diabetes…


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Intention vs. Deed: Which Counts?

In a world littered with physical and emotional strife and further complicated by sometimes overwhelming personal obligations, we don't always find the time to do exactly what we intend, even on an minor level.  We intended to donate to charity but unless we pre-arranged for this in a regimented way such as through payroll deduction, we didn't actually "get to it."  We wanted to foster that abandoned and  scarred pit bull whose photo broke our hearts on FB, but never…


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We Are the Flame

When we pray at a house of worship or go to a healing center we often light a candle or sit in the glow of candles already burning.  Some are lit in memory of loved ones, some are lit to empower Divine requests, some are lit in honor of a significant any case we all feel a deeper connection to the Spirit as we enter the dome of  that gentle light.  Whether it's 100 flcikering Novena candles in a Catholic Church, a Shabbat candelabra or the soft orange glow in a Buddhist…


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Clearing Shared Burdens: A Healing Visualization for You and Your Animals

It's been long known that our animals come to us from a higher dimension to aid us in handling the challenging that the human experience presents. We see this evidence historically in the relationship between the "witch" and her familiar, the cat; the strategic placement of goldfish in an establishment designed by Feng Shui priniciples, even the deep and silent bond of a cowboy and his horse (how many Western songs of dedication were written by rough and tumble outsdoorsmen to their…


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On Animal Abuse: Are We Complicit?

The treatment of commercially and industrially used animals, held against their will and acted upon by human beings who wield power under the banner of Biblically assigned dominion has perpetuated a society in which nearly all of us by are in fact complicit in their suffering., How? Through our habitual consumption of products that rely on animals for testing or through our engagement in activities I which animals are used for our entertainment. This is not the place debate the consumption…


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The Lightworker’s Challenge: Meeting Your Authentic Self

In   A Sacred Voice is Calling  John Neafsy gives insight into the nature of our highest calling, the voice of our spiritual self.    A required reading in many theology programs, the book transcends  the traditional notion of spirituality as taught in many western institutions and embraces familiar and eclectic examples of spiritual life from literature through Eastern religion. He illuminates the  thread of the spirit as unifier among all of us, often using very mundane world…


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Seven Spiritual Lessons from Our Animals

Here's a Buddhist parable about the inevitability of death. A woman, angry that her son had died, demanded that the Buddha restore him to life. He agreed to do so on the condition that the woman find one person in the village who did not know the sorrow of death. She undertook her mission, determined to find that person, but weeks later returned, exhausted after visiting every house, finally understanding that no one is untouched by death and grief. There are those few who have been…


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On Self Forgiveness: Spiritual Surfing

By now we've heard the standard New Age explanation of our many mis-steps and foibles as we swim through this life: "We are not humans learning to be spiritual but spirits learning to be human."  This can neutralize our need for self deprecation when we say something we think we shouldn't have, make a decision that wasn't perhaps the wisest, hurt someone else without malicious intention.  Yet in many ways we are harder on ourselves than we are on others when we find ourselves…


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Gifts Along the Way

For about 25 years, people have been noticing a strange "coincidence;" it seems every time they stop to look at the clock, it flashes the time 11:11. Even people who are not on a conscious spiritual journey have grown aware of these repeating numbers. Spiritual centers and metaphysical churches all over the world began teaching about the gateway to ascension through 11:11 and sacred geometry as interest in this phenomenon increased. Now people from all walks of life feel a heightened level…


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Magnetic Induction: Inviting the Good Flow

What does it mean to be magnetic?  Consider this not in the context of charismatic personality but in the scientific context of very specific elemental attraction.  A quick survey of online dictiionaries providesn interchangeable definitions, but this one from the American Heritage dictionary stands out because of its unique modifer
1. An object that is surrounded by a magnetic field and that has the property,…

Added by Lisa Shaw on February 16, 2014 at 11:30am — 2 Comments

On Those Disturbing Animal Abuse Photos:"Ah, Humanity!"

Just when you think there is hope for the natural world you get assaulted with stories and photos of animal abuse even from the most unexpected sources, like the Danish zookeepers who made a public spectacle of their orchestrated bloody baby giraffe murder. I am not going to repeat the details here; you can find the references easily on an Internet search. Then there are the recurring photos of Michael Vick's butchered and wounded dogs and the many many daily postings of local animal abuse…


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"Come to the Table. Sit:" The Circle of Spirits

In Opening to Channel, a popular 1990s book by Sonaya Roman and Duane Packer, Oren and DaBen, the spirit guides dictating the text, made this very enthusiastic claim, "We rejoice when you make contact."  This is a pretty powerful statement that signals something we don't often consider: the contact is not so much about us as it is about the guides themselves.    Early on the quest to strengthen our intuitive abitilities, we attend classes, participate in guided meditations, and…


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