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"Fear Not, For I Am With You:" Attending the Dying in Hospice

How do we take the promise that we are never alone and that this material world is not the lasting one?  How do we  assist others as they cross the bridge from physical density to spiritual  lightness?  How do we sit in the center of someone’s most critical life moment and ease the experience from one of fear to one of love? In my experience as a Hospice chaplain and spiritual care provider to both patients and families, what may at first be  a…


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Animal Heart Connection: A Healing Meditation for You and Your Pets

We all know the restorative power of meditation and its related modalities such as guided visualization, chanting, deep breathing.  All of those combined make for powerful meditations that not only calm the body and mind but that open channels to the spiritual realm, whether it is our own higher self or the messengersof Light that accompany us on our journey. Those of us who meditate in our homes with our animals present know that as we slow down the mental chatter and…


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Jesus and the Animals: The Manger is Primary

Jesus and the Animals: The Message is Primary

On Christmas -- please remember the significant place of  animals in the  story of Jesus's birth.  He was born in a manger alongside the greater, no less.  Whether you accept the story of Jesus as…

Added by Lisa Shaw on December 25, 2013 at 4:30pm — No Comments

Absolutely Compatible: Meditation and Traditional Religion

When I speak of meditation, and, more specifically invite people to join in a practice with which they are unfamiliar, the more traditional and fundamentalist people stiffen with fear.  Many of them have been taught that these techniques are “Asian” and  “anti-Christian,” techniques that unscrupulous New Age people use to lure them away from their religion.  Such misperception makes the rest of us shake our heads.  The reality is that for those raised in Western…


Added by Lisa Shaw on December 22, 2013 at 9:00am — 2 Comments

A Healing Meditation for Your Animals (And You)

Twice every Sunday I lead a Distance Reiki Circle for Animals. It's a spiritual meeting for like-minded animal lovers to gather for 20-30 minutes, wherever we may be, to tune in to higher energies for the welfare of our animals and ourselves.  People don't need to be trained in any way....We sit quietly for about 20 minutes, listening to meditative music while I give prompts for relaxation and visualization, all the while sending Reiki…


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DOROTHY and TOTO: The Metaphysical Lessons of Oz

For the past fifteen years, I've used The Wizard of Oz to teach mythology, fairy tales, and Eastern philosophies to my college Literature students, sometimes three classes per semester, three semesters per year. Recently, instead of paying attention to the spiritual/transformational theme, I've taken greater note of my students' responses to the characters on the Oz adventure. Once Dorothy hooks up with her companions and skips along the yellow brick road in search of home and self,…


Added by Lisa Shaw on November 12, 2013 at 8:00am — 2 Comments

More Powerful in Spirit: When a Dog Becomes a Guide

I just did a reading for a dog I'll call Mandy, a Rottie mix with uncontrolled aggression. Unprovoked, she attacked my client'smaller dog, who died a few days later. The  woman, a veterinarian,  was distraught, helplessly watching the attack, losing one dog and struggling with the fate of the other. The attacking dog, otherwise sweet, could not be trusted with other dogs and the vet feared that would eventually become…


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The Enlightenment of Boo, Here and Hereafter

About 7 years ago,  I received an interesting phone call from a Fort Lauderdale woman named Beverly who identified herself as “skeptical but desperate.”  She’d been given my name and phone number by a friend who’d seen my card somewhere and said she loved her dog enough to have me talk to her even though, she kept repeating, she had doubts.  She had made a veterinary appointment for 7 am to euthanize Boo, an 11 year old Dalmatian  with Cushing’s syndrome, a disease that damages…


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Beginner's Guide to Feeling Energy

Spiritual people, particularly those involved in what's termed "spiritual arts," use the word energy to explain the metaphysical, whether it's healing, intuitive work, or shifting consciousness.  To the novice, it may seem an amorphous term, an umbrella of sorts to depict anything that happens on an unseen level, and to the skeptic, well, it is certainly the vocab of the New Age con artist.  If we can't see it, and we can't feel it, does it exist? …


Added by Lisa Shaw on September 12, 2013 at 8:00am — 2 Comments

Animal Communication, Meditation, and Telepathy: Not Gifted but Intentional


In the over 25 years I've been a spiritual consultant for people and animals, I've received many comments, testimonials, and questions after a reading, whether that reading is in person or via distance. All the responses express gratitude for the information and insights, but many of them conlcude with a common misunderstanding about being "gifted."   At that moment I do an instantaneous mental replay of my life searching for the event that made me "aware of this…


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The Incredible Lightness of Dogs


In communication sessions I may receive stunning insights from my canine clients about the temporary nature of life on earth, the power of higher energies direct us, the medicinal properites of  love....but often, in a reading, the animals simply want to share the joys and pose questions about the fun side of earthly life. Like young children with unfiltered speech, they honestly and spontaneously share what seems exciting to them.

     Soon after I acquired 5…


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When Animals Know They Are Dying

In  Jerusalem in 1978, I brought home Chafifa,  a miniature poodle,  after I'd spent nearly a year as a volunteer in Israel. (Many single young Jewish women would go to Israel and return to the U.S. with an Israeli man, headed for the altar.  I came home with a dog.  That laid the groundwork for my next 37 years).
She was, at the onset, a very spunky and sprightly companion who lived with me in Israel, Brooklyn, and Fort Lauderdale.  At five, however, she fell into unexpected…

Added by Lisa Shaw on August 5, 2013 at 11:26am — No Comments

Animals and Reincarnation

I'll never get used to the anguish of a person grieving  a pet's "death."  We've all been there.  We feel a physical hole in  our hearts, in our auras; our homes feel hollow;  we can take years to recover.  This is where a reading helps a grieving pet owner.   I  act as a conduit between the human and the departed animal and people come to realize that not only does life continue after physical end, but our  relationships with our departed loves ones continue as well. Grief-burdened people…


Added by Lisa Shaw on July 21, 2013 at 8:30am — 2 Comments

Animal Needs Vs. Human Worry: How Readings Clear It Up

Human beings too often assume that their pets share their own particular worries, needs, and fears.  If we have a blind

dog, for instance, and we worry about his inability to navigate the house, fearing he'll bump into walls or tumble down a few stairs, we  naturally assume the dog has these same anxieties. …


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Do Dogs See Spirits?

Do Dogs See Spirits? Yes. In my readings I frequently come across dogs who not only see spirits of other animals but actually interact with them. When I do a distance reading and hold the photograph of the dog, I may see other animals alongside that dog. Sometimes it's clear that the dog is one who has departed and is acting as a spirit guide and companion for the still earthbound friend; other times I need to seek clarification from the human. In many cases, I'll ask questions that get an…


Added by Lisa Shaw on June 26, 2013 at 6:18pm — 1 Comment

Steep Grief: Lennox Speaks

Steep Grief:  Lennox Speaks

Lisa Shaw

Steep Grief: Lennox Speaks

This was a week of wrangling as the two year fight to save an unfairly impounded dog in Belfast came to an unforgivable end. For those who have not been part of the protests and online prayer circles and solidarity events, here's the summary. Two years ago, without provocation or reasonable cause, Lennox, a Labrador/American…


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Distance Animal Communication

I was driving with a friend of mine, sharing with her a recent reading I had done on an injured spaniel in Pennsylvania. I had read for her now-departed German Shepherd, Athena, three times: once, when her puppy exuberance led her to destroy the bathroom towels; a second time when she developed a fear of airplanes and helicopters and refused to go for walks; and a final time, when she lay immobilized on the patio, giving us permission to let her leave the earth gently. So Maryann was no…


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