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What are Orbs?

Okay people! I am finally writing about ORBS as I had promised some of you, besides one visited me yesterday.

What are ORBS?

Pale, colourful, spherical, for some of us who have been visited by these INTERDIMENSIONAL BEINGS, we know what they are(at least we have felt some pretty intense moments with them). They appear out of nowhere with high speeds and may hover around before they zip off and disappear.

I have had some electrifying experiences with ORBS and I love them,…


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Orgasmic Mermaid Meditation

Osho who has been a profound experience in my life once said,”The experience of orgasm itself is always nonsexual. Even though you have achieved it through sex, it itself has no sexuality in it, and my own understanding is that meditation has grown out of the experience of orgasm.”

Yes ORGASMS are as PROFOUND as that!!!  By combining erotic and ascetic techniques, states Brooks, a TANTRIC SCHOLAR, the Tantric broke down all social and internal assumptions, became Shiva-like! Combining…


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Spiritual Sexuality

Why is sex such taboo or embarrassment in our society? Why do we deny women the status of being sexual beings who need equal amounts of sex like men? Why does the sexually awakened women or the Lilith archetype scare society like fuck?

SEX CAN BE INTENSELY SPIRITUAL and EQUALLY INTENSE SEXUALLY! Yes it is possible. Sex is not a shameful experience, but a mystical tool for…


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Ittadakimasu! Veganism!

The Japanese clap their hand three times and repeat ITADAKIMASU to bless their food. It is an ancient practise and an essential phrase in your Japanese vocabulary. It’s often translated as “I humbly receive,” but in a mealtime setting, it’s compared to “Let’s eat,” “Bon appétit,” or “Thanks for the food.” … And though its roots are ancient, saying the phrase before meals is a fairly recent Japanese custom.


Receive what? Receive sustenance! Receive…


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Tarot, Trance and Time travel

The Devil card- time for revaluation…

The watchful retrograde Mercury,

I am chained to this loop with no soulful imagination,

A loop of my bondage to the material world,

Makeup, mushrooms, meditational orgasms.


A spring-night, full-moon-madness and rituals  of fertility,

Dreams of life vivid and complicated,

The dualities merged in an amniotic tranquillity,

The thirst is eternity wrapped in a bubble,

Awakened to a…


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My absurd Tarot Story

Eye roll, rapid breathing, parched throats…all just reactions. Coming on to us like waves. Sneaking onto the solid rock of I-AM, add a dash of hormone, mix it with karma, sauté it ACTION-REACTION.

The waves keep crashing. Sometimes silently, sometimes with a growling intensity, sometimes cheerful…they are incessant! These thoughts as waves. This thesis and antithesis. Is there a fucking synthesis?

Absurd, random, chaotic…fertile chaos…


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Water is Life

There was this huge, and I mean HUGE excitement stemming from the bottom of my being, but I was unable to erase out the feeling of anxiousness that kept resurfacing.

Somehow I keep feeling like 2020 is actually going to be the true start of the 21st century. There is so much junk we have accumulated from the past and that great purge is happening. We’re RELEASING those…


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Who is Kali?

Maybe you have wondered who or what is Kali? Black as coal and stark naked, her red tongue lolling out, a sting of hands on her waist, a wild head of hair reaching to her hips...what is this image?

Is it a demoness? Is it evil?

No it is a symbol born from the minds of the great tantrics, who for the very first time, reevaluated the role and status of women in society!

Now is the time, to honor the Goddess, in women, children and men and in all of creation! For everything…


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