“Taking Control of the Thoughts in Your Mind: How Spirituality explains Psychosis.”

How do we discern between the voices in our heads? A question that for centuries has led to people being called, “Psychotic” or “Schizophrenic.” Why do we experience delusion, and what is the distinction between delusion, imagination and true telepathic ability? What does the multi-dimensional being have in common with a radio receiver? Over the past year and a half I have been led to study this subject in depth to achieve my own sanity as my spiritual abilities awakened.


Part 1: Disputing Modern Psychology


Excerpted from “Understanding Mania”


“More severe symptoms include hallucinations (hearing, seeing, or otherwise sensing the presence of stimuli that are not there) and delusions (false personal beliefs that are not subject to reason or contradictory evidence and are not explained by a person's cultural concepts). Feelings of paranoia, during which the patient believes he or she is being persecuted or monitored by the government or a hostile force, may be present. Intense and unusual religious beliefs may also be present, such as a patient's strong insistence that they have a God-given role to play in the world, a great and historic mission to accomplish, or even that they possess supernatural powers.” (4)


False assumption number one: “hallucinations (hearing, seeing, or otherwise sensing the presence of stimuli that are not there)”


There are many of us on this planet who are spiritually evolved and hold many "psychic" abilities. These abilities include seeing at a distance, hearing at a distance, smelling at a distance, tasting at a distance, feeling at a distance and knowing at a distance. Here is where the term schizophrenia and words like “hallucination” become an inaccurate and unjust attack on spiritually in-tune individuals. The focus of this paper is on hearing at a distance. The ability of the sixth sense of hearing or telepathy is awakened through the fifth chakra. Chakras are an integral part of the human bio-field, or energy body. "The chakras are inter-dimensional energy vortexes that regulate the flow of life-force energy between and among dimensions...” (2) While the word dimensional may cause you to raise your eyebrows, the premise that our three dimensional perspective is only a basic reality has been theorized multiple times in the field of quantum physics. As explained by Dr Richard Jelusich, chakras are comparable to transformers that convert PSI energy into Qi or life force energy. When our human self meets our spiritual or higher self, the chakras can become activated resulting in “psychic” abilities. "As a fifth chakra individual...you have the ability to telepathically engage with other people, plants and animals and can engage in prophecy." (2)


Spiritual evidence based on the human experience tells us that the sixth senses, like the other five senses, create real, valid experiences. Thus there is no such thing as hearing, seeing or otherwise sensing something that isn’t there. Every human experience is real, whether it is taking place in the three dimensional earth plane or another plane of existence. Author Colleen Mauro states, “In experiments dating back to the nineteenth century, scientist have validated two types of telepathy: instinctual, or feeling based, telepathy and mental, or mind-to-mind, telepathy. According to Wisdom teachings, there is also another, higher type of telepathy called soul-to-soul, or spiritual, telepathy.” (1) Mauro goes on to discuss scientific studies and experiments that have been conducted across different cultures in the world to validate the existence of telepathic communication. Undoubtedly, we can hear outside of our physical ears; the question becomes, where do the voices, thoughts or energy forms come from?


False assumption number two: "delusions (false personal beliefs that are not subject to reason or contradictory evidence and are not explained by a person's cultural concepts)."


A delusional thought process may be brought about by a miss-interpretation of an incoming energy transmission, along with a deep-seated personal belief that the interpretation chosen is correct. Delusion may result from receiving a message and assigning a very literal and personal meaning to it. For example when I first started to receive the message "Jesus" I had just begun my spiritual awakening and immediately thought I was Jesus the Christ. I then learned I was not the only human being who came to believe he/she was Jesus the Christ. Ultimately I learned that I was being asked to learn about Jesus the Christ, as he would be an important role model for my life work. When one is stuck in delusional thinking it is helpful for the individual to take a more objective outsider role, like sitting up on the bleachers for a short time before getting back in the game. Being able to watch the thoughts that are flying around the ball-field instead of just thinking them can ultimately break any delusional thinking patterns. The individual must learn not to interpret his or her thoughts from an extreme point of view, like “I am Jesus the Christ.” Or, “I am in grave danger.” It is more practical to take a balanced approach as you are beginning to grow your spiritual gifts.


False assumption number three: Feelings of paranoia, during which the patient believes he or she is being persecuted or monitored by the government or a hostile force, may be present.


Paranoia is a symptom that piggy-backs on fear. It can be due to obsessive focus on an undesirable scenario where the individual feels his or her life and freedom are threatened. There may or may not be interference from external energy forms involved in initiating these feelings. You have to admit that we are definitely being monitored by the government; this is after-all, the dawn of a new era, and it’s no secret that fear is the guiding force behind many of our leaders actions. The goal is to know when your life is actually in danger through focused study of your thoughts and beliefs as well as prayer and communion with God. Paranoia can also be a valid symptom of a past life fear coming to the surface to heal. In this case I would recommend seeking help from a spiritual counselor in order to understand one’s feelings.


False assumption number four: Intense and unusual religious beliefs may also be present, such as a patient's strong insistence that they have a God-given role to play in the world, a great and historic mission to accomplish, or even that they possess supernatural powers.”


Might I be bold enough to state that we all have a God-given role to play in the world? Yes, in fact we do. We are all here playing roles in the world theater. If you are a believer in reincarnation you know that our roles change in each life as we take on different relations to one another. We are all here to evolve mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We are always here to make history and pave the path toward creating a healthier, more sustainable world. Supernatural powers are an inherent part of our God-given spiritual nature.


Part 2: Tuning In


A radio receiver “tunes in” to different frequencies thus enabling and converting these frequencies to audible and intelligible messages. The soul and spirit combined with the human brain, work together to create an analog receiver. “Analog transmission uses frequency as a carrier of information.” (3) The thoughts we receive all have the quality of frequency. With persistent discipline and practice, we can come to choose which thought frequencies we tune into. “Called the rajah…the mind is said to be our true sixth sense. When the physical senses are stilled through meditation, the mind turns inward and upward. When the mind is focused upward, it functions as a conduit, transferring information from the soul to the brain.” (1) Information in the form of vibration or frequency, is said to funnel down from the universal mind of God into our brains, our personal analog radios.


So we have a personal receiver, but how do we learn to listen only to the positive message radio stations? How do we figure out where a message is coming from? The most important part of understanding the voices in your head is a very strict practice of meditation and quieting the mind. Not only must you become in charge of your mind, you must guard it as well. You must begin to take note of the thoughts that you are hearing. As you do this you will discover the details of the players behind the messages you receive. These details include imagery, personality and tone of voice, as well as associated scents and feelings that you experience when receiving the messages.


How do we know when we are just "talking to ourselves?" What if one of the radio stations you listen to all the time is a consequence of your own creation? I call this scenario the self- critic. This situation is trickier to discern and takes a more in depth study of the sub-conscious mind and elements including fear and shame. The more you get to know all the aspects of your own mind; you will become familiar with the qualities of your own thoughts.


Another situation where we are merely talking to ourselves is the imagination or fantasy situation. This occurs when the individual is playing two roles as is common when you see a child playing with dolls or figurines, or in daydreaming. In both of these scenarios, it is possible for an outside entity to be involved and thus we must be very careful in our assessments. The first possibility is that the child is the voice of him or herself as well as the imaginary character. The second possibility is that the "imaginary" friend is an actual being that is communicating with the individual from another dimension. The only way to tell the difference is by studying the character of the voices in inter-play. When I was younger, my cousin Derek passed away. One time we were at his family’s house for a reunion. His cousins, who were very young at the time, had told their parents that Derek was speaking to them, and that they could see and hear him. As time went on my aunt also said she could see him around the yard. This is an example of an episode that could be miss-interpreted as imagination or hallucination, due to disbelief of those not spiritually awakened and subsequently not tuned in to the receiver’s station.


Part 3: The four directions of telepathy


The most challenging part of being telepathic is learning to create your own "Caller ID" system. This takes consistent time and study. Sometimes you may not know the source of the message but you will be able to discern whether it is from a source of love or a source of fear or danger. Telepathy can occur in four directions, the first being on the earth plane between two beings that are both incarnate (here being human-beings). The simplest example of this is when you are thinking about someone and the next moment they happen to call you on the telephone, or these days, text you. The more complex phenomenon arises as a full-on conversation without a telephone. How does this happen? Just as the Internet is a virtual space where we can all connect to one another, so too our individual minds are connected through what I term the outer-net, which exists in the mind of God.


Telepathy can also occur between a human being and an angel, yes, an angel. We all have guardian angels that are always here to give us advice. Another source of messages is the divine voice of God, or Holy Spirit. The higher self can be included in this category. The fourth source of receiving messages is from a soul/spirit that is out of body yet in another dimension. For example, there are many of us who can speak to loved ones who have passed on, including pets. This ability occurs through telepathy. Speaking of pets, there are also those who can communicate with pets on the earth plane as well as plants and other animals as mentioned earlier.


Hearing others thoughts in a non-conversation:


Recently, I started to hear the thoughts of other human beings. Hearing others thoughts falls under the category of transmission between two human beings. The sender may be sending you their thoughts knowingly, or unknowingly. When I began to experience this form of telepathy I thought I was being attacked by a being that was not incarnate. I also mistook these thoughts as originating from my own subconscious mind. Just as empathic souls feel the emotions of others and can take them on, so too can we take on others thoughts without realizing they are not our own. What I mean by taking on others thoughts is that we think they are ours, and we then internalize them and experience the consequential emotions associated with them like anger or sadness, in the worst-case scenario. Taking on others thoughts and emotions is very dangerous and can literally make us ill and very confused. As your telepathic abilities evolve, pay close attention to repetitive messages, which are discussed in the next section. You will become more aware over time of whether or not a thought originates from your own mind.


Part 4: The Steps to Being in Control of The Voices in Your Head


The first thing you must do if you are hearing “voices” and it is disrupting your daily living is to get out a pen and paper or use a program like Microsoft Excel to chart out the incoming messages. Write down the day, time, what you were doing when you received the message and what the message was. Also include how the message made you feel, for example, "loved," "fearful," "confused," "upset." You also want to look at the personality of the sender. For example, some guardian angels use humor to convey a message while others use song. Over time you can get more familiar with the senders that you receive messages from regularly.


It is very common to receive repetitive messages, or messages that you hear very frequently. When this occurs it is helpful to mark it as repetitive and chart how the message makes you feel. Over time, you will be able to discern whether the source and intent of the message is positive or negative. Marking the source as positive or negative is extremely important and may be the only discernment you can achieve with certain transmissions. Then when you hear it again you can merely acknowledge it knowing you have already made note of it. Sometimes a repetitive thought or thought pattern is like a fly that you need to swat away constantly but eventually leaves you alone. It takes practice to learn the difference between a “fly” energy and an urgent message. If you are hearing the same message daily it is most likely a transmission that needs to be understood and categorized as being either a helpful message or an attack from what I call a “telemarketer.” Take a keen note of the tone of voice of the message; is it warm and loving or cold? One who is adept at conversing with his/her guardian angels can go into a space of meditation and ask directly for clarification; otherwise it would be wise to seek spiritual counseling.


The second step to being a conscious receiver is meditation. Meditation is key to being the guardian of your own mind. Try this exercise daily. Sit in a quiet place with dim lighting. Deep breathing the whole time is helpful but not necessary. Begin by taking a deep breath in, hold for the count of three, release, and hold for the count of three. Repeat this cycle until you are feeling relaxed on a physiological level. Next, imagine your mind as a room in the temple of your body. This is a sacred room. It must be kept extremely clean. Begin visualizing cleaning this room. I use a vacuum and mops. I also spray the walls to clear the soot from all of the thoughts. Whenever a thought comes in just continue the deep breathing and focus on cleaning up the thoughts. As you are cleaning you can dump the thoughts into an "imaginary" trash bag and dispose of them as if you are tossing the bag down a garbage shoot. Once you have achieved a quiet mind, now is the time to watch carefully as any thoughts enter. Have a pen and paper ready to write these thoughts down and any characteristics associated with them as discussed above. Repeat this exercise several times a day.


The third step to taking control of your mind is learning how to hang up the phone when you get a “telemarketer.” First you must be able to discern when a telemarketer is sending the thoughts into your field. What do telemarketers do? They try to sell you an idea. They want you to be on their side. The true telemarketer is very nasty. It is almost always bugging you, like the analogy of the fly mentioned earlier. If you have ever experienced a thought that just wouldn't go away, and it made you feel guilty, scared or upset, then you have experienced the telemarketer. The telemarketer thoughts can also come from you; your subconscious mind can surface thoughts that have before been hidden. These thoughts may make you feel nervous, confused, afraid or guilty. In the same way, your lower self can often be caught complaining or being mean. It is important to learn to distinguish between thoughts from self versus non-self. You can use the mind cleaning exercise to help quiet your mind as you begin to discern between the thoughts you hear.


Once you have discerned between loving or helpful thoughts and telemarketer thoughts, you can begin to take charge of your mind. The most instinctual thing to do to combat pesky thoughts is to use mental or verbal language. If you are a fan of Jesus you can say, "Go now in the name of Jesus," Any line will work as long as you mean what you say.  A similar technique is taking center field. Imagine your local mind as a baseball field; you are the batter. The balls that are thrown at you are thoughts, either originating from you or another source. When a thought comes into your baseball field you swing really hard. Don't just swing without caring where the thought goes, but intentionally send it out of your mind. Take charge as you do this and be confident.


Neutralizing negative thoughts is a fantastic technique to take care of unwanted messages. If you are developing telepathy and are able to receive messages and or pick up on others thoughts, try this when you hear something negative or bothersome. When the thought comes in try not to react, this can be very difficult but over time it is possible. Hold the thought in a frame of reference as if you are shooting a picture. Next, mentally draw a negative sign with a positive sign over it, this stands for neutral. Shoot this symbol of neutrality at the negative thought. You can also do this exercise when you have said or thought something negative to someone and later want to take it back; simply state in your mind, “I neutralize this thought and take it back.”


If you are feeling overwhelmed I understand. Once you learn the tools to take control of your mind you will be much more relaxed. Take it one step at a time, one day at a time. Make a point to go into a dimly lit quiet room and do the exercises discussed above whenever you begin to feel your thoughts taking over. Be patient with yourself; it took over a year of spiritual development for me to achieve the insight to write this article. We must now begin to talk openly and honestly about telepathy and other spiritual gifts as the term "schizophrenic" does nothing to help those spiritually evolved individuals. Don’t let anyone label you, speak up and be the light of truth in the new age. Know that God and your guardian angels are with you every step of the way as you achieve enlightenment.




Mauro, C. (2015) Spiritual Telepathy: Ancient Techniques to Access the Wisdom of Your Soul. Wheaton, IL:Quest Books (1)


Jelusich, R. (2004) Eye of the Lotus: Psychology of the Chakras. Twin Lakes, WI:Lotus Press (2)


Galloway, F. Analog Vs. Digital Radios. Retrieved from

https://www.techwalla.com/articles/analog-vs-digital-radios (3)


Understanding Mania. Retrieved from http://www.psychologistanywhereanytime.com/mobile/disorders_psychol... (4)


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