What to Do When You've Got the Business Blues

Do you ever feel lack luster, like your business or career is going nowhere?

I know the feeling! They talk about the winter blues, but I've definitely come down with a case of the summer business blues. 

The business blues are often the result of feeling like you or your business are stuck, and  furthermore, you don't know how to get unstuck. It's a sign that something needs to shift within yourself, your professional life, or your business.

For me, I've definitely been feeling stuck in my business. I've been doing the things that should create more growth, like working to increase my email list, posting on social media, networking, joining boards, speaking, writing articles, publishing a book, etc, etc, etc. And yet, my profitability has yet to increase from these efforts. Of course, that doesn't mean it won't make a difference in the long run.

Still I am frustrated. My emotions range from anger, to sadness, to apathy, to outrage! There are times, I just feel like giving up. I know many of you been there, or perhaps you are there now. 

Feelings are connected with the energy of the second (sacral) chakra and the element, water. So when your emotions energetically flow, you are more likely to be able to move ahead and create change. The lack of flow can cause an energetic shutdown, and keep you stuck where you are. 

Anger, sadness and outrage, when released responsibly, can be a great way to energetically get things moving. However, when these feelings are turned inward, they may become apathy or depression, creating an energetic shutdown...resulting in the business blues.

Ummm! Guess what I've been doing? Yep! Turning all those feelings inward, causing an energetic constriction. Not allowing my negative emotions to energetically flow has contributed to the lack of growth in my business.

Your chakra energy, or lack thereof, moves out into your professional life and business. Often this creates more of the same, since like attracts like energy. Unprocessed anger can attract angry people into your business. Apathy may draw apathetic clients, and so on.

Unprocessed negative emotions, no matter the source, will cause disruption in your professional life or business, regardless of whether your emotions are from yesterday, last month, last year, or 20 years ago. So it's important to work through your challenging emotions.

The first step is to become aware of the emotions driving you. Here are some techniques to help you do this:
  1. Make a list of the difficult emotions you are currently experiencing
  2. Journal about the situations or people associated with your emotions
  3. Keep track of emotional themes, for example, anger, fear, depression, or inferiority
  4. Make some time to allow yourself to really feel your emotions and to nurture yourself

After you become more aware of your emotional drivers, you can continue the process of creating more energetic flow by balancing your second chakra using these 10 tips:

  1. Allow yourself to "dump" by writing in a journal about your difficult emotions. Complain! Wallow! (for a short time) Do this whenever feeling out of sorts
  2. See a counselor, life coach, or business coach
  3. Yell or scream in a secluded place (but not at anyone)
  4. Use a creative process to get in touch with your feelings. For example, draw, dance, tell/write a story, or play music
  5. Have an honest, authentic talk with the person(s) involved in challenging situations
  6. Get body/energy work, for example, massage, reiki, or acupuncture 
  7. Take a bath with Himalayan salts and essential oils
  8. Wear orange clothing or jewelry (the second chakra color)
  9. Eat fruit, a second chakra food, especially orange fruit
  10. Say affirmations, for example, I have a right to my feelings; I allow my emotions to flow; I embrace my light and dark emotions; I have time and space to process my emotions

With the coming fall, I feel a shift coming. Being present with my emotions, and not trying to change the way I feel has been essential to letting more flow into my professional life and business.

As a testament to this, I've experienced some synchronicity lately. In the last couple of weeks, two women have contacted me out of the blue, who also have alternative businesses. We have agreed to emotionally and materially support each other on our business paths. My Chakrapreneur email community grew by 5% last month. And a few days ago, I received an email from the Enlightenment Expo organizer looking for a couple of people to do a workshop. I immediately submitted a proposal. And now, in addition to selling my book as a vendor, I'll be doing a class on "Your Professional Spiritual Path" at the Expo on September 28th. 

My Higher Power has the map to my larger plan. It just isn't always visible to me when I want it to be. Yes! I am impatient! Like many people, I too get caught up in the instantaneous expectations of our current culture. Often this leads to losing my perspective and self-sabotaging my efforts.

For now, I am focusing on the areas of my business that give me joy...meeting with my current clients, selling my book, and teaching classes. These Joyful Acts bring positive emotional flow into to my life, and help to create a joyful, profitable business.

My last bit of second chakra wisdom is Go with the flow!

With joy and gratitude,

To those who work with her, Nanette Giacoma is the Chakrapreneur. By walking between the worlds of traditional business and alternative practices, Nanette offers you a unique path to growth, discovery, purpose, and success.
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