Happiness, the theory of Positive Change and a most natural way of Healing:

The universe is full of gigantic cosmic bodies of enormous energy. Their immense energies are creating powerful force fields, which are exerting their unique influences on their subjects in their active areas. These force fields have tremendous powers as well as directions of their own.

Science says, a force field urges its subjects to get in sync with it through their acts; i.e., it wants them to align with it in the same direction, or behave in ways approved by it. When we pick up a magnetic compass and set it on a table top, it feels the effect of the earth’s magnetic force field which urges it to align with it in the north-south direction; and, the compass complies. Then if we forcibly displace the compass from this orientation, turbulence starts with oscillations or vibrations until it gets back to its aligned state of north-south orientation. Thus the magnetic compass displays its interaction with earth’s magnetic force field and its two states of existence, the in sync and the out of sync states. When the compass is in sync, or is in alignment with the magnetic force field, its status is stable and peaceful or happy. When it is out of sync, or out of alignment with the force field, its status is turbulent or unhappy.

There is the presence of another immensely powerful force field on our planet which is mostly created by the Sun, the most dominant body of energy in our planetary system. It is radiating a tremendous beam of cosmic energy on our planet. Life is starting, then it is flourishing and getting engaged in the activities of life; the process of evolution is taking place. Through this vital project life forms are advancing their capabilities, improving their survival to face the challenges of the constantly changing environment and finding newer territories for habitation. In the process, life is evolving higher. Thus, holistically, a gigantic project of activities is taking place on our planet. Science says, there is a force behind every activity; therefore, it is a scientific fact that there is a supreme force behind all the activities of life here. Like many other forces, this immense force has created an powerful force field that is shrouding our planet. We live inside it, and constantly feel its influence. We can call this force field the force field of life, as it is the source of all life on this planet.

Like other force fields, the force field of life is urging all life to get in sync with it by promoting its agenda, which is expressed through the birth, growth and evolution of life forms. It is the ultimate positive plan for the growth of life on this planet. Higher evolution of life appears to be its main purpose which is being confirmed by the fact that it is causing gradual physical changes to life forms through minute mutations to promote evolution as is explained by the science of evolution pioneered by Charles Darwin. Our theory says, this force field is also influencing the states of our mind - the origins of happiness and unhappiness are linked to the nature of our interaction with this force field. The states of happiness and unhappiness are actually the results of our degree of sync with the force field of life. We increase our chances of happiness when we increase our sync with it, and we decrease our chances of happiness when we get out of sync with it. Therefore, it is important that we find out how to get in sync with the force field of life!

Positivity for life is clearly the virtue of the force field of life. Its purpose seems to promote evolution through an unending chain of minute positive changes to life forms, which has produced today’s human, starting from the lowly amoeba over a long period of time. The element of positive change seems to be its core virtue. Thus, it is logical to assume that the best way to stay in sync with the force field of life, and consequently to improve our chances of finding happiness is by creating or promoting positive changes through our regular daily activities, physical and mental - no matter how minute the changes are.

Thus, our theory of Positive Change says:

We stay in sync with the force field of life and thus improve our chances of finding happiness by creating or promoting positive changes, mostly in extremely minute ways through our regular daily activities.

The most important requirement of a positive change is that in order to promote evolution it needs to benefit both the self and the species. Thus, a positive change can be any kind of status change that promotes the prosperity and well being of the person and also the greater world(species). And, they can be generated through the simple acts of everyday life. Generally, these changes are extremely minute - often hardly noticeable, but yet effective in promoting the well being. We instinctively recognize these changes. Acts of love, nurture, compassion, etc., all are primary producers of positive changes as they create the right environment for life to prosper and create positive changes of their own. There are many other ways of generating them. The attitude of the mind to lean towards the positive gradually changes the chemistry of the mind improving its efficiency for finding happiness from simple things of life.

If we take a look at the lower animals at the lower levels of evolution, we can see that they instinctively stay in sync with the force field of life with almost all of their activities . Their simple acts of eating, mating and protecting their territories create positive changes by promoting their survival, and thus keep them in sync with the force field of life. In return, they are rewarded with happiness(mostly through physical pleasures). With our advanced intelligence we have expanded our list of activities tremendously. We could stay in sync with the force field of life with more activities and find more happiness, but our track record tells a different story. We are creating huge amounts of positive changes, but also significantly high amounts of negative changes with our unwise ways of chasing happiness! This pattern of behavior becomes a habit that changes the chemistry of the mind and makes us deviate from the force field of life. This reduces our efficiency in the quest of happiness.

We can heal our mind by getting back in sync with the force field of life. We can achieve this by following a simple, yet perhaps the most natural and the soundest formula for improving the efficiency of the mind to find happiness in life, which says:

Create positive changes in our situations of life through our daily everyday activities - no matter how simple or mundane they are!

To accomplish this, first we need to have a positive attitude for making the effort to create a positive ending in whatever we are doing. Here the important ingredients are the attitude and the effort, not so much the end result, because many other elements may be involved which may be beyond our control. But a person's own contribution to the overall project is important, and the person should always try to make it positive. 

Following this formula persistently for a certain period, e.g. a month or so can change the chemistry of the mind, and enable it to find happiness in simple things of life that were missed before!


The author is a Science professional, and has a couple of Masters to his credit. But though his profession has been in Technology, his real passion has been in Philosophy and Spirituality. He has written one book in philosophy, and is working on another.

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Comment by Jay K Ghosh on March 29, 2021 at 10:54am
Bio:  The author emigrated to USA from India in 1968. He is a graduate of Science from India and a post-graduate from USA. He is a life-long student and explorer of ancient philosophies like the Advaita Vedanta.
Website:  theoryofpositivechange.org
Social media: Facebook group:  Theory of Positive Change
Comment by Omtimes Media on March 23, 2021 at 12:20pm

Hello Jay, thank you for your submission. I would love to have a good bio on your, including your website and also a social media site, so people can follow you. Your article will be published on July 3rd.

Comment by Jay K Ghosh on January 21, 2021 at 9:41am

The theory of positive change presented here provides a scientific base under the theory of Positive Psychology for the first time. Before this it was based on empirical evidence.

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