Wendsday 12 September 2012.


The future with 110 volts.

 The powers that be tell us we must reduce are carbon emissions in this country, this is a hard thing to do because money rules and the power companies control how much we have at are disposal, or do they. The alternative to coal and gas fired power stations seems to be wind power but that to some seems to be to little to late, some say they don’t produce enough energy, this out put could be put to better use. We are told we must cut back on what we use in our homes, so we are all running about turning light out and turning things of. The energy efficient light bulb as been introduced, this to me seemed a bad move, they are filled with mercury gas and defra the government bodies advises if the brake one is to leave the room for 15 minutes before cleaning up the mess, who is going to take any notice of this if they know about the advise in the first place, and what’s the medical impactions of this?, only time can tell.

    Now I say why not take a look at what we consume, if you wish to reduce the number of power stations in this country we need to reduce are power consumption, so why are we using 240  volts power supply in are homes could it not be reduce to a 110 volt. 110 volts works well every where else in the world so why not hear, plus we use 110 volts on are building sites a practice that was introduced by that little elf and safety blocky.

    Lets just reflect on what voltage is needed for what, lights, saws, drills, any hand power tools used on building sites, they will run on 110 volts. Computer, t v, radios, can run on a                      lot lower power supply as low as 12 volts or even lower. Look at the lights on cars they are only 12 volts but how much light do they give out. The technology is out there we just need to apply it in the right direction.

    With are homes using 240 volts it dose seem to me as a bit wasteful but it would be a big job to convert to 110 volts, or would it. All houses in the U K have separate circuits for lighting most two, one for up one for down, if these could be converted to 110 volts the lighting would cut bringing are carbon footprint down. It would mean putting what is known as a two phase system in all homes but think what that would mean for the country, new fittings would have to be designed so as to stop anyone plugging in the wrong voltage light bulb, people would have to be trained to do the conversions and install the 110 volt supply. Manufactures would have to make every thing needed; light fitting, new bulb holder and switches, this would mean a lot of new jobs being created and becoming available for the work force of this country.

   The ring main in most houses could be converted in two stages, first the up stairs then the down. This would mean more work for the manufacturing industries with sockets and appliances having to be manufactured to run on 110 volts. I don’t know if cookers and water heater like emersion heaters and showers would work at 110 volts but if they dint it not a problem they could still be run on 240 volts on a different circuit, or I even saw a gadget in a shop the other day that allowed you to convert 12 volts up to 240 volt so you could run indoor appliances outside in the garden. They are used in the caravan and boat industries and have been in use for years, these could be manufactured to jump 110 volt up to run cookers. we don’t have to change the voltage coming into are homes, just change the way we use it.

   To me the best place to start with my thesis would be with a feasibility study by the government, or a body like a university. Perhaps a company could take my idea and try it out, or even a council could try and convert some housing stock, perhaps one council some where in this country can make a start by converting a house or two and if it works it could be rolled out across the land. It would not be an over night project to roll out and could create a lot of work lasting years. As the saying go’s, slowly- slowly catch a monkey, someone take my idea and lets build a greener future with a smaller carbon foot print, who no’s this could be the start of a new industry with the U K leading the world with old technology rolled out over the world using less energy.

   I know if the power supply to my home was cut of tomorrow and it was going to be of for a long time, I would find a way of putting car lights from a scrap yard around my house run of a car battery, charging the battery may be a problem but I am shore I could come up with a solution, most probably make my self a wind generator, that’s a generator driven by the wind not a generator making wind. I will leave it with you the reader and sit back and wait for a greener future with the hope in my heart that the lights don’t go out.

Yours and the world’s friend

Mr Stefan Antal.

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