12:12 Gold Ray Twin Flame Gateway Activation

Have you been noticing 12:12, 144 or some variation of these number sequences? If so, then you are being called by Spirit to acknowledge your role in anchoring the Gold Ray of Unity Consciousness into the 144 Consciousness Grid of Planet Earth. The 144 Consciousness Grid is the energy field of Mother Earth, which influences the collective consciousness of humanity. It is through this grid that Gold Ray energy from the Great Central Sun is channeled to all sentient and non-sentient beings on Earth. The purpose of the Gold Ray energy is to anchor Unity Consciousness on Earth, otherwise known as Christ Consciousness

The Gold Ray, also known as the 12th Ray of Unity Consciousness, is the highest frequency of Source Light currently available for integration into the earth plane. It encompasses all the rays of God’s light that precede it, and coming straight from Source, it’s extremely powerful at healing all afflictions, initiating a complete transformation of body, mind and soul. When you connect to the Gold Ray you connect with your Highest Self; the aspect of you which resides in Oneness with the Creator. From this vantage point the best solution for every imbalance is known and the appropriate healing is transferred to your complete body system through the light of the Gold Ray. The Gold Ray brings with it qualities of peace, harmony, unconditional love, abundance, creativity, and probably most importantly, it balances the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies within. It is particularly potent at healing deep trauma from past and concurrent lifetimes that prevent the soul from being whole.

Every year, during the 12:12 Gateway which falls on December 12th the power of the Gold Ray on Earth is intensified when thousands of lightworkers meditate with the intention of connecting to the 12th ray, acting as conduits for light codes that are transmitted into the 144 Consciousness Grid. Numerically speaking 12:12 is potent because 12 x 12 = 144, which is the numerical encodement of the Consciousness Grid. It’s not possible to cover the full depth of the 144 symbolism in this article, but some research will reveal to you just how important it is to fabric of Creation. The Gold Ray and the 144 Consciousness Grid effectively work together to combine Spirit with matter; blending Heaven and Earth.

During the 12:12 Gateway synchronized meditations take place, with lightworkers acting as conduits for the the Gold Ray energy to enter the Earth plane from the Great Central Sun, bringing great healing to the collective. The planet is flooded with the energies of unconditional love, peace, harmony and balance. These energies are absorbed by each soul according to their highest good and the highest good of all and to the best of their ability in that particular moment. With each gateway of light, such as the 12:12 Gateway, the vibration of the collective consciousness is uplifted, leading to more and more souls awakening out of their slumber and disconnection from God. For those who are already awake and ready it will activate their DNA to gradually restore their original Divine blueprint (or goldprint as I prefer to call it). Working with the Gold Ray, especially during the 12:12 Gateway, is an opportunity for accelerated spiritual growth. The more you work with the Gold Ray, the more deeply you will align with your higher purpose, awakening dormant skills and abilities in healing and other forms of Spiritual work.

Every year the 12:12 Gateway has a slightly different theme, based on the numerology of the year. In this year of 2015 the numerology encodement is 8, which for the purposes of this Gateway represents the twin flame reunion. The number 8 turned on it’s side becomes the infinity symbol which symbolizes two circles (whole in themselves) connected together with a flow of energy between them that is harmonious and uninterrupted for eternity. 12 itself equals 3, which represents the holy trinity and a third energy being created from the union of 2. In addition to that, the Gold Ray itself balances the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, therefore it is highly likely that we will see many twin flame reunions and divine relationships being activated in December. These couplings have the Divine purpose of helping to balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies on Earth, injecting more peace, balance, harmony and unconditional love into the collective consciousness.

How can you be a part of the 12:12:8 Gateway activation?

You can easily connect with the 12:12 Gateway activation by finding a quiet place to sit in meditation at either 12:12am or 12:12pm on December 12th. Sit or stand with your spine upright so that the energy can easily be transmitted through your chakras from the Great Central Sun and into the Heart of Mother Earth. You can visualise Golden Light travelling down from the Great Central Sun entering your crown chakra, cleansing and charging each chakra as it travels down through your root chakra and into the Heart of Mother Gaia. Sit for as long as you feel guided allowing the golden light to flow through you and into the Earth, spreading out through the 144 Consciousness Grid. Set your intention to be a channel for Divine Healing power and ask that all healing to be for the highest good of all. If you’d like to join an organised meditation event, check out the link in Ahtayaa Leigh’s bio at the end of this article.

Ahtayaa Leigh is a Spiritual Alchemist, Golden Ray Healer and creator of the Energy Healing Practitioner Course. Following the call of Great Spirit she has travelled the world participating in light activations and global healings.  Learn more about her at www.worldofhealing.com and join the 12:12 Gateway event on Facebook.

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Comment by Ahtayaa Leigh on November 30, 2015 at 7:14am

Thank you Shelly!

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