Father Time has another year to add to his collection and we have another twelve months of memories and experiences to learn from.  Now, we can either sit back, continue to reflect and settle into one of these moments or give thanks for them (in some instances give thanks they are over!) and focus our intentions on what we want to manifest in the year to come.

To help us with this, let us take a moment to compare the words we speak to the thoughts we wish to manifest. In Vedic teachings we are told that before our thoughts are turned into words and leave our mouth they are required to travel through four gateways. The first starts in our Solar Plexus (ego centre) and we ask, “Is what we are about to say necessary?”  If yes, the words will travel through to the second gate located in the Heart Chakra where they will need to pass another test before going forward. Here lies the question, “Are our words going to hurt anyone?”  Again, if the answer is yes then on they go until they get to the throat chakra.  To pass through this gate we must ask ourselves, “Is what we about to say the truth?”  Is we can honestly say yes we can travel on to the lips. The final gateway asks, “Is what we are about to say for the higher good and of positive intention?”  Should any one of these gates become impassable then the words are not to be spoken.  If they pass all the tests, then we can release the words from our lips accepting the fact that our intent is pure and we are not responsible for how the receiver accepts them. We would do well to adapt these four questions to apply to what we wish to manifest in our lives. Ask yourself these questions when focusing on what you desire.
  • Is what I desire necessary or the root of what I truly desire?
  • In order to get what I desire will I be hurting anyone? Myself?
  • Is what I desire of the truth and honourable?
  • Is what I wish to manifest for the higher good?  Am I using positive intention to bring it into reality?

Of course, as the next year reveals itself, we may find that we need to change our direction and focus on other desires and needs. It is okay to refocus when necessary.  Through mindful meditation we can lay the foundation for our ideas to create our reality. Isn't it nice to know that we hold the key to unlock our own destiny? Through every thought comes a new opportunity to learn a life lesson. We choose the direction and the path to follow in order to play out our thoughts.  How we experience this moment in time is also up to us.  We choose the memories, the emotions and the energies to hold onto for future reference. All this begins with the thoughts in our own mind. Believing that we are pure potentiality will break down any limits we may have built around ourselves and open the gateway to endless possibilities.

Here are a few things we need to remember as well.

  • Our thoughts do become our reality.  If we put it out there with sincere intent, an answer will come.
  • Everything comes about in Universal time, not necessarily our time. Patience is the key and often the lesson needed to help bring about what is desired.
  • Often a series of events must happen in order to bring us to what it is we desire. Very seldom are our desires delivered in the perfectly wrapped package complete with card and directions!(unfortunately)
  • Because of the above, we need to be open to receive opportunities, signs and messages no matter how obscure when they are presented to us, regardless if they appear in a fashion we were expecting or not.
  • We are all on our own journey.  Don’t attempt to change someone else but rather ask for guidance on how you need to act or react.
  • If you feel someone is in need always send love and compassion.  It is up to them to accept it or not and part of their life lessons to ask for what they desire.
  • If you ask for something, be ready to receive it.  The old phrase, “Be careful what you ask for!” it quite true.  It pays to be precise!
  • Don’t feel you are getting what you are asking for?  Remember, you are given what you need when you need it to create your manifestation.  We don’t always recognize the pattern until it is completed.
  • Learn to step back and look objectively at your jigsaw puzzle of a life and see how the pieces have all come together. Most of life’s lessons are learned through what at the time was a trying (to say the least) experience. This will help us to see what direction we need to go in next.
  • Don’t be surprised when you ask for something the Universe brings you more than one thing to choose from.  The choice is always up to us.  No matter what direction we choose to go in, we are sure to learn something!

Set aside some time to really "think" about what it is you truly desire in 2011.  See it as though it has already happened, feel it and believe that you can make it happen.  What kind of reality do you want? It is all up to you now get creating! Happy 2011.


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