3 Beliefs About Happiness That Make You Unhappy

3 Beliefs About Happiness That Make You Unhappy

What do you believe about happiness? Is it something you must work towards? Should you deserve it before you receive it? It's important to identify the beliefs surrounding your concept of happiness and any underlying emotions you are holding. Objectively looking at this will provide a blueprint of how you may effectively remove blocks and collapse beliefs that stand in the way of authentic happiness. Why authentic, are there other kinds of happiness? Yes, authentic happiness emanates from your core being. It is not susceptible to other people or situations and events, thus it is a state of being rather than a temporary condition.

  • It's YOU...
  • You have to achieve it... get it from the world
  • You must deserve it

Self-Identification vs Self

Let's break this down into contrasting aspects. self identification is ego mind. Its persona and how you perceive the universe of form. When you were young, about 3 years old, you began to individualize. I, me and mine really served to help you form a sense of self and a position from which you interpret the world. Thus you began to establish belief systems which separated you from everyone else. This also started to attract experiences that validated those beliefs. The universe of form is neutral, it only acts to actualize your beliefs. Self is conscious mind or higher self. It is the witness, the observer and it is neutral. This is the bridge and part of you that acts as a conduit for the Divine, Consciousness- Allness or God, how ever you refer to it. It is the energy source for your body. Your body may in time be destroyed however the energy source is eternal. It simply transformed. It is from this position that authentic happiness emanates.

You vs The World

When you are not happy... what are you choosing to believe? When you are in the position of ego mind you experience everything as separate from you. You are either reacting or relating. You accept or defend yourself from other people or situations. It is easy to become unhappy, even fearful from this position. How do you shift out of ego mind? How do you change your position? The first step is to be aware of labels and judgments. This is how ego mind individualizes (separates) you from others. This is also the foundation of beliefs. There are 2 concepts you may consider: the world will unfold as it will and that situations/people will present themselves to mirror your beliefs (learning opportunity). If you are operating from ego mind in a fear state you will you will be caught in a cycle of involuntary re-activity. Understand that peace and happiness are inside you. Your job is to be aware, change your position from ego mind to conscious mind and let the distractions orchestrated by ego mind fall away.

Labels and judgments create rigidity and resistance to the natural flow of life. Conscious mind is neutral and simply observing and flowing with life. That makes experiences that you may consider unpleasant, flow more quickly and with greater ease. You aren't creating resistance and prolonging the experience by spinning a story (using labels and judgments) into your belief systems. Do you want to rip the band-aid off and be done with it or pull it slowly, agonizing though it? Ego mind has an important role to play. It allows you to have an individualized human experience in the uniform of form. Your personality, likes and dislikes all work to give you your unique vision and perception of life. The difficulty arises when ego mind is out of balance with conscious mind. Ego mind becomes pervasive and colors everything supporting separation and spinning you into a defensive, fear position.

Everybody Deserves Happiness

Happiness is your true state of being. It already exists within, you have to re-connect with it. Collapsing limiting beliefs will clear your path. How do you do that? You have thousands of thoughts per day. Data is streaming into your mind, how do you choose what to pay attention to? Why one thought and not another? You choose to pay attention to certain thoughts because they carry an emotional charge which fits into a belief system. Look at the emotions behind those beliefs, how do they define you? Do you want to deconstruct that belief? Emotion + thought = belief, so awareness of thought and the labels, judgments it may contain, then uncover the emotion underneath. The whole belief will collapse in the final step of acknowledging the emotion, allowing it without further labels and judgments, and let it pass through you. You are letting go... surrendering, not "trying" to change it.

There are times when it is difficult to let go, you feel you must hold onto a belief about yourself rooted in guilt. Accepting responsibility for an act is important, yet after you take the next right step to rectify an action you still hold onto the guilt and shame of it. That's where forgiveness comes in. Forgiveness not only applies to others it applies to you. Self-forgiveness is necessary for you to re-connect with authentic happiness. Consider the different positions of ego mind and conscious mind: ego mind is spinning the story, keeping cycles going and the result may be limiting. It's all about your perception of who you are. If you identify only from ego mind, forgiveness is difficult to obtain. Your guilt effectively separates you from happiness.

Conscious mind is neutral, it is the silent observer and the eternal you. The position of conscious mind which is not defined by time looks at guilt differently. The perspective gives you the ability to view actions as opportunities to learn and experience life in human form. All experiences are equally valuable, good and bad are only labels. Would you punish a child all his life if he make a mistake? Would you understand that the error came from a place of needing to experience life and simply doing so yielded a particular result? If you are eternal then this life time is a blip in time, will you continue to limit yourself or free yourself though forgiveness?

  • It unfolds as it does
  • Re-position and Balance
  • Forgive Yourself

Happiness is yours... the world will continue to turn and events unfold. Your happiness is not dependent on outside sources. It is true that events may influence your happiness. You will have to review and collapse beliefs (emotion+thought=belief). When you flow with life... acknowledge, allow and let go... those periods will be temporary. Re-balance ego self and conscious mind and forgive often. Let your heart open and allow life to flow through you. Happiness is the state of your true being, allow it to emerge and emanate from you.

Lynn Zambrano

Lynn is an HSP advocate and uses writing to share perceptions on intuition, emotion, energetic frequency and thought forms. Heralding the transformation of HSPs (highly sensitive persons) into HAPs (highly aware persons). Visit her at lynnzambrano.com or contact her at zambranolynn@gmail.com

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Comment by Lynn Zambrano on March 5, 2016 at 4:02pm

Thank you

Comment by Lisa Shaw on March 5, 2016 at 1:14pm

Hi, Lynn.  I've forwarded this to the publishers for possible inclusion in a future edition. Thanks.

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