Reflection: “…With just the shake of a tail, seemingly without reason or rhyme, everything can FANTASTICALLY change for the better....”

Mike Dooley

Welcome to Twenty-Ten…

OK, so it is MAy – is it ever too late to send your loved ones good wishes?

My Happy New Year Wishes for You – May your snow showers be made of angel flakes that gently grace your being through all winters; may the spring rains sprinkle you with fairy dust and the sweet scent of new flowers; may summer wrap its warmth around you and excite your sense of knowing; and, may fall color all your passions! Can you ask for more in a new year, a new decade!

This issue of Silver Threads is all about JOY! Are you aware that human beings are joy? Our cells are composed of happiness, ecstasy, pleasure and bliss. Imagine having all that good stuff inside and not know it! Some cells express themselves as skin or bones; others are organs. The parts that are joy are still looking for the way to convey and articulate their purpose. This energy of joy is frolicking and fervent. Yet mankind has tied this bliss in knots, thrown a cover over it and kept it in the dark. An example of this knotty mess is in the nightly news. The sound bites are comprised of anger, war, violence, neglect, dishonesty, kickbacks, drug abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse, financial abusers - the list seems endless.

Have you ever wondered how this came to be? We are made of goodness, of greatness, how exasperating so many don't celebrate that knowledge! What will it take for each and every person on our planet to begin to live their joy and eradicate their darkness?

Just one…

Removing the negatives that surround our energies is up to each and every individual. That means me, that means you. When in our most expansive state of mind we wish for world peace, a permanent end to war and hatred; we want to cure the ills of the world; feed the children; provide for the homeless; protect and honor the planet. These aspirations are wonderful and I do not doubt for a moment they are attainable. Once again the ‘how’ question comes into play. How do we accomplish such a monumental task? The answer is one person at a time, one step at a time.

In the August 2009 issue of my local newspaper “Cornelius Today” in a column titled “Silver Threads,” (yes, they are related!) there was an article entitled, “Are We Our Best Selves?” where the following questions were asked of the readers:

*How many of us walk a path of compassion, integrity, honesty, and/or kindness as a regular habit?

*What has happened to our society?

*How long has ‘it’ been going in a questionable direction?

*How many actually noticed?

As you can see these queries were in relation to society. Did you know that before ‘mankind’ can fix society, he/she has to fix themselves? In this case, the question to be posed is: Are you living the best life you possibly can? In this situation it is the individual who has the power to determine the public face.

Would you, most of the time, rate your life as ‘happy’? Are you satisfied with your ability to live in a space of kindness, compassion and honor, more often than not? Have you reached a place in heart, mind and spirit that would allow for you to qualify your days as ‘heavenly?’ If you are thinking about the best way to answer these questions; if you are not quite sure; if you express anything other than a resounding YES, you have work to do!

Perfection, Not So Much …

If you did answer the above, with an absolute, no-doubt-about-it affirmative, you should give yourself a big hug! Does reaching this state of being mean you have achieved ‘Nirvana,’ that all is perfect in your world? The answer to this lies within one more question…would you still be ‘here’ if you had achieved a state of perfection?

Obviously perfection is not the answer to living your best life. For those now reading who leaned toward the ‘maybe, not sure’ you can create a ‘live in the moment’ plan that will provide you with what you need to stay balanced; and staying balanced leads to happiness.

Please allow me to introduce you to one of my core (May 2010 issue Om-Times) beliefs here; every moment contains a precious gift – that of choice. Each article, column and essay I write centers on the power to choose. Living in the moment means no matter what presents itself, you may captain yourself in any direction. When you choose to be negative in any way, the energies that you will attract moving through your day will remain negative. Every thought leads to the next, it really is that simple. Trauma and challenges are a part of the design of life. More often than not, these upsets or shocks are with us as barometers, measures, or directional guides. What direction have you chosen? What joy are you missing by dwelling in the negative? Once a moment has passed it will not return and the joy, however big or small, is gone. Just imagine, on your kitchen counter, there is a container of joys, a ‘cookie jar’ of sorts. It would be a beautiful, shining vessel. If the container holds knocks, bumps, lumps and heart-ache, it will be a sad, misshapen, gloomy, dark pot. Do you truly want such a container to sit upon your counter-top?

There are always two sides to a coin, two ends on a see-saw, two ways of looking at a story and so on. This is the yin/yang of life, the balance. When you toss a coin in the air, yell heads or tails and watch it drop you anticipate that your call will be the side that lands facing up. When the toss does not land as you hoped, you still have a choice, a direction in which to go. What will you do? Whether or not you ‘like’ what has come to you, you do have to manage it. Will you look for the joy?

Kahlil Gibran shared the following within his writings, “We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them." In these moments of reading Silver Threads, and taking your next breath, you enter the future. What will you choose moving forward? I opened this Silver Threads with wishes for you – and now I will close with one, “I wish you the gift of knowing, feeling, tasting and touching joy, always, in all ways.”

It is up to you now. I will share with you that I am filled with joy simply knowing you read Silver Threads!

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