5 Commercial HVAC Issues and When to Call for Help

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The heating, ventilation, and cooling system is instrumental in commercial and residential premises. It provides warm or cool air depending on your surrounding. To avoid any inconveniences, ensure that a certified technician installs your system. There's a need for regular maintenance of your HVAC system to prevent rising issues. Meanwhile, it is wise to call for help if your system has problems. Here's a brief description of 5 commercial HVAC issues and when to call for help.

1. Lack of Cooling or Heating

HVAC systems need a refrigerant, a liquid that aids in producing cool air and heat. The system can lose this liquid by leaking. So, it will no longer be reliable in functions such as cooling. So, you will have to refill or change the system to restore its initial capabilities.

Moreover, cooling in HVAC is also hindered when the evaporator coils freeze. Here, thick frost forms interfering with cooling. Suppose you notice cooling problems; you can try to defrost the coil. Try removing the ice, which has probably built up over time. By doing this, you can restore the equipment to its earlier glory. If there are still issues with your cooling systems, you need to contact an expert. If you are having HVAC issues on a commercial property, you should consider using a portable ac heater for temporary relief.

2. Spike in Your Energy Bill

The efficiency of your HVAC system plays a significant role in how much energy it uses. Also, this affects your energy bill. Survey shows that older HVAC systems are costly because they run on more energy. When the system is not performing as per your expectations, it is a sign that it has problems. Here, the system consumes incredible power and produces inadequate cooling and heating. 

You can improve the efficiency of your system through regular maintenance and repair. However, if you notice the efficiency of HVAC is not improving, there's a need to call for help. Further, there is an issue when there's a spike in your energy bills, yet there are no extreme weather changes. An expert will advise on which steps you should take.

A new HVAC system might be the answer. Before purchasing, it is wise to look at the efficiency rating and reviews of the system. You can also seek the advice of an expert to prevent future issues. Replacement might be the answer to lowering your energy bill and saving money.

3. Unusual or Unexplained Issues

An efficient HVAC system should run quietly except for a low hum in the background. However, if individuals start raising concerns about strange sounds, this could indicate issues. There are a few reasons that may cause these noises. When you hear sharp noises, this may signify that gas is building up in the system. Clogged burners sometimes prevent gas flow and cause occurring noises. Faulty flame sensors cause clicking sounds. When components in the ac heater are loose, they cause unfamiliar rattling sounds.

Screaming or hissing sounds in the compressor indicate a problem. Further, bubbling noises suggest that the refrigerant is leaking. When squeaking sounds are rampant, there's a need to lubricate moving parts in the AC. Alternatively, the squeaking is a sign that you should change the ductwork. If these measures do not stop these noises, it is advisable to contact a professional.

4. Reduction in the Quality of Indoor Air

Air filters in an HVAC system are vital because they remove pollen and dust particles. When you notice that the air in your home is dusty or has low quality, there's a chance of a problem with your system. The air filters might be pretty dirty in this scenario, so changing them is the solution.

HVAC systems are crucial because they control the levels of humidity. So, if you notice that the humidity levels in your home are increasing, it is wise to look into it. If you cannot correct the issue, you can seek the services of a certified technician.

Unresponsiveness of HVAC

In some cases, the HVAC system might not respond to all the steps you take to correct them. Here, the problem might be the thermostat. Thermostats run on battery, and if they run out of energy, the thermostat goes off. It is advisable to replace batteries if the thermostat is unresponsive. If the thermostat will still not respond, it might be wise to replace it. You can seek an expert's help as well.

Closing Thoughts

HVAC systems are a worthy investment because they enhance air quality. However, the system may still fail to perform as expected, and contacting an expert is wise.

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