5 Limiting Beliefs That Keep Us From Mastering The Law of Attraction

Our beliefs shape our realities.  What we believe, we receive!  Therefore, to master the Law of Attraction, we must start to identify our beliefs, and realize that some of them are creating realities we do not want.

Here are 5 common limiting beliefs that attract unwanted realities:

1. Believing that other people’s successes diminish our own:  If you envy the successes of others, you send a message to the universe that you do not believe in your ability to be successful in your own right. If you project that belief into the world, you will receive back a life where success stays out of reach.

To drop this limiting belief you could choose to view the success of another as an indication that the Law of Attraction is bringing success closer to you.  For example, if my friend gets a promotion, I can perceive her success as an indication that the universe is pulling me toward more success in my own life, because more money and success has literally just come into my circle of friends. This perspective will get me excited about my friend’s promotion, because it means that her success is also my success.

Excitement about the success in another will attract more success to you!

2. Believing that we need to struggle and work hard to succeed: Yes, action may be required to achieve your dreams, but when you are working with the Law of Attraction that work will feel fun and effortless.

If you trudge through your work you actually tell the universe that you expect work to be hard, boring and tiresome.  As a result, you will attract more hard, boring and tiresome work to yourself. To change your perspective, you can look for evidence that when you are enjoying your work time flies and you produce the best results!

3. Believing that there is only so much money to go around: If you believe that there is only so much money to go around you, will likely feel envious of those who have a lot of it.  You might also feel a little guilty when you come into more of it.  Envy and guilt are negative emotions that tell the universe you don’t believe you can or should be wealthy. 

To drop the belief in a limited money supply you can observe that there is a lot more wealth in the world than there was just a few decades ago! Comfort and the standard of living have improved markedly for people of all social classes.  If there was a finite supply of money, certainly we would all still be living in the Dark Ages! 

The honest reason why there isn't a finite supply of money is because we are the value and the wealth of the world-not money.  Money is just our abstract way of attempting to quantify our actual wealth.  Our true wealth lays within the ideas, services and innovations that we bring to the world.

Therefore, the world is wealthier simply because you are in it! The money in your pocket is just a reflection of how high of a premium you place your worth at.  

To increase the money in your bank account, please realize that your financial standing has literally no bearing on anyone else's.  Conceptualizing this idea will help rid you of any guilt or envy you may currently feel about the subject of money. 

4. Believing that the rich are greedy: This belief will keep money out of your hands for two reasons.  The first reason is that this belief literally causes a reality where rich people DO take advantage of you, and screw you out of your money.

The other reason is that you might fear that if you become wealthy it will mean that you are a greedy person.  To release yourself from this belief you can look for evidence of wealthy people who are kind, helpful and giving like Oprah Winfrey or Deepak Chopra.  Also, take some time to visualize yourself not only becoming wealthy, but using your newfound wealth to help others.

5. Believing that illness is inevitable with age: Many of us expect that as we grow older we will develop chronic health problems.  Unfortunately, this belief creates a world where many of the elderly are suffering.  To reverse this belief, you can look for examples of elderly people who are healthy and thriving.  You can also avoid television programming, news articles, and advertising that focus on medications, insurance and medical law suits involving the elderly.

Mastering the Law of Attraction requires us to identify which of our beliefs are helping us and which ones are hurting us.  If we can rid ourselves of our limiting beliefs, life will become happier, healthier and more prosperous!

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This article was originally published at Raise Your Vibration Today.

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