PUBLISHED  OMTimes Magazine February 2015 

by Gia Dalton 

Many people have difficulty managing daily routines. And its no wonder as they are working two jobs, taking care of kids and returning to school. The added responsibility can leave you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. But is everything you are doing necessary? Are you attached to outcomes and not enjoying the ride of life?

Basically we are time managers, shifting gears between each of our responsibilities. Often we get lost in the shuffle as "me time" has been completely omitted from our daily routine. Not to mention "fun time". Managing to incorporate quality time for you, is essential. If we are not careful our priorities often turn upside down. Meaning who and what are most important to us in reality, end up at the bottom, including ourselves. Life can be a balancing act at best. However, with a little finesse, a good reality check, and a positive attitude you can turn things around and start enjoying the journey. Life was not meant to be a tedious and monotonous to do list.  Often we are so busy doing and accomplishing, we disconnect from what and who is really important, starting with ourselves. 

If you are like many of our readers struggling to find the balance between work and play, here are five ways to bring the passion back in your work, the joy back in your life, and some much needed perspective. 

Balancing Work and Play 

1. Learn to say no. Graciously decline to anything that does not interest you or feed your soul. Many people say yes out of guilt, fear, or wanting to be accepted. Not only will you end up doing something you'd rather not do.but you will resent doing it. Learning to say no will clear the space for the things you do enjoy. You will feel empowered, and not to mention, relived.  Give yourself an out. When someone asks "What are you doing this afternoon?" respond with "What did you have in mind?", or "Why do you ask?". Give yourself an opportunity to think about what the person is asking, instead of being in a position where you may feel obligated to say yes. If you say "Nothing, I am free", you could have a harder time saying no.

2. When you are at work always give 100%. Do your best. That should go without saying. Put your other obligations aside and do your job. Everything, from the memo you write to the meeting you facilitate is a reflection of you. It has your imprint on it. Do it right the first time. Pace yourself throughout the day. Don't skip breaks and lunch. And please do not be a martyr. You deserve and are entitled to down time during the work day. Those breaks have been built in to help you get through the day, and work optimally.  If you are self employed set up breaks for yourself. A five minute break is a great opportunity to meditate, take 5-10 deep cleansing breaths, or listen to something inspirational.

Eat lunch. Pack healthy and nutritious to go lunches and snacks every day. At lunch time, find a peaceful location and sit while you eat. Disconnect from work during your lunch. Perhaps go outside. Get some fresh air. If time permits take a 15 minute walk around the building after you've eaten. If you are skipping breaks, not eating lunch, or grabbing something from a vending machine, the result will be stress, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. When you leave at the end of the day... leave it. Do not take work home, physically or emotionally. Whatever is left on your "to do list" will be there when you return. The truth is your "work" will never be done.This is a blessing, as it keeps you employed.

3. Separate yourself from the opinions and censorship of other's. This is a hard one for most. The truth is you will never know exactly what someone is thinking anyway.Most of what anyone says has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them. Be who you are. At night when you lay your head to rest, if the choices you've  made throughout the day are pleasing to you, so it is.  If you have  regrets, tomorrow you can do better.

Do you require validation to feel good about yourself ? Perhaps the validation has been coming, what will you do when it stops? Good, bad or indifferent, free yourself, by not attaching your self worth to anyone's opinion of you. Their opinion is none of your business. You can either spend time and energy worrying about what someone may or not be saying, or you can read a book, listen to motivational and inspirational speakers, learn something new, take a long hot bath, feed your soul, have a little fun ! Spend your energy on people and things that matter. 

4. Be willing to let go of personal history. Your personal history does not define who you are. Nor does it define what you need to accomplish in order to separate from it. Many people get caught up in the idea that if they reach for the opposite end of what their history dictates, they will discover nirvana. This is not true. If you are engaged in a continuous battle against life, fighting it to win, in the end, it will not make you any happier. Examine closely your motivation for doing anything. Including career choices. If what you are working towards is making you happy and feels good, you are on the right path.  If it does not, there is a good chance you are merely proving a point. Let go of who you were, and embrace who you are today, If you do the work, the concept of who you think you are will change too. Everything you believed to be true got you here, to this moment. You are not what you accomplish. You are who you have become in the process, 

5. Detach from the outcome. Life is continuously changing, and we know that change is inevitable. When you throw away the blueprints, you allow divine guidance and timing to flow in. Sometimes the things we want most, are not what we need most. And other times what we have, we fail to acknowledge, and appreciate because we are caught up in the quest to achieve a perceived desired outcome. This moment may be fleeting, but it is all we ever really have. Enjoy it. Feel gratitude and more of what you desire will come. Give away what you want, and watch how miraculously the Universe brings it right back to you. The outcome may not be the way you planned, sometimes it's even better. If you can trust that where you are, and what you have is exactly where you are meant to be, you will experience greater peace and joy. 

Balancing work and play can totally transform blah to beautiful. You will attract more positive experiences, have healthier habits, reduce stress, build and foster loving friendships, and experience greater health and wellness. Rock a positive attitude of gratitude and enjoy a balanced, beautiful life. 

About the Author 

Gia Dalton is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, teacher, visionary writer,author, speaker, coach, and intuitive life strategist. Her mission is to motivate, inspire and empower the lives of others with integrity, beauty and love.


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Comment by Gia Dalton on February 24, 2015 at 7:50pm
Thank you. I appreciate your assistance and expertise. I'm editing the last articLe I submitted. I changed the title too. I will repost asap, along with another one. Have a great night.
Comment by Diane Wing on February 24, 2015 at 1:46pm

Love working with you, Gia!  Congratulations on the cover!

Comment by Gia Dalton on February 24, 2015 at 1:35pm

I edited this article and it was on the cover of the February 2015 Edition. Thank you Diane Wing.

Comment by Gia Dalton on February 3, 2015 at 8:32am
Thank you !!! I made the modifications and It was PUBLISHED :)
Comment by Diane Wing on January 17, 2015 at 11:47am

I'm the personal growth editor for OMTimes and am interested in your article.  There are a few modifications needed. Please private message me to discuss.  Thank you!

Comment by Gia Dalton on January 14, 2015 at 5:22pm
Thank you Angela. Looking forward to working with you. Have a great evening.
Comment by Angela Levesque on January 14, 2015 at 4:46pm

Hi Gia, I am submitting to publishers for possible inclusion in upcoming edition.

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