5 Ways To Learn The Language Of Your Soul

The Tale Of Two Voices

There was a time when shutting up and hiding was my strategy for survival. Melancholy was the language I spoke, and depression was only a diagnosis away. All I wanted to do was live out my life and then drop off the planet at the end of my years.

But there was another voice within me speaking another language. It was telling me different things - other wild things - like hopes, dreams, courage, freedom. There was a sense of restlessness in that voice, a longing, an urgency, almost like there was someone else inside bursting to speak, if only given the chance.

One voice was busy chattering away in endless circles and downward spirals. As long as it had my attention, it wouldn't let it go. But the other voice vying for attention was guiding me along with soft whispers, nudging me toward some unknown purpose.

Once I figured out which voice to listen to, life got so much easier and effortless.

Who Are The Owners Of The Two Voices?

Jivatma (Jiva + Atma) is a Sanskrit word that's easiest to understand if we break down the term Human Being. Jiva refers to the Human part of us, the body, the mind, and the form - the part of us that can think, taste, touch. It is driven by the intelligence of the body and the logic of the mind - including calculation, rationalization, and forming beliefs based on past experiences.

And then there's the Atma - the Being part of us that is a spark of divinity itself. The part of us that is wise, fearless and present. Just as a seed that contains all the qualities of a tree within it, the Atma (or the Soul) contains all the qualities of the Super-soul (or the Source).

Therefore, my Soul already has all the answers, all I needed to do was learn to speak its language.

Here Are 5 Languages Your Soul Speaks:

1. The Language of Joy - The easiest language to learn is Joy. It never leads you wrong. Think about what makes you feel alive, awake and excited. If you feel a sense of Joy, your soul is saying Yes. If you sense fear, frustration or pain, then your soul is trying to steer you away. As long as you follow your joys, you're speaking your soul's language.

2. The Language of Energy - Have you ever noticed your energy levels when you make choices in your everyday life? Start paying attention to the choices - people, places, thoughts or events - that pulse with positive energy, and incorporate more of those into your life. The other (important) side to this coin is to let go of all the people, places, thoughts and events that drain your energy levels.

3. The Language of Images - Your soul speaks in symbols and images that mean something only to you. Some of your most mystical messages may come through your dreams because that's when you're relaxed enough to let your soul speak. Keep a notepad next to your bed and start writing down your dreams, visions, patterns and messages.

4. The Language of Creativity - Since your soul is a spark of the Super-soul (the Creator of the world), you are the creator of your world. Art is a powerful voice for creativity - music, dance, writing poetry. When you're immersed in your art, you're taken to the highest levels of ecstacy. Your soul sings in movement and creation.

5. The Language of Intuition - The strongest voice of your soul is heard in your intuition. Intuition is an inner prompting that's beyond reasoning. It's a feeling of "knowing all along", because it's your soul's own inner wisdom. It will support you and guide you at every moment and every step of your every day - all you need to do is to pay attention to it. It's a powerful gift of the universe, so use it!

Why do you need to learn the language of your soul? Because your soul is the authentic, conscious part of you that's here on the planet for a purpose. When you learn how to connect with that part of you, you can use the language of your soul to find and follow your path of Peace, Presence and Purpose.

Saiisha is a Meditation for Life coach, and uses ancient Vedic practices and techniques that are essentially relevant in this fast paced modern world. Take her 3P Quiz to see where YOU are on your path to Peace, Presence and Purpose at www.NestInTheForest.com

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Comment by Saiisha on June 28, 2015 at 12:18am

Awesome, thanks Kathy!!

Comment by Kathy Custren on June 27, 2015 at 10:01am

The title is being shortened to: "Learn the Language of Your Soul." 

Comment by Kathy Custren on June 27, 2015 at 9:41am

Hi, Saiisha - Thanks for adjusting the title and placing your article here for submission. It is being forwarded to the publishers as part of the June batch for inclusion in a future edition, with appreciation. ~ Blessings! 

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