6 Ways to Implement Yoga into the Classrooms

From being dependent on our parents or guardian for everything to start to become the guards of our own life, we all grow. The golden period of this transition is spent in classrooms as a student. 

In today’s world, where everything has become constricted to materialistic success and competition, the classrooms are losing their charm and becoming an asylum where young minds with stress dwell for long hours a day.

The Classroom Environment

 The environment of the classroom should be friendly, enthusiastic, and lively. In a nutshell, it should spread positive vibes in all kids. 

In a kid's learning process, emotions play a significant role. Stress, anxiety, fear, envy, etc. influences the mind in a negative way while positivity in the classroom can diminish negative emotions. 

So what can be done?

The negative spiral where students are stuck can be unfolded by inculcating the experience which marks a positive impact. 

Yoga is one of those habits which not only improves physical health but channelizes the mind and thought process positively. 

But the question is how to get started yoga in the classroom when as a teacher you have little or no experience.

Implement Yoga in the Classroom in Just 3 steps 

First, Understanding the requirement of children  

In the classroom, some children might be sophisticated physically after long hours of sitting and some might need a mindful break to overcome from heavy mental operations.

As a teacher, group different problems through which children in the classroom, is going through. 

Second, prepare activities for in general children 

Once you understand the requirement of in general children, the next step is to search around (online or offline resources) yoga stuff you can use for children. 

It consists of incorporating asanas (as physical exercises), meditation (as a mindful break), yoga cards & using props, etc in the classroom.

Third, Try yourself first and then plan it for classroom

Before you introduce any yoga sequence, pranayama (breathing exercises) or mindful technique in front of the classroom, try it my own once, twice, thrice, until you become comfortable with practice.        

Now, at this point, teachers need some easy and effective ways to implement yoga in the classroom.

6 Ways to implement Yoga in Classrooms

  1. Design classroom with yoga resources

As a teacher, after getting an idea about the requirements of children, you can prepare some yoga poses sequence for children through online or offline resources.

Apart from yoga poses, you can collect breathing exercises, meditation techniques demonstration, general Sanskrit terms of yoga. 

Now take a printout of all these resources and cover the classroom wall with it in a decorative way.  

This will help children to learn the easy demonstration of yogic practice in their free time.   

  1. Begin a class session with meditation & chanting practice

Chanting mantras at the beginning of a class session makes the mind calm to concentrate on study.


The morning prayers in the assembly are being followed for long as part of the daily routine.

If a yoga session is included in this assembly, it can be very much easier to reach out to the maximum students at a time. 

The yoga teacher can instruct them from the stage and they can be looked after by the physical education teachers and their PT teachers also.

What else can be better than starting a productive day with Yoga and meditation?

It would help them to be stress-free and energetic for the entire day. The teachers can also join this session and this would prove to be encouraging and motivating for the students.

  1. Mix yoga with playful exercises and games

You can use flashcards or yoga decks which illustrates the postures of yoga. The students find it fascinating. 

Even to make them familiar with different types of asana, you can use yoga cards to play games depicting the one friendly to kids e.g. Uno. You can develop games like that and increase participation.

Once the students get used to these terminologies, the instructions can be read and they can follow it.

While taking a class on alphabets, you can ask students to make the shapes of those letters with their bodies.

You can compose some parody songs or rhymes to make them learn the sequence of Yogic activities like pranayama, Surya namaskar, etc.

  1. Introduce yoga exercise with prize-winning activities

Like any other activities happening around the school premises e.g. art and craft, science exhibition, singing, dancing, quiz, etc., Yoga can also be included in the activity plan.

You can encourage the students to participate in art activities on Yogic postures, quiz on basic concepts of Yoga, and exercises of yoga asana. 

This can bring their interest and enthusiasm in the learning and practice of yoga. The rewards which they get via these activities will act as positive reinforcement.

  1. Project yoga resources on Smart Boards 

Teachers can prepare a presentation full of yoga postures, meditation techniques and other yogic resources with children like graphics and project it on smart boards. 

After ending the smartboard session, arrange a Q&A session with students in which ask them about basic yogic terminology and postures demonstration which already explained in the presentation.     

  1. Increasing the resources for yoga


Every school can come up with the recruitment of yoga teachers. The planning committee can incorporate yoga classes in the time-table just like other subjects. Yoga teachers can deliver their lectures in the classroom and make them practice accordingly.

In case of unavailability of Yoga teachers or in short of funds to increase manpower, online yoga courses and classes can be a good option. You can get those video sessions projected in the classrooms on smart boards or LCD screens and students can follow them.

These ways are beneficial to implement Yoga in the classrooms effectively and smoothly.


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