7 Simple Ways to Discover and Embrace Your Inner Woo-Woo

As much as visualization, meditation, Reiki and other similar modalities are coming into mainstream awareness, they are still dancing along the fringes of society trying to get noticed for their worth. And, as they do, our personal impulses may be dancing right alongside them wondering if we are being led astray. Not just because we are beginning to notice our own “woo-woo” tendencies and worried what that might mean, but moving to the fringe – though it may seem wild and free – can also feel uncomfortably edgy.

Accepting others as gifted, or experimenting with guided imagery or holistic health care in the privacy of our own home or Naturopath’s office is one thing, but publicly dancing along the outskirts may be more than we wish to exhibit. Yet, the pull to see what lies beyond the boundaries can be undeniably alluring. Perhaps the fabric of our lives has started to wear thin and we are seeking ways to create it anew. Many turn to alternative support when convention ceases to have adequate answers. 

Whether we discover unconventional methodologies out of desperation, curiosity or our desire for growth, it often stirs in us our own supernatural abilities.

As the collective consciousness awakens, individuals awaken as well, and part of our evolution includes an awareness of our metaphysical capacities… and we all have them!  For some this can be exciting, and for others a bit intimidating. Although we may not necessarily want to become the next Medium or spook ourselves too much by inviting in unwanted Paranormal Activity, it may seem as if our Sixth Sense is evolving, whether we want it to or not.

Since our intuitive nature is still a mystery to us as a culture, our media plays on that uncertainty. It has mastered how to make millions off our fears, ignorance and addiction to drama. As well, when our full capacities are utilized, we become more conscious of our choices, which empowers us. At this point in our societal timeline, empowered people haven’t always been met with open arms. They rock the boat, change things that are “just fine” and lead people into unchartered territories… yeah, that edge! And, fortunately, each time one person empowers many, the framework in which a society comfortably lives expands.

In terms of metaphysics, we are broadening our peripheral vision, seeing more clearly – which is what clairvoyance actually means – and becoming acutely aware of realities beyond our physical senses.

Although the mystical is becoming more accessible, your personal interest is probably piqued by your own “inner woo-woo” desiring to come out! Whether for your own personal empowerment, or to expand your gifts to serve many, it’s probably no accident you are reading this article. Hmmm… serendipity, karma, an angelic message? Call it whatever you want, but keep reading if you’re ready to unfold to your potential!          

So how, exactly, does one discover, cultivate and embrace the “inner woo-woo”… and maybe even let it out to play amongst the fringe?

Learn more about your gifts.
It is important to note that our metaphysical gifts are so natural to us, and as they have been disregarded since childhood, they can be hard to discern. Yet, you can discover them in many ways. Seek insights from an intuitive. Invite your friends to share their thoughts and observations. Make a list of things that come easy to you. Pay attention to the physical sense you rely on most (it is likely your most refined metaphysical sense). Look behind your shortcomings to the opposite side of the coin. Ask Divine guidance to show you your inherent gifts. Seek and ye shall find!   

Like you would with any new interest, have fun with your discovery process. Think of it as a treasure hunt. Put on your coolest explorer’s costume and let your “inner woo-woo” be your enthusiastic compass! The more you stress about what you have or don’t have – or question the value of what you will find – the deeper your treasures will be buried. As the treasures are yours, no one else can retrieve them for you, but you can certainly invite them to help you excavate.    

Sharpen your skills.
Even if you haven’t discovered “your thing,” you can sharpen any skill of your choice. Take classes or read books that interest you. From Astrology to Zen Meditation, you can explore an array of written material and can often find local or online classes. You may be surprised to learn that Adult Ed isn’t just about watercolor or web design anymore! Your intention and pursuit will serve you.

Seek supportive environments.
Oftentimes when we are apprehensive about trying something new, we share it with those who will criticize it – don’t! Not only do you want to avoid having people burst your auric-bubble, you want to seek out others who will actually support your endeavors. Whether you fill your Facebook wall with like-minded friends, MeetUp with an ongoing group in your area, or instigate a gathering of your own, creating a supportive network can help ease the feelings of being too far off the beaten path. (By the way, the reception out there isn’t so great, so it’s best if you leave behind that restraining television.)

Play some more.
As your skills develop (or even if they don’t seem to) try to keep it light and joyful. If you get discouraged, accessorize to your latest costume with some rosy-colored glasses. If you start to feel confined to one amusement, mix it up! As well, maybe you invite others to play along. Unless you’re worried about missing the next gypsy caravan, there’s really nothing to fret.   

Own it!
Whether you get intuitive hits, are a natural healer, talk to animals, or are great at manifesting, allow yourself to acknowledge and integrate your gifts. Bless your strengths and welcome the opportunities your weaknesses offer you. Write affirmative statements about your capabilities. Tell others you trust about what you can do and what you still wish to incorporate. Practice, practice, practice!  

Share your gifts with others.
Once you establish a talent to a point just past beginner, allow yourself to share and practice with others. Invite folks to an evening of energy healing. Offer free aura readings. Divulge your secrets of manifesting with your book group. Share your insights and wisdom about your topic on YouTube (you can even set your upload to “unlisted”). Whatever your gifts are, sharing them may feel vulnerable, but it will be incredibly freeing. Your “inner woo-woo” will be happy to be out!

In time, all of this worry about being too “out there” will dissolve along with everyone else’s mainstream fabric. Our collective awakening is happening because we are ready. The veils are thinning and our mystical senses are sensing it – some are simply tuning in sooner than others are.

Before long, you’ll forget this was ever an issue. If a tinge of self-doubt creeps in, you’ll simply burn some sage to release any residual energies, maybe chant a quick mantra, and go back to your Feng Shui’ed office to write your next chapter in your book about how to open portals into the next dimension so you can transform into your true mythical self – the unicorn you so lovingly named Woo-Woo.

Veronica Lee is an Intuitive, Mentor, Speaker and Writer who has shared her insights and wisdom with thousands around the globe. A mystical artist, Veronica guides people to see and express their innate ability to live empowered, joyful lives. In addition to profound insights, she offers practical tools for evolving spiritual-human beings, including a free eBook to Awaken Your Intuition and meditative audio to help you access Your Akashic Records. To receive Veronica’s free gifts or connect with her, visit her website at www.Sacred-Offerings.com

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Comment by Veronica Lee on February 14, 2014 at 12:43pm


Comment by Trevor Taylor on February 14, 2014 at 9:57am

Veronica I had picked up the first error and changed it to 'uncharted' on copy I submitted for publication - didn't pick up the second error, so will go back and change it. Many thanks

Comment by Veronica Lee on February 14, 2014 at 9:48am
I've discovered two errors: in the part about empowered people the word needs to be "uncharted" NOT "unchartered", and the "to" after the word "accessorize" (in the part about Play some
more) needs to be omitted.
Comment by Trevor Taylor on February 11, 2014 at 12:14pm

Hello Veronica - Recommended to the Publishers for inclusion in one of the April 2014 multi-media editions

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