7 Tips to Get You out of a Rut When the Going Gets Tough – Part 2

Challenging times can be overwhelming and difficult to shift. In Part 1 you discovered how learning life’s lessons can release unwanted situations, why it’s OK to be vulnerable and ask for help and how duality gets in the way of happiness.


In Part 2 you are invited to release the rut by; remembering that this too shall pass, embracing and integrating the shadow-self, seeing the opportunity to heal in every difficulty you are faced with, and if all else fails, embracing the art of surrender.


Remember, “This too shall pass” and “Time heals all wounds”


Feel free to add any other clichés that give you even an ounce of comfort and have proven to be true in the past.


I remember when my little dog Arabella passed away I was inconsolable. She was my fur-baby and one of my first big losses, especially in relation to receiving unconditional love. I thought the grief and intense sadness would never pass but as time wore on I arrived at a place where I could remember the beautiful times we had together and speak of her without crying.


When you’re in a rut it feels like you’re never getting out, but you have in the past, so it’s time to drag all the pieces of evidence out from storage to reassure yourself that this too shall pass.


** Rut Release – Embrace a cliché to remind yourself that you’ve survived past challenges.



Embrace the Shadow


When I first heard the term ‘shadow work’ I had no idea what it meant but I was pretty sure it was something I wanted to stay right away from. After all, I only wanted to explore love and light and run from darkness.


But as you know, what you resist, persists and this was a glorious part of me I was ignoring and not integrating into my being. I soon realized the importance of engaging and exploring the shadow and came up with a safe and simple technique to explore the shadow-self.


  1. Think of the situation you are trying to overcome and identify where it sits within your body. You may feel it in a body part or sense it residing in one of the seven energy systems known as chakras.
  2. Once you have located it focus on that area and see if a person or energy appears. It may be someone who looks like you, a child, color or other energetic representation.
  3. Speak to that part of you and ask, “Is there anything I can do to improve your life?” And receive the answer.
  4. Call in Universal light to heal this part of you and reassure it that the Universe will fulfill their needs. Sometimes you may see the person or energetic representation transform.
  5. If you feel comfortable, integrate that healed part of you back into your heart.


** Rut Release – Embrace the shadow and heal the soul.


See the Opportunity


When you’re in a quagmire of personal development goop and hopelessness very few people can celebrate the opportunity that has been presented to them.


Up until recently if a yucky (technical term) situation came into my life I was like a woman covered in spiders shaking my energy to, “Get it off!” But this was more of an avoidance strategy than engaging solution.


One day I had a shift in perspective as I realized these challenges were actually an invitation to heal!


Martin is an entrepreneur who visits me to tap into his limitless potential. During one of his sessions he struggled into my office holding his back and stating, “Every few years my back goes out really badly. It’s such an inconvenience and I’ve tried everything from strengthening exercises to chiropractics. I just have to wait it out.”


The fact that this was a recurring issue indicated that Martin was yet to take up the invitation to discover the root of the problem and release it once and for all.


When we reframed it as an opportunity to learn and grow he saw everything from a new perspective. During the session we focused on the spiritual, mental and emotional layers that trickled down to create the physical condition. Everything from lack of support to the belief that it was something he had to ride out and suffer through in order to get better. Bit-by-bit we worked through the layers and the back muscles that had been going into spasm began to relax and release after just 90-minutes.


** Rut Release – When the going gets tough say, “Yoo-hoo, I’ve just been given another opportunity to improve my life!” and celebrate.




When you’ve tried all of the above, plus any other strategies you have up your sleeve and don’t know what else to do, just surrender to Source.


We live in a results driven world and are convinced there is a solution to every problem, and there is, but not if you’re feeling overwhelmed and stuck and can’t see or think straight. It’s much easier to help someone else from the outside looking in, but when you’re caught in a dark cloud of confusion and disillusionment trying to help yourself can be challenging.


When I suggest letting go to clients and audiences one of the first things they ask me is, “What do I have to do in order to surrender?” And that’s the point, you have to ‘do’ nothing and hand it over.


“But how do I hand it over?” quickly ensues. Just stop; stop the over-thinking, problem solving, worry, fear, anxiety and feelings of hopelessness and hand it all over, every last scrap of it and keep your fingers out of it until you’re inspired to take positive action.


Whenever thoughts, situations and / or emotions occur simply place them in a bubble and imagine, sense or feel yourself handing it over to the Universe. You can even say something like, “This situation no longer serves me and I give it to you transmute and solve on my behalf.” And watch the magic unfold.


** Rut Release – Surrender. It’s during these times when you forfeit control and release problem solving that miracles truly occur.



Dr. Madisen Harper is an international author, speaker, mentor and human potential expert. Her bestselling book, 'limitLESS: 10 Energy Excelerators to Access Your Infinite Potential', has guided over 90,000 people to triumph in self, health and wealth and in areas where they previously failed.

Madisen interviews people accessing their infinite potential in her inspirational audio series ‘limitLESS® Luminaries’. Recent discussions include bestselling authors: Arielle Ford, Anita Moorjani, Nick Ortner and Marci Shimoff.

Her inspirational and fresh ideas have been quoted worldwide including: ‘The Times’, ‘The Sunday Telegraph’, ‘Woman's Day’, ‘LA Times’, ‘A Current Affair’, ‘The Courier Mail’ and online.


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