7 Tips to Get You out of a Rut When the Going Gets Tough – Part 1

You may have experienced periods in your life where things aren’t going to plan and life just doesn’t make sense. It’s as if all your work, positive thinking, manifesting, goal setting, trust and dreams are slipping away as you quickly approach the, “Why bother?” stage. A stage where it feels like you can hardly shift out of bed, let alone shift into a perspective of persistence and new beginnings.

During testing times the usual strategies to overcome challenges may seem ineffective and it’s scary to realize that what worked in the past doesn’t seem to make a dent in the current situation.

In Part 1 of this two-part series you will shift into grace by; obtaining the lessons from unwanted experiences, being vulnerable and seeking support and releasing the need to label situations as ‘good’ and ‘bad’. 


Ask yourself, “What is the lesson in this situation?”

The Law of Attraction states that we attract everything into our lives so if we have attracted an unwanted circumstance there is often a lesson to be learned.

Lessons are like petulant children, if you don’t pay attention to them they persist until you do. Here’s a quick four-step process to identify learnings:

  1. Go into a light meditative state. Once you feel calm and your mind is clearer, ask, “What is the lesson in this situation?”
  2. See, hear or feel what is revealed. You’ll often be surprised at what unfolds so don’t let your mind interfere with the process.
  3. Once you gain understanding get to a place of gratitude as learning the lesson moves you along your journey.
  4. Thank the lesson for the teachings and release it so you can embrace the new perspective and launch into a new life chapter.

If for some reason the lesson recurs and you have difficulty identifying the benefits make a request to the Universe that you receive the lesson in a way that offers ease and grace.

** Rut Release – Learn the lesson and release it forever or ask for the lesson to be taught in another way with ease and grace.


Be Vulnerable

Some people aren't comfortable sharing their challenges with others which often causes them to feel alone and unsupported during difficult times. Allow your mask to drop with caring people in your life by reaching out to those you trust and ask for help.

Sarah is a client and an amazing corporate coach who has helped thousands of people worldwide and been the support system and rock to many shaky situations. Her relationship recently fell apart and she grieved the loss of her partner and best friend. When people asked how she was, she’d put on a smile and say, “I’m fine, these things happen.”

The truth was she was anything but fine, each night she would return home after doing back to back sessions and cry for hours, feeling lonely and hopeless.

Friends and family didn’t think to support her because she was wearing the “Everything is OK” mask. When I asked her why she didn’t feel safe to ask for help she revealed that she didn’t want to seem weak to others, “I often hear people say, ‘That practitioner has health issues, why would I take advice from them?’ I don’t want people to judge me and think I’m not good at what I do.”

I reminded her that nobody is perfect and told her of a fantastic insight Arielle Ford shared with me during an interview for my ‘limitLESS Luminary’ series, “Perfection equals pure fiction.”

Obviously Sarah didn’t need to share her challenges with clients and colleagues but it’s OK, and sometimes necessary, to be vulnerable with trusted, loving people.

If you’re one of these people who is there for everyone else and feels no one is there for you during times of need, let me ask you, have you reached out to them? There are certain people who appear to have a ‘perfect’ life and others don’t think they need help, but when you ask you’ll be surprised at the love that comes your way.

** Rut Release – Reach out for support.


Release Duality

You live in a duality based world; love and hate, fear and flourish, poor and abundant and every shade in between.

The challenge often lies in labeling the situation as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The more you experience the latter, the less joyful your life.

What would happen if nothing was ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but just ‘is’ - it is what it is.  

Oprah Winfrey once shared a story about inner peace and personal fulfillment expert Eckhart Tolle. She personally rang Tolle to excitedly tell him his book ‘A New Earth’ was an Oprah Book Club selection and to top it off they were running a webcast every week, the first they’d ever done.

Most authors (read ‘me’) hearing those words would be ecstatic, screaming and jumping up and down knowing their message was about to be shared with millions of people. Tolle responded in his level tone with something to the effect of, “That sounds good.”

Oprah was amused by the response but acknowledged that this was the way Tolle cruised through life. He wasn’t a victim to duality but a victor to experiencing life in all its shades.

** Rut Release – Quit labeling situations and revel in the many flavors of life.


By putting the above strategies into practice most people are able to move out of the rut and shift themselves into a better place.  In Part 2, you will; remind yourself that ‘this too shall pass’, see the opportunity in every challenge, explore the shadow and embrace the art of surrendering.


Dr. Madisen Harper is an international author, speaker, mentor and human potential expert. Her bestselling book, 'limitLESS: 10 Energy Excelerators to Access Your Infinite Potential', has guided over 90,000 people to triumph in self, health and wealth and in areas where they previously failed.

Madisen interviews people accessing their infinite potential in her inspirational audio series ‘limitLESS® Luminaries’. Recent discussions include bestselling authors: Arielle Ford, Anita Moorjani, Nick Ortner and Marci Shimoff.

Her inspirational and fresh ideas have been quoted worldwide including: ‘The Times’, ‘The Sunday Telegraph’, ‘Woman's Day’, ‘LA Times’, ‘A Current Affair’, ‘The Courier Mail’ and online.


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