7 Ways Creative Writing Helps with Depression

People experiencing depression could use creative writing as a way to help. They can find that act of expressing themselves in a written format aids their mental health. Focusing on the process of creation can allow them to discover ways to deal with the challenges facing them.


Writing creatively can provide a way to focus on a person’s imagination. They can further develop their ability to get concepts from their mind out in a constructive format. This creation process can be a way to engage their mind in a more productive manner. Over time and by keeping to a routine they could experience beneficial results from their efforts at writing.

1. Communication

Writing can provide a new communication channel for a person who has mental health issues. Having another way to get their mental thoughts out in addition to talking or other methods can give them the further ability to approach their issues. They can use the act of writing to communicate thoughts and ideas inside their mind. These ideas can be shared with others or kept to them self. Using writing, in addition to other communication channels could make allow them to make more meaningful connections with the world around them. This can allow them to feel less isolated and more a part of their social or professional groups.

2. Opinion

The creative writing process allows someone experiencing problems to voice their thoughts out. These thoughts are not necessarily based upon a preconceived format. Having the opportunity to freely develop their thoughts in an open way could give them beneficial feelings. The creative process of coming up with new ideas can provide them a forum to express them self. If this writing is for personal reasons they can feel less judgment. Since the writing is based on their own imagination their not one right way. Instead, the focus is on the getting out their ideas rather than the finished product.

3. Leisure

Using their imagination to create written pieces such as stories or poems can be a form of leisure activity. This can be an enjoyable time for the person to take their mind off their problems and focus on other things. As they move forward with a routine of writing they could discover a way to more fully develop their stories and feel a sense of achievement.

4. Share

A person can choose to share their creative pieces with others in their social network. They can use this time to get feedback from trusted sources about their ideas. Some pieces could be shared while others could not. If the person has been working on creatively writing routinely they will have various topics to get other people opinion on. They also could use this time to form writing groups with like minded people to have a more reciprocal writing environment. This can allow them to have a way to connect with others around them self.

5. Assessment

Taking time to get their ideas from imagination to a paper can result in a further self-assessment. In writing about their life or other topics they can have a complete record the thoughts they felt at certain times. They can use the process to review what they have written and maybe make discoveries about their challenges. Using a paper writing service or letting their ideas free flow could be beneficial to look back and review their ideas and come up with solutions.

6. Therapy

Creative writing could be a part of a more developed therapeutic process. The person can use various resources to look for mental health practitioners that engage writing as part of therapy. The written format can allow the person to interact with others that can provide more professional advice on their various problems. This could better accommodate their daily schedule and be less intrusive to their life. Having more diverse options to interact with mental health practitioners could aid the person in finding more constructive ways to approach their issues.

7. Conceptualize

Getting whatever that is bothering them outside their mind can provide a way to conceptualize their issues. Instead of residing inside their mind they now could feel that the issues have been brought out into the real world. This could empower them to view their problem as manageable by looking at it in a new way. They can review the areas around the challenges they perceive and find different approaches to take.

Creative writing can be a free form writing process that engages a person’s imagination. They can use this style to get their thoughts out in a way that focus on the creation and doesn’t solely judge the finished product. The act of the writing is what can be encouraged to better formulate their thoughts. Reviewing the concepts above, a person being challenged by mental health issues could get ideas on how creative writing can be used to approach their issues more productively.

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Comment by Regina Chouza on August 8, 2016 at 1:14pm

Hi Janet, 

Thanks for this submission, my name is Regina. I'm one of the editors at OM Times. I enjoyed reading this piece - I'm also a fan of creative writing  =) I just have a few minor suggestions on your piece, to bring it more in line with our submission guidelines: 

- Would you be able to expand on the subheadings so that it tells us more about what follows? For example, sharing could be "Sharing Your Feelings With Others" - and the "conceptualize" option could be "Identify and Release What Bothers You" ... just a few ideas =)

- There are a few bullet points where I feel we need to differentiate the concepts. For example, in point 1 (communication) you mention giving a voice to their feelings, and in point 2 on opinions, again, we are talking about giving a voice to what we feel.

In this case, the first one could be geared towards "voicing your opinion and thoughts" and the second to "subjective/creative truth" - as you also touch on that at the end. 

- Please add an author bio at the end so that people know where to find you, and what your background is. If you'd like to link to other articles, this would be the place as we don't include hyperlinks in the body of our text. 

Otherwise, my only other suggestion would be to trim this down slightly so that the full text is under 800 words + 60 words for your author bio.

Thanks again, and let me know if you have any questions,


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