A Denial of Wisdom [Part Two of Two]

By Kathy Custren

In Part One, we reviewed that knowledge and wisdom are directly tied to our more spiritual pursuits, and that we have challenges in applying wisdom in our modern times. We also equated the possibility that our denial of nature and change equals a denial of wisdom.

Wisdom and the Abuse of Power

We can no longer dispute that we are in a major time of change, in line with a critical period in Earth's own history. Just look around at our world-again, not to dwell on the negatives that exist-we are experiencing climate change (on the physical/ environmental level), have widespread viruses and other forms of dis-ease (on the physical/emotional level), and do have war and other large-scale places of violence against "different" groups around the planet (on an energetic and social level).

All of these disruptions and conflicts are at odds with the more desirous aspects of peace and balance that most creatures in the natural world tend to enjoy. While it is true that the natural world does have times of violence, confrontation, or contrasts, the sorting of the 'fittest' is done on a much smaller scale. Nature has its own way of clearing away the problems, of 'culling the herd,' while keeping things balanced…naturally.

Might we recognize our desire for 'more and better' certainly is epitomized, negatively, by the way we take to destruction on such a large scale, in much the same way we consume goods on the large scale? It is this endless, "greedy" desire that can serve as a real marker for us-a way to identify when such imbalance occurs. We voice our recognition of this imbalance now in various ways: by the way we balk against anyone who tries to take advantage of us or others; by calling out the greed when we see it, as with the 'banksters' and others involved in business, politics, science, and the military who hold their 'right to profit' for the few over the human rights of the greater majority; and in the way we are rallying energetically on behalf of the earth, speaking out against the many ways we are polluting and degrading our home.

More of us are awakening to a fuller recognition of the significant impact of our environmental and warring acts-in much the same way many of us now see the lasting effects of nuclear waste or how long it takes plastic waste like Styrofoam to degrade. We 'could' be using big, energetic efforts and coordination to pave new inroads of understanding-sharing knowledge, utilizing wisdom, and getting resources to places and people who really need it, to improve their daily lives. However, many of us not directly involved in the skirmishes, or who are a bit removed from the action, see these conflicts as being tied to the greed and corporate interests that are disconnected from what the majority of society needs.

This imbalance and disconnection almost seems simple to resolve, although it would involve some major changes to the way 'we have always done' things. In the midst of many broken systems, newer, cleaner, and more inclusive ways of operating are taking place. People are connecting and putting their energetic heads together, and finding possibilities and solutions in the midst of all the chaos.

Healing is Necessary, on Three Fronts

With a few exceptions, for as much as we strive to move humanity along with our own individual spirituality forward, a missing aspect seems to be the way we might interactively utilize knowledge and our current technology, with the applied wisdom we have in order to best prepare a road map or plan of sorts. How best do we get from 'here' (with all of our problems) to 'there' (where we might experience a more peaceful utopia)? Clearly, our challenge is to sift through and successfully 'rearrange' the construction of our society into a better working model, and that means major changes are in store.

We see 'determination of self' as reflective of our larger determination of society, and are encouraged to come to a personal, if not communal, sense of advocacy-speaking up for what we need. We are seeing this in greater numbers to some extent; whether it is as a voice for environmental concerns against fracking or ways we might address climate change, or speaking out against prejudice and abuse of power, such as the way we are opening our eyes and hearts to many who are affected by domestic violence or bullying.

Yet for all the many ways, through such methods as opinion polls and voting, that may be employed, we tend to challenge the veracity of the method, have no clear path as to where we are going, and have our doubts about the tight hold of power that exists 'over' us in the current socio-spiritual systems. Looking upon it energetically, we are being held down by the combined volume and weight of our knowledge, even though much of it is carried via the non-physical internet or stored in the many esoteric and nebulous 'clouds' we have created. These give us a sense of the lightness of our being, while at the same time that massive volume of data, information, and detail still exists-and who is responsible-whose 'wisdom' is being applied to the curation of what is important to keep or discard?

All is Not Lost

Our wisdom agreements-and there are many over the years-may best be exemplified by the idea that we do tend to agree that we need to look to some overall authority when it comes to our socio-spiritual issues. Whether we call it 'government,' 'the church,' or 'the United Nations,' our borders (those limiting lines of demarcation we have drawn around us, literally and figuratively) are all being challenged physically. The limits of what we know and don't know are, likewise, being crossed on the spiritual and energetic levels as well.

We find ourselves becoming more successful in smaller, more tribal-sized groups, where we may benefit from the wisdom of our combined experience and expertise than we can alone. Some of us may find identity in more than one tribe. On a larger dimension, many of us are weighing both a yearning and a fear for a global society where we all might enjoy greater distribution of needed resources. We see this as necessary to our future, yet struggle at the way it might be accomplished.

Just as any good museum or library must cultivate its holdings to showcase and utilize the best of its composition; in quite the same way we look to Classical music as the highlight of a vast and varied time and space of change in our recent past; we must find a way to curate the best of our past and present in order to provide for our future generations to come. An example of this is the multinational compilation of seed banks, as a way to preserve our natural heritage-and it is a start. Again, our indigenous elders advise that the actions we do have an effect over time-on our grandchildren's grandchildren-so it is important to plan, as much as we might, for not only our natural heritage, but the best wisdom of our socio-spiritual aspects as well, as they affect the greater whole.

"We Are What We Eat…"

The old wisdom saying, "We are what we eat," can be used as a working and literal metaphor for our times: We do have important personal choices to make when it comes to what we 'ingest,' and in determining the health found in the many ways we can proceed. We find real value in nature and natural processes, while we enjoy the newer technology. Many of us realize gas, transportation, and time savings by working from home instead of gathering at a workplace. Those smaller, tribal-sized groups mentioned earlier see the value of working together and networking in ways that help processes and resources get to where they need to be, without the logjam of negativity that can be found with older connections tied to a limited resource [money] system that prohibits growth and distribution.

Those of us who choose to maintain an oil-driven society with its many consequences in the way of unhealthy carbon emissions and economic destruction, are giving way to the growing numbers who find alternative fuel sources as a cleaner and less-destructive way to go forward, while we are still here. Of course, nature itself as our grounding source, may hold the ultimate say in what we do. If we listen to the earthquakes and ground sounds around us, we may be in for a different sort of social change than even the doomsday 'preppers' have been anticipating.

What might it take to bring together a multinational and multigenerational body of elder wisdom, similar to the way indigenous tribes have experienced before us? Our seniors gather informally just about every day…for breakfast at the local coffee shop, or through the day at the senior center to socialize and do activities together. However, this elder wisdom is often viewed as an untapped and somewhat disconnected resource.

Making Inclusive Connections

What keeps us from "utilizing" wisdom? Perhaps, as part of our denial, we view wisdom as being something unattainable? As seen with the example of the young person who might be described as an "old soul," without a doubt, wisdom 'of an age' can hold many such surprises; we can do more and better. Resolution of many of our problems may be realized, if we really listen and take to heart what experience tells us as the best way to go. Our inclusive journey does not always have to continue 'the same as it's always been.' We recognize when holding on to certain things can be unhealthy. Goodness knows, this element of dis-ease is showing itself in many energetic and physical ways these days.

If our historical and even ancient wisdom holds any indication, we may be in for a very wild ride, indeed. If we plan appropriately and utilize our wisdom well, there is greater assurance that our best-laid plans will come to fruition. If, on the other hand, we allow our fears and haphazard attempts at controlling change to run rampant, we will surely pave the way to change regardless…only we and our future generations will not be around to see it.

Let us use some wisdom to end this look on a positive note, shall we? As more of us grow in experience, we gain an edge on the wisdom side. It is another aspect of nature that our human herd is culled as we get older-for a reason. Our elder experience and wisdom is only good for a short time, overall; so it is best to put it to good use.

Making the most of our seniors and the natural wisdom they hold would mean taking their advice and giving it the weight it deserves. We all get old. It would be ideal to respect the wisdom of our elders, not squander or deny it; and put it to good use for the valuable resource that it is.

Namaste ~ Blessings!

About the Author

Kathy Custren is a mother of four, who strives for balance and has a deep respect for All. Interests include advocacy, the arts, communication, education, health, humanity's cosmic origins, nature, philosophy, spirituality and wellness. Visit her page "Consciousness Live" on Facebook, and her site at kathyc-mindblogger.blogspot.com.

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