... is a manifestation of a great wounding. Before something
can be healed, it has to be exposed and identified.

Why do certain individuals become the focus of intense scrutiny ?
Why is there a compulsive need by large numbers of the
population in any given society to probe, expose, masticate
and eviscerate compelling personalities, whether they are in
the professional, celebrity, art -or most morbidly- the spiritual
sectors of society ?

There has been a great deal of discussion in Zen/consciousness
circles; this notion of a broad and societal form of shadow casting.

As we have become "civilized" there has been a great deal of
shaming and oppressing of our natural, animal natures. These
parts of us are old, and deeply imprinted in our central notions of
"being" as a life form. Perhaps if we were to live for another millennia,
oppressing and shunning this part of our humanity, we will eventually
develope the ability to cast off this part of ourselves like and appendage;
something of no further use to us as a species and easily cut away.

Is this something we wish to do ? And, are we fully consious of what
we are loosing ?

As we compulsively pursue individuals who surface among us and reach
this type of celebrity, the glow that is cast upon them is a memory of our
own inner luminosity that we have smothered, been taught to smother.
The glamor of celebrity creates a hunger, an empty resentment
at the presence of that which is lost, and seemingly no longer within
our reach. And so the object upon whom we have anointed this glamour
must then be pulled apart, tortured and teased, ugly vulnerabilities and
flaws exposed. A sacrifice must be rendered from these individuals as
a penalty for that which we sense has been lost within ourselves.

One of the most agregeous crimes we have commited as a species in this
process of personal alienation is our resentment of and alienation for the
natural world. We have become a species that has chosen to place itself
in opposition to its own habitat. We fowl our own "nest", Earth. If we can't
exploit the resources, we use the wild spaces as our trash pits. We starve,
toxify, and hunt to extinction any species that does not supply our voracious
need to fill our cosmic (and ultimately unfillable) existential emptiness. And,
we resent and despise any species hardy enough to join us as competitors
in our exploitive game, calling them "pests", "vermin", or "parasites".

I have allowed my own journey in this time to be an instinctual and savage
one. I am instinctively a healer, and I believe ultimately I allowed myself to
be hooked into the vast collective unconscious in a very visceral and
intimate way. Some part of me has wanted to expose and siphon
the poison on a universal level, no matter the personal cost.

It has been an excruciating bio-feed back loop, remaining in this dynamic
until I have sensed on a deep level the change of energy in such
a way that I feel we are now collectively remembering our unvarnished,
and essentially inigmatic animal natures.

I am not alone in this journey. I think a lot of us linked up in this time
to process a change not just in evolution but in reconnection.

I have been altered by this experience; almost fatally wounded.
But I like the world better for what I have lived through. And if
people as a planetary tribe feel their hearts beating in their
own chests a little more as a result, then I will have peace.

love, Gail

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Comment by Angel on June 16, 2009 at 10:12am
Beautiful, Gail...indeed, you are not alone on this journey. Even before I experienced my awakening where I was somewhat 'dumped' into all of this, I always knew on some level that while, on the one hand I envied those who had 'more', the 'beautiful people', they were just as vulnerable as me, only in a different way - one that I really didn't grasp, yet knew existed on some level. Only recently have I really begun to put the pieces together of how that all works and even in so doing, have come to realize that those pieces are but pieces of something yet even more complex.

The altered, almost 'fatally wounded' comment you make resonates quite deeply with me at this time. Fortunately, we have chosen to see that there is more beyond this misery we create for ourselves, for that is the very beginning of fulfilling our purpose here...and that purpose, I see now, is a part of this unfolding process - ever evolving and growing as we allow ourselves to be immersed in our own darkness to emerge recharged with more light.

Many blessings to you as you continue to live through your lessons, may we, collectively, draw strength from one another.

Much Love and Gratitude,

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