A Guide To Choosing The Best Spiritual Healer For You

Living a spiritual lifestyle is becoming more attractive by the day. The rise in self-help books and movies like The Secret, have people searching for more ways to utilize tools like the Law of Attraction. At some point, many people get bored with the same old books and abandon them. Some eventually get led the next stage, spiritual healing work, usually by recommendation of a friend or someone who’s experienced it. This can get overwhelming due to the many modalities and systems around. How do you know which is the right modality? You may even ask, “Ok it worked for them but will it work for me?” As a spiritual healer, I went through a few systems before I found the right fit. In my journey I learned there are a few things you need to investigate before you make a decision.


Absolute Must Have




This person is completely genuine and authentic about their work. They take time to learn about you, they’re loving, they’re thorough with their work, explain everything, and keep your info confidential. They’ll even tell you if you’re the right fit for them and refer you to someone else if they have to, all while putting their ego aside. Most importantly, they live their practice. All the rewards they get, the income, the good feeling from helping someone change their life and more, are icing on the cake. Their passion is to serve, which is what a healer is there to do. This attribute must be there! If the healer isn’t centered, don’t work with them! It’ll save you a headache (and lots of money).


Things To Consider

Feels “Organic”


When you attend their workshop, does it feel like you could do that everyday? I avoided using the word “natural” because many people are naturals at things that are hobbies. A modality should be a calling and touch you at a soul level. You may not be able to explain it to the average person. You just know you have to do it. It’s a gut feeling that you’ll learn to follow.




This is a tricky one. While some people have years of experience it doesn’t always make them a great healer. This can be modality dependant as someone who has 3 years of experience in one modality can be as good as someone who has 10 years in another (sounds awkward but it’s true). Also, just because someone is starting out, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. Again, go with your gut and see if they meet other guidelines.

Certified vs. Non-Certified


Most modalities require the practitioner to get a number of certifications before they can practice on clients. One the other hand, there are people you’ll meet that have created their own system and use it to help people. I’ve worked with both and both are great. This is a personal choice which comes down to how comfortable you are with the person you’ll be working with. It ultimately comes back to how centered they are.



I saved this one for later as many people have beliefs around spiritual work being done for profit and they feel it’s wrong. I’m going to explore each of the situations you may come across.


Charges A Fee


Spiritual healing is a service, like anything else, and should be respected like it. Healers spend lots of money and countless hours learning their craft, much like any college student and professional in their field. They take their work seriously, because they know what they have to offer. A particular healer I know charges $500 for one session. While that’s really high, he gets his clients results so people are glad to pay his fees. They may also offer packages to help continue the healing on your own schedule. My personal recommendation, I wouldn’t see any healer who doesn’t charge. Any good healer will charge because they understand money is also spiritual. As they receive more income, they can reach more people. A retreat isn’t just a getaway ya know. It’s professional growth class.


Works For Donations


This is hit-or-miss. I’ve met both good and bad healers who do this. Every now and then, someone who charges a flat fee will open themselves up for a donation or do a free session. The biggest issue is that they never reach their full potential because they don’t have enough money to continue to develop their craft. It’s important to use discretion with these people.


Works For Free


The people who do spiritual work for free tend to have a belief that money is evil and that in order to be spiritual, they have to be poor. They cite all the evil people and companies with money and use it as a reason to be broke. They then cite people like the Dali Lama who do work for free, forgetting that you first have to get to him, which costs money (go figure). The truth is that money is also energy and energy must flow. By not accepting money, these healers are actually cutting off the Universal energy that flows through them to do their work. The biggest issue of all is that most of these people are dabblers, many of which who don’t take their work seriously. Much like the donation crowd, they can’t develop their skills so they stay where they are. The problem is that they’re ineffective with their work which delivers little to no result. The problem: When clients don’t heal, they don’t come back and they tell others, which hurts everyone, specifically the people they could potentially help. I personally, don’t recommend or see people who don’t charge. Would you trust an auto mechanic who dabbles in surgery to perform a triple-bypass on you? Why is spiritual healing work any different?


Deal Breakers

Modality Bashers


The moment I meet or hear of a healer, who bashes other modalities, I run from them. Each person’s spiritual journey is their own and needs to be respected. When someone bashes another modality, they view that modality as competition and have to put it down to draw more attention to themselves. The healer could be uncomfortable with their modality or doesn’t know enough to be promoting it. It also means their out of alignment with love which means they aren’t centered. If they are confident in their modality and abilities, they’ll represent it with class. Any bashing comes up, politely excuse yourself and leave.


Substance Abusers


This should go without saying. If the healer is using illegal substances, they shouldn’t be doing work on anyone until they work on themselves. Period!


I hope this guide helps you in your journey to finding the best healer for you. I wish I had a guide like this to help me in the beginning. Then again, I wouldn’t have been able to write this for others to help them. Blessings to you on your journey!

About Timothy Gay

Timothy Gay is a ThetaHealing Practitioner® and the founder of The Infinite Transition. Timothy loves working with people who are stuck in an unfulfilling lifestyle, transition into the life of their dreams.

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