I have had a lot of random things happen over the years where you just stop, and say what the heck? Those times those special moments in time, when things come together, for a moment in this now and you transcend this way of communication, I have always had a hard time with words, I just feel that people should understand me,  and as we know this  does not work, so slowing down and getting the words out is what I have to do.

We use to live on the coast of Northern California very rugged, and secluded. We would lose electricity at least 4 to 5 times a year. The road would wash out, there always was something happening.  Living there was magical.

I have visions, and these are with my eyes open just looking at something, like a wall or the floor, and then boom...it opens up and there is a scene, so I had this vision, a man standing in  the country, looking at me, that was it, then I saw a name Rocky...ok I said to myself, and went about my business, this happens all the time so I can't have a big deal about it I just move on...I know it sounds weird but when you have been like this your whole life it just seems so normal.

About  2 days later this dog shows up, cute little guy and its raining and dark he is at the front door, so we bring him in and spends the night, the next day there is a man driving around look for the dog, I saw him and I stepped outside, Hey have you seen my dog? I said I found a dog!! oh thats my Rocky I bet you, he said and he jolted up to the house, and the dog ran out and the man yelled Rocky I found you, so there we go again...see ?

So then about a week later I get an email from a lady, and she says she would like a reading, and she is having a horrible time dealing with things, since her beloved Rocky has passed. I am thinking no!! and then yes...he appeared the moment I read that email, and I always tell people never say too much, let the Psychic Medium tell you, but in a email its hard, so there he is...and I sent back an email stating, we need to talk, and we did the reading over the phone as Rocky thats what he wanted.

He connected us, she said she was on the computer, and just decided to look at something's and my name came up, hummm? See ?

Rocky was tall wore jeans, and a western shirt, had some sandy blondish hair, and deep deep brown eyes, he would come to me, with a beautiful white all around him, he had died fast, and instantly and it was actually too fast, he was crossed over but yet was held back. His energy wasn't all there, it was like a piece of him was still with her. When ever I would connect with him I would just cry. The way that he came through was slowly, with a lot of signs, at first then, when she was there he came all the way through, and I could see he  had a sense of humour so he would try to be light hearted with her, but she was so devastated that she could not laugh. In death he was still holding her, and loving her trying to help her, he was having a hard time, with his as he was in all the beauty and joy, on the other side, and she was stuck up to her eyeballs, in bills, children, loneliness, grief, and dispair, But yet with two children to raise, Rocky set out to find her help....He found me.

Rocky knew that I was right for her, and that she was right for me, and that this was his chance to help her, his beloved wife since high school, yes...high school sweethearts. The death of Rocky, combined with the grief  was just taking over her life, she could not let go, and things in her house were moving around, and it scared her but at the same time moved her to get some help...As she thought it was him but wasn't sure but when I saw that email I knew, and we set up the appointment to do the reading, and I told her the whole deal, and that he was standing right in front of me and his name was Rocky, and she told me the story.

Rocky had been at work all day, she had three children and she was a stay at home mom, he had come home at the usual time, and it was dinner time and dinner was ready but he had gotten a phone call that he needed to deliver a trailer right now, could it wait ? No the person was here from out of town and they needed that trailer now, so he told his wife I will be right back, and with his truck and trailer, left the house to deliver the trailer and never came back. He had a head on collision and died instantly, this was one year ago to a day!! How does this stuff work, its amazing.

so now I am listening on the phone, to this heart broken lovely woman, wife, mother, who in one year has not be able to let go and move on at all...and I look there is Rocky on his knees talking to me so I just said word for word what he told me, I love you....I am not coming back....I am with you always, but you have to let me go, I need to go, and I am so scared that you won't be able to make it...I am so scared that your going to fall apart if I am not there. Please its time...the phone was quiet, and I was quiet, and then she took a deep breath and said I can let you go, I can do this, for you my love...I understand, I explained some things, reassured her, and her energy felt settled something had lifted from her, she actually had resigned herself to this, and was going to do it...what a gift...what a incredible gift...in to many ways to describe I still thank him for the reading and all that he gave me. Let alone his beautiful wife and wonderful children.

It seems when the passing is fast, its tougher, for everyone, sometimes they don't even realize they have passed its so fast. Other times they know...and don't want to go but thats a whole different story...

Rocky was a teaching reading for me, so on some level, he and I and she, were wound into this lifetime
together for just a brief moment of time. We love so deeply, our children, our husbands, our families.  love is timeless, it reaches deep back and back to the other side. To heaven if you want, to where we really live.  Through the ethers Rocky found me, and made himself known in many ways. 

what lessons we get from this teaching reading is that messages come to us all the time in different ways and forms, we just have to pay attention.  Turn off the t.v., turn off the radio, and just be quiet for a while, see the magic that may happen as you open to your own spirituality.

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Comment by Renee Richards on April 8, 2015 at 9:26pm

thank you for the tips, I need to learn. 

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