A Must Read If You Are Trying To Raise Your Vibration

I recently was in a discussion about ‘raising your vibration,’ or otherwise called ‘Ascension’ in the metaphysical world. We were discussing people’s beliefs and concepts pertaining to this topic. This discussion included whether it was ‘real,’ if it could be done, and if so, how? There was so much confusion around this that I thought it would be beneficial to discuss it.

The dictionary defines Ascension as “the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.” The use of the word ‘rising’ seems to be the Achilles heel regarding this phenomenon. The word ‘rising’ sets the tone for a belief that there are certain levels, a ladder, so to speak; one that you climb or descend as your consciousness and/or awareness raises or lowers. First, yes, a person’s awareness and consciousness can and will change over time. Some people even move beyond human awareness and consciousness to a Universal Awareness and Consciousness, but in either context, there are no levels to climb. Second, everything is vibration; it may be vibrating differently, but it is still be vibrating. The human mind may consider a frequency higher or lower than another, but that is merely judgment; one is not necessarily better than the other. All vibrations are a part of the One.

Raising or lowering your vibration (or your “self”) is a concept that has been misconstrued in the interpretations of many spiritual texts. The ideas regarding Karma or Dharma tie into these misconstrued interpretations. For example, if you consciously choose to do something harmful to someone else, you may come back into another lifetime as something lower or less meaningful. That says that a cockroach is lower on the totem pole, where a dog or cat would be higher, and at the top would be a human. BULL! Everything on God’s Earth is just as important as the other, and serves its own purpose. There is no hierarchy here. Hierarchy plays into one of the greatest illusions of life; the illusion of superiority or inferiority. Don’t get me wrong here, I am a firm believer in Karma and Dharma, but I understand them to be just another way to explain ‘cause and effect.’ Yes, for every action there is an equal reaction, a ripple so to speak, and some people believe that a punishment or ‘getting a Universal spanking’ falls under this action and reaction. The Universe/God does not punish anyone, for if it did, that would encompass another illusion of life; the illusion of judgment. When you look at the Natural Laws of the Universe, punishment is not needed, simply because the “punishment,” the echo, the ripple is already built into the action. Under the ‘Law Of One,’ the punishment, punisher, and the one being punished are all the same. 

Earlier, I wrote the word “consciously” in bold text. I did this very intentionally, to make a point. I believe that we come to each lifetime to become more and more conscious; to remember who and what we are beyond our flesh and bones. Sometimes we are and sometimes we are not; sometimes we remember, and sometimes we don’t. Whether you are or not, cause and effect are still in effect. In other words, when you are doing something, or being something, and if you are conscious about it or not, there are different causes, therefore, having different effects. That being said; if you hurt or harm someone intentionally, the cause (the reason) is different and so is the effect, whereas the opposite is also true. 

The key word here is consciously. Yes, you can do things differently and consciously, and your actions, as well as your conscious intent, will have an effect. I would urge you to look deep into yourself and see what your motivation is. You can attempt to consciously ‘raise your vibration’ by doing certain things, certain rituals, or even certain meditations, but in many cases, all you are doing is raising or strengthening your ego. 

Before I explain that, I want to share something else with you. Until you look deeper into the concepts of raising your vibration, many of you will likely think it is an up or down motion. This is a very limiting perspective. Energetically, and since we are talking about energy here, raising your vibration does not only include an up or down motion, it also involves side to side, in and out, light and dark, etc.  It is expansion in all possible directions. It is all encompassing. Think of a light; it does not only shine in one direction, it radiates in every direction. It is one illumination radiating from one source. It is Oneness exemplified, and the first Universal natural law that governs everything is the “Law Of One.” So if you are truly interested in raising your vibration, begin to become one with everything; begin to move beyond your conditionings, begin to practice Awareness, live in Awareness, and the byproduct of this new way of being is a raised vibration. This is a more encompassing perspective on raising your vibration. 

So, yes, you can raise your vibration, but not by trying to. It comes as a byproduct of remembering who and what you are in truth. Truth is, you are one with everything, and when you truly remember that, you will never hurt someone or something consciously anyway. Why would you; for in that moment, you would realize that you would only be hurting yourself? And, this decision would be made not from an egotistical decision; it would come from knowing your truth. 

Be mindful about this idea of being able to raise your vibration; it often comes from an egotistical decision. It comes from believing that you and this moment are not perfect. It comes from believing that you would be better off, or happier, more peaceful, etc. if you were to raise yourself to this higher elevation or evolution. This is a mind-game that is only going to keep you distracted, not living in Universal Awareness, and missing out on the only moment that truly counts...THIS MOMENT OF NOW!

There is only one way to raise your vibration, and it involves these three steps:

  1. Remember who and what you are in truth,
  2. Be the best you that you can be in any given moment or situation,
  3. Let insights like this be only a sign to guide you. 

Ultimately, you must look within, and live in and from the place that is based in Universal Awareness, Consciousness, and Truth. When you are those things, your vibration will rise naturally, a byproduct of living in Truth. 

Vedam Clementi is a Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Meditation Coach, Author, and Lecturer. A full recovery from paralysis using spiritual concepts, meditation, and natural healthcare led to Vedam’s spiritual awakening and desire to share what he has learned. Vedam has taught fellow souls for over a decade to leave the past behind, plant seeds for their desired tomorrow, and to be present in each moment as they move through life. Vedam has a unique way of uniting psychological and spiritual tools that support the individual to relate to themselves, others, and life in a new way: openly, lovingly, and authentically.





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