A new Identity of Happiness (and its far-reaching implications)

A new identity of Happiness (and its far-reaching implications):

During our period of time called life, we perform certain activities, enjoy our senses through good feelings called "happiness", and then die, and a new living being takes our place, and repeats the same cycle. If we go a bit deeper, we can find a more urgent identity of happiness, with a much more profound purpose for us than we normally believe!

We know through science that a supreme activity, called the process of evolution has been taking place on our planet since the start of life, and has transformed life forms from the lowly amoeba to today’s human, slowly but definitely, in small steps of positive changes. If we think a bit deeper, we can see that a reward of happiness or feeling good may have been the incentive for the continuation of this supreme process. The evolving ape was putting in some extra effort to get more feeling of happiness or pleasure out of life in trying harder to get more food than others, which provided more pleasure of eating. Or he was trying a bit harder than others to protect his own life, because life was delivering pleasure to him. Some forms of "feeling good" or happiness seem to have been the reward for promoting the process of evolution!

A new and original analysis of Happiness using scientific logic

We already know from science that there is a force behind every activity. So, there has to be a supreme force behind this ultimate activity of evolution, and we live in the force-field of this force. Science also says that in an environment of a force, all activities in sync, or in the same direction of the force are peaceful (or happy), while those opposing the force are turbulent (or miserable). So, activities in sync with this force would be happy, or may bring happiness, while those against the force may bring turbulence or misery. In other words, our activities in sync with the force of evolution may receive happiness in return, and activities opposing it may bring misery.

The natural questions are, what is the direction of this force, and how to stay in sync with it! To find this direction, we have to analyze what it has been doing in the past. Looking at its past activities, we can see that the process of evolution has transformed life forms from the lowly amoeba to today’s human - a clear and absolute trend of positive changes! Evolution is happening in very small but definite steps of positive changes. And this trend defines the nature of this supreme force. So, staying in tune, or in the same direction with this force may simply mean staying positive by promoting positive changes through our activities. Those positive changes , however extremely minute they may be, may promote the process of evolution. And we may get the reward of happiness in return! So, happiness is used as the reward in the process of evolution.

Lower animals may be staying in sync with this force, and promote the process of evolution almost automatically with their activities. In turn, they must be receiving the rewards of feeling good or happiness in many different ways, and so they keep on repeating the same activities. For us, the humans, the same theory seems to hold true also, but it is obvious only for our basic activities, which include eating, reproductive activities, etc., all of which give us tremendous pleasure.

Beyond the basic activities, it becomes a bit more difficult to establish a direct relationship between each activity and happiness, because of the complex nature of our activities. But in most cases, it still can be shown, using science and logic, that the activities which produce stable happiness in many different forms and complexities is still the incentive to promote evolution. In other words, when we get involved in activities that promote evolution by creating positive changes, we increase our chances of finding happiness.

Here it is proved for the first time, using science and logic, that there is a direct link between happiness and activities which create positive changes in our world. Our activities which create positive changes, increase our chances of finding happiness. On the other hand, activities which generate negative changes increase our chances of finding misery. This theory may have a lot of implications, and if followed, may influence our activities in many areas of our lives.

Religion has been trying to preach the same advices for ages, but it is telling us to assume those guidelines, without any logical proof. As a result, we tend to lose conviction in it. Also, often the true meanings of those guidelines may get distorted in the interpretations of different preachers. This theory of happiness can also help Religion to add logic in its preaching. It can also act as a filter - the proper guidelines should always help us create positive changes in our world. They, in turn, would promote the process of evolution. Thus this theory may be able to reduce the conflicts between Science and Religion.

Happiness is the ultimate prize of life, and we all are chasing it. But we are not sure what are the best ways to find it, and often assume that we will be able to buy it with money! So, we try hard to get wealthy, and in the process, often create a lot of negative changes in our world. This theory on happiness may be able to provide us a guideline to follow while we are in the pursuit of money and profit, so that we can choose the right kind of activities, maximizing generation of positive changes, and minimizing the production of negative changes. There are numerous other situations of everyday life, where this theory may be able to help us by setting a guideline to create net positive changes through our daily activities, and in return get rewarded with more happiness.

The process of revolution is helping us to survive through time, developing necessary capabilities. But the question is how far in the future can we extend our survival! Can we survive indefinitely, and become a living entity of the universe, beyond the life of this planet Earth!

The answer may depend upon how fast we can evolve to advance our capability, and how long our planet earth will last. So, in that context, the two most important tasks to us might be:

(a) to preserve our planet for as long as possible, and

(b) to evolve as fast as possible

The logical theory of happiness described here may be able to help both causes, by helping us with a scientific explanation of happiness, and a guideline to help maximize the net positive change we create through our daily activities, and minimize the distortion of our evolution! OM !

The writer was born in Kolkata, India, in 1944. He received his BS in Science form Calcutta University, and then BS in Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University, India. He emigrated to USA in 1968, and did his Masters in Electrical Engineering.

Though his profession has been in Technology, his real passion has been in Spirituality.

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Comment by Jay K Ghosh on April 12, 2014 at 9:11am

Done. Thanks Kathy.

Comment by Kathy Custren on April 12, 2014 at 6:51am

Hi, Jay - Could you please include a bio paragraph at the end of your article, so it may be recommended to the publishers? Thank you very much ~ Blessings!

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