“Here is a simple stress test. Place a check mark next to those that apply to your situation. On the average most people don’t want to admit they have stress. They think that if they admit they have stress it means they can’t handle life. But on the contrary once we admit we have stress we can make changes before stress does permanent damage to our mind, body, and spirit.” 

Only the individual himself knows when and for what reasons they are feeling overwhelmed with stress. But this test will give a general idea of how someone is doing. Many people can have very low scores on a stress test and at the same time feel overwhelmed with stress. So talking with with a stress management therapist, doctor, or counselor will give a person an even better understanding of their level of stress. 

In the last 3 months have you experience any of the following?

Physical Signs of Stress

Increased cholesterol level in your blood (detected with a blood test)

High blood pressure

Rapid pulse

Loss of appetite

Tendency to overeat (especially in response to stressful situations)

Queasiness or butterflies in your stomach



Eyestrain and headaches

Fluttering motions in your eyes

Tightened muscles in your neck 

Grinding your teeth

Clenching your jaw

Cold hands

Sweaty palms

Contraction and tightness of general body muscles

Jerky movement

Shallow breathing

Strained sounding voice

Hunched over posture (resulting from excessive tightness of shoulder muscles)

Rigid spine, preventing fluid movement

Tight forehead muscles, causing a change in facial expression

Contraction of the muscles in your fingers and toes, causing them to curl


Twitching and trembling

Dryness in your mouth

Lack of interest in sex



Menstrual disorders

Nervousness (including the tendency to be frightened or startled easily)

Excessive belching

Chronic diarrhea

Chronic constipation

Chronic indigestion (including belching, heartburn, and nausea)

Weakness and fatigue


Fainting easily

Fainting spells preceded by nausea

Difficulty falling asleep

Inability to remain asleep during the night

Inability to sit still

Tendency to tire easily

Muscle spasms

Feeling full all the time without eating

Inability to cry

Tendency to burst into tears at slight provocation or for no reason at all

*If a person checks 20 or more of these symptoms - please find help.  

Mental Signs of Stress



The desire to escape from people or things or situations

Feeling like you want to cry

Impulsive behavior that is incompatible with normal patterns of behavior

Feelings of anxiety, sometimes vague, or ill defined

Inability to think clearly

Inability to solve simple problems

Lack of desire to participate fully in life

Feelings of self-destruction


Being extremely critical of others

Meticulousness about surroundings and possessions

Tendency to be a perfectionist (everything has to be in it’s place)

Loosing your temper all the time

Inability to relax physically (just can’t let go)

Mild panic attacks

Frustration and concern over health 

(especially worries over minor aches and pains)

Fear of death

Fear of disease (especially cancer)

Fear of insanity or mental illness

Fear of being alone

Inability to cope with criticism

Inability to get along with others

Inability to concentrate

Feeling of separation or removal from people and… 

things that were once important and vital

Tendency to live in the past

Feeling bored often

Feelings of inability to cope with problems and frustrations

Inability to freely express emotion, especially anger

Feelings that your family members don’t like or love you

Feelings of failure as a parent

Inability to confide problems or concerns with other people

*If a person checks 20 or more of these mental symptoms - please find help.  

Life Change Stress

Change in your sleep habits

Change in your recreation habits

Change in your social activities

Change in your financial state

Loss of a loved one

Loss of a friend


Loss of a job

Having to commute

Trouble with relatives

Sexual problems

Health problems

Moved your household

Time in jail

Violations of the law

Changes in your business

New Marriage

Graduation from college

Family member leaving home


Changes in home environment

Vacation - (Sometimes people feel more stressed after a vacation)

Taking out a loan

*If a person checks 12 or more of these symptoms - please find help.

The first step towards finding balance in life is knowing if we have stress. Contact your doctor, therapist, and anyone else qualified to help with stress.

Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist and Spiritual Teacher for over 25 years, helping people to recover and feel healthy. You can also find Dr. Haider on FB under Dr. Paul Haider, Healing Herbs, and at www.paulhaider.com – feel free to connect with him any time. 

Here is a short video bio – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rK6Eg-xlX3U

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