There are a select few topics that are considered controversial in our culture, suicide is one of them.  It is as if it is a taboo topic that we are taught not to talk about.  The problem with not talking about it is that nothing ever gets resolved.  How does an individual struggling with thoughts of great demise find solace on their own?  This is like trying to find your way around a new room with a blindfold on.  The truth is that many of us have issues within our own selves that we battle with day to day.  The extent of these negative thoughts vary from each individual.  The mind will bend and weave in such polarities at times that it becomes very challenging to focus our thoughts on the great things we have going for us in life. 


The mind has something called A.N.T’s, which is an acronym for Automatic Negative Thoughts.  A large percent of our thoughts in our day are dedicated to some form of low frequency vibrations.  As we dive deeper into these thoughts, it becomes harder to pull ourselves out of them.  The deeper and deeper we go into these thoughts, we start to allow ourselves to absolve into them.  When this occurs, we become so blind to the rest of the World around us that we feel hopeless.  There is hope in every situation, it just takes someone to hold our hand to help us find our way out.  Such times calls for an intervention by another individual.


When addressing such a topic with an individual considering suicide, it must be done with compassion.  The individual is operating at a very fragile mental state and should be addressed delicately.  This topic can be hard to discuss on many levels, but one of them is based on the individual’s belief system.  Does this person believe in the afterlife or God?  My understanding of our existence goes beyond the physical form to incorporate a spiritual journey that has a purpose.  When reflecting on any topic on my mind, I will always consider the spiritual value each instance has.


Each moment in our lives, big or small, plays a part in our spiritual significance. There is a grand plan for each moment we encounter.  The lessons we take from each moment reflects our spiritual maturity which will ultimately lead us to enlightenment.  Enlightenment occurs when the soul has transcended all layers of the human mind and found its way back to the “Source.”  It is within this time that we are fully attuned to the universe as a whole.  Each incarnation has a mission for the soul to learn from in the course of its journey here.  The mission is part of a contract that it pledges to in order to gain knowledge and insight throughout the journey.  The fashion and route of which the soul fulfills the contract is done at its own free will.


When it comes to a difficult time for an individual, they may consider ending their journey abruptly.  This does not fulfill the requirements of the contract.  So while the individual may think that they are being relieved from their obligations to their soul, they are not.  The soul must come back to finish off their journey in another carnation.  Each trial and tribulations that we experience in our life’s journey is meant to be experienced for a specific reason.  If this is not completed in one lifetime, it will be carried over into another.


The relief the depressed individual thinks they will be achieving is not so.  The emotions they felt in previous incarnations will be repeated in another.  Suicide is said to be a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  The issues we see as infinite obstacles are but only for the moment.  This moment can go on longer than necessary if the individual cuts their life short.  The obstacles that seem too heavy in this incarnation may not be as bad as the ones that a person can be presented with in the following incarnation, if they do not complete it fully this time.  With this uncertainty, it is wise to allow a soul to experience each journey to its fullest.  Each moment must play its course in time.


Each moment we experience is a beautiful melody of knowledge and understanding that is obtained from going through from start to finish.  The key is to naturally allow those emotionally marinated moments to bring forth the lessons we need for our spiritual evolution.  What great triumph we experience upon coming out of these moments.  Each moment can be received with love if we understand the ultimate journey we are on.  When we understand that the good, the bad and the ugly are all leading to something magnificent beyond our comprehension, we will then start to live life with trust.


As soon as we allow ourselves to trust in the universe to take care of us, we can start to truly live.  Life is a journey that is meant to be explored in great detail.  It’s like when a person goes on a long awaited travel, they will try to absorb every fine detail of their surroundings before they have to return home.  It’s this ability to analyze the finer details that will leave an imprint of our adventures in our memory that we will carry with us.  The emotions we experience help us draw attention to those important moments in our lives that we are meant to learn from.  It is our duty to live through each of those moments with full entirety.


People that are considering suicide are living their lives without trust.  When a person is void of trust, they are put on edge; a constant state of unease.  This brings a great difficulty in the ability to transcend each challenging moment.  Trust comes from letting go and embracing whatever is presented in front of you.  When this occurs, we become free.  Each moment of freedom is a celebration.  A celebration of life.  Life is meant to be enjoyed through all its highs and lows.


Cutting your life short based on a temporary phase in our life, is also very selfish.  Many years ago one of my close cousins took his own life and it has left a sense of void in my life.  My cousin Ron was an inspiration to me on many accounts.  From a young age, I looked up to him as an older role model.  He was everything I wanted to be.  Reminiscing on him brings on feelings of confusion and regret.  The people that are left, will always think that they didn’t do enough or they feel partly to blame.  What a feeling to leave someone with.  While the depressed individual may feel hopeless and alone, they are not.


No matter what our story is, there is always someone, even a stranger, who is willing to love you.  We must first open up and let people know what we are going through.  At this time, the universe will connect you with the right people that you need.  We live life amongst each other every day, not as individuals existing on selfish means, but as unity where everything is shared.  Why else would we be living together simultaneously? 


Paul Nijar studied Traditional Chinese Medicine & Natural Health, meditation, martial arts and yoga.  He has also worked as a local stuntman and personal trainer.  He is currently writing 3 books on his style of yoga and his spiritual philosophy.  Paul's love for his training and thirst for spiritual development has lead him to create his own style of yoga called Yoga Do which encompasses all trainings in his life.  A Preview can be seen on youtube.  Paul's ambition is to change the world to see more love and compassion for one another.  As this is a difficult task, he seeks to utilize his teaching and writing to awaken others so they can bring change together.

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Comment by Kathy Custren on March 5, 2014 at 6:54pm

Paul, thank you for your submission dealing with such a sensitive topic. Could you please be sure to include your bio paragraph at the end? Thank you very much!

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