A Spring Bouquet of Healing Flowers



Plants have always been the primary source of healing tonics for mankind.  The ancient day Shaman inherited a wealth of knowledge about plants and their medicinal uses from his fore fathers.  Like so many important links with nature that modern man lost along the path of "progress" we are returning to a deeper appreciation of the power of plants.  As we increase our understanding of the holistic, irreducible nature of the universe and all living systems, it is indisputable that plant life functions on many sophisticated and subtle levels.


Plants are sentient beings.  Plants demonstrate consciousness; they feel and move; they constantly respond to the surrounding environment. Sensitive experiments dating from the 1920’s showed that plants possess a nervous system.  Polygraphs have demonstrated that plants respond to human thought and speech.  These “simpler” forms posses a life force and this has important implications for us.  Plants and people share in the divinity of the grand design of nature.


One of the most famous and respected names associated with the unique use of plants in healing is Dr. Edward Bach of England (1886 - 1936).  Edward Bach discovered that certain flowering plants are able to alleviate human emotional and physical problems.  Bach learned to extract the essence or vibratory imprint from particular flowers and to transfer this energy imprint into pure water - which is then ingested orally or placed sublingually.  These nonmaterial essences function as vibrational medicine - healing energy.  The flower essences work on the multidimensional mind-body-spirit being.  Each healing flower offers unique benefits to an individual. 


With the coming of spring all living things celebrate rebirth and renewal.  The seasons mirror the cycles of life; spring is the most optimistic with tender new shoots sprouting forth.  The beauty of nature is everywhere.  The crowning achievement of this season is the multitude of flowers that bloom.  Consider exploring a special bouquet of healing flowers for your soul's renewal.


A Spring Bouquet of Healing Flowers:


  • Mimulus               - Bravery
  • Agrimony             - Honesty
  • Clematis              - Reality
  • Impatiens             - Timely
  • Scleranthus        - Balance




The flower essences work to balance, unblock and harmonize the various subtle and fine energy systems of the body-mind-spirit being.  They are gentle but effective in helping a willing person bring about change and heal himself.


For those who suffer from anxiety or excessive worry the Mimulus is known as the "Bravery Flower". The Mimulus helps  those with fears of illness, pain, accidents, poverty, loneliness and misfortunes.  People struggling to master their fears often quietly bear their dread; this flower offers relief. 


For people who are restless, tormented by life and hide behind false good cheer the Agrimony flower essence offers assistance.  Agrimony helps release the soul's capacity for honestly and positive confrontation. 


For those who live in a dreamy, not-fully-awake and alert state, the Clematis flower is the remedy.  The Clematis is the reality flower essence.  Clematis energy helps us live more interesting fulfilled lives!


Impatiens flower essence relates to the soul's qualities of patience and gentleness. Impatiens energy relieves haste and impatience dissolving the associated negative inner tension and irritability.


For those who have excessive difficulty in making decisions and vacillate constantly, the Scleranthus flower gives inner balance and peace.  Scleranthus energy builds equilibrium and decisiveness.


A unique and exciting development has surfaced in recent years that allows the direct application of the flower essences through sound frequencies - bypassing the physical flower altogether.  In this novel approach, the same marvelous benefits that many have long enjoyed via the traditional water borne flower essences, can be quickly and effectively bestowed through sound.


Pioneers such as Sharry Edwards and Dr. Royal Rife spent their lives studying, measuring and deriving vibrational energies for healing.  Eventually, Sound Healers were able to identify exact and apply wavelengths of sound to address specific ailments.  As with other vibrational healing it appears the effect works holistically providing benefit to the spirit and the mind of the person helping one heal himself.  There are emotional benefits that are inseparable from the overall healing process.  At the deepest level everything (and everyone) is energy and energy heals most directly!


The author's work has endeavored to extend the  benefits of the vibrational flower essences even further.  She has composed complete "Healing Flower Music" (Symphonies) that employ the sound frequency equivalent of the associated soul flower.  The flower frequency is embedded in a complex musical composition.  The listener receives the flower essence energy from its frequency and much more. The Flower Symphonies are multidimensional musical compositions that begin by first expressing the negative emotion; listening to the negative aspect offers a sense of catharsis to loosen and clear emotional blockages. People can be so overwhelmed by negative energies that they cannot receive positive energies until the clear emotional baggage is cleared.


The flower symphony then plunges into the positive emotional transformation.  This positive movement uplifts the listener and together with the accompanying flower frequency provides intense emotional transformation and healing.  The experience offered by the combination of the healing flower essence together with the musical encounter present in the symphony can produce a powerful, healing state impacting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies.


In closing, the benefits of the Healing Flower Essences have been widely utilized by people since ancient times to gain a gentle emotional lift or helpful resolution.  There now exists a total vibrational energy path to the same blessings - listening to the frequency equivalent of the desired Flower.    


The transformation of sentient plant energy to pure vibrational energy (both available for uplifting the human spirit) is yet another manifestation that all living entities and all energies are one in the grand design.  For our part we need to care for and preserve nature; enjoy the bounty of a simple wildflower to help fill your deepest emotional needs.



Negative emotions…




Fears of everyday life, dread, feelings of misfortune, darkness


Mimulus: The Bravery Flower



Takes us from Fear of the World to Trust in the World


False cheerfulness, worry, restlessness



Agrimony: The Honesty Flower


Takes us from Pretended Harmony to Inner Peace


Drowsy, dreamy, lacking interest in life, not happy with the present-ever looking forward


Clematis: The Reality Flower



Takes us from escaping Reality to Living in reality


Hasty, impatient, always rushing, pushing to get things done


Impatiens: The Time Flower



Takes us from Impatience to Patience

Vacillating, aimless, difficulty in deciding between possibilities, indecisive, lacking balance

Scleranthus: The Balance Flower

Takes us from Inner Conflict to Inner Equilibrium


Table I: Healing Flowers and associated Emotions/Benefits[1]





Barnard, Julian. Bach Flower Remedies: Form and Function, Lindisfarne Books: Great Barrington, MA, 2002.

Mattson, Jill. Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing, Wings of Light: Oil City, PA., 2008.

Scheffer, Mechthild. Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy, Healing Arts Press: Rochester, Vermont, 2001.


[1]Scheffer. Mechthild. Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy, Healing Arts Press: Rochester, Vermont, 2001.

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Comment by Jill Mattson on August 27, 2012 at 9:34am

Hi Darlene,

I just emailed you and know I see you here! Thank you so much for sharing the Flower Blessings! The Flower Remedies work for me!

If I were to play the frequency of niacin, your face would flush, the same as if you took the supplement. That is because waves in close proximity interact. So you can listen to your vitamins and ingest them! (I have vitamins in my Deep Wave Beauty CD.) So you ingest the flower essence by listening as i have embedded the frequency in each track!

Clearly music makes us feel, so I added music that feels like the emotion of the flower. Since the Flower remedies approach healing from an emotional level, it makes sense that matching music would amplify this effect.

The Healing Flower Symphonies creatively take you into the dark side of each emotion (such as impatience to patience) as a cathartic release – cleansing emotional baggage. Whatever is repressed has power over us; we have been trained since our earliest years to repress negative emotions. These do not vanish, but show up as an outward negative energy, such as anger or aggression, or an inward force manifesting as depression, insecurity or illness.


The antidote is to feel your pain – it allows a release. This is why grieving works. This isn’t as frightening or as painful as you think. It will not destroy you. Within a surprisingly brief time the pain will dissipate. Simply listen to music and let it help you feel free.


People overwhelmingly report the release of unpleasant emotional baggage, while listening to The Healing Flower Symphonies. Many experienced negative emotions pass out of their energy fields while listening. This is not a pleasant moment. The Healing Flower Symphonies are not for “pansies.”  Others were not aware of their energy fields, but disliked the cathartic music for a brief time.


Anyway, I am so excited to be able to give a gift of the Flower Symphonies. People gently and subtly heal - even those that dont believe in alternative healing!

Please let me know what you think of the music! Thank you so kindly for your interest! Blessing!

Comment by Darlene McPeek Kancharla on August 27, 2012 at 1:36am

i shared this to my blogs...  and twittered, etc. 

peacefultrees.wordpress.com (new one) 


... with links to your website and page here. hope that was okay! :) 

Comment by Darlene McPeek Kancharla on August 27, 2012 at 1:22am

wow. i take gentian, and vervain (sometimes), mumulus or aspen (sometimes). considering clemantis and ceratio... i am trying them, as different ones can be relevant at various times, to see how they feel (i have 17 of the remedies now and about to get a few more for my collection). (i am interested in becoming a bach remedy practicioner..would love to do homeopath/acupuncture, but it was too costly to attend at 70k. (i do tera mai seichem reiki for friends, trees, bee hives et al)... i think i will have to listen to the flower symphonies!! they sound really lovely...  ... p.s. this is really interesting. i think that it would be great in the magazine. if you post it to the Prose group, i can feature it. much love and many hugs, darlene

Comment by Jill Mattson on January 16, 2012 at 10:27am

   The Healing Music of Flowers


By Jill Mattson




Flowers delight us with their beautiful forms and fragrances. Yet, these bountiful gifts are just the tip of the iceberg. Flowers emit feelings. For example, the rose feels beautiful and the daisy is cheerful. Each flower contributes its own positive feeling that subtly contributes to our emotional health.


Taking this a step further, the indigenous tribes of South America, captured the flower’s signature energy and ingested this in a similar manner as we take psychotropic drugs.  One can purchase these emotional remedies today.


Sharry Edwards, who founded the science of BioAcoustics, watched people ingest the nutrient niacin and observed a skin flushing. She played the frequency equivalent of niacin and the same skin flushing occurred. People had the same reaction from a supplement and the proper sound. Likewise, the emotional benefits of flowers can be passed through the frequency equivalent of the associated flower.


I obtained the frequencies of the soul flowers with the help of an advanced practitioner of vibratory medicine. The process included the use of a sound oscilloscope and a special microphone that made a recording. When a flower petal was near the microphone, a graph of a pitch was created on the computer screen. I duplicated this sound and embedded the appropriate flower frequency equivalent into each of my compositions entitled “Healing Flower Symphonies.” In this manner I incorporated the frequency equivalent for each flower into my “Healing Flower Symphonies.”[1]


Sharry Edwards, who founded the science of BioAcoustics, watched people ingest the nutrient niacin and observed a skin flushing. She played the frequency equivalent of niacin and the same skin flushing occurred. People had the same reaction from a supplement and the proper sound. Likewise, the emotional benefits of flowers can be passed through the frequency equivalent of the associated flower.


When we lack a frequency is because of lack of eating or lack or listening??






My musical compositions of healing flowers began with the tone of the actual flower. We all know that music influences our emotions, so I added emotional music on top of this frequency that amplified the effect of the flower energy. While composing the Healing Flower Symphonies I opened myself up to the feelings emitted by specific flowers. I was listening to what each emotion had to tell me - as if there is an entire world within each emotion. For example, the Gentian flower transmutes the energy of doubt to trust. To replicate the feeling of trust I classified trust as deeper than a feeling; it is a “knowing,” an absolute assurance. I compared this feeling to our heartbeat - something that we have heard subtly, but steadily throughout our lives - something that we took comfort from in our mother’s womb, something we trust to sustain us. This reassuring sound made me feel safe. I trust my heartbeat to do its life assuring work. After taping the sounds of a heartbeat,  I composed a symphony around this reassuring beat. Then I immersed myself in the feeling of trust and let the musical composition flow from me. It was as if the music used me to express itself. The final symphony contains the frequency equivalent of the particular flower, together with the original composition expressing it.


Each flower supports the transformation o

Comment by Jill Mattson on January 16, 2012 at 10:26am

They are the energy of healing emotions. In my Flower Symphonies I got the actual flower frequency and embedded it in the music. It has extremely strong feelings...for healing!


Comment by Darlene McPeek Kancharla on January 16, 2012 at 12:54am

this is very interesting. i had never heard/read the story of Mr. Bach, but am glad to see it now... last fall, i bought some Bach flower remedy..(the spray)... it works well (esp. in emergencies). :) ...this week, i ordered a few books on plant medicine shamanism, ceremonies and rituals, so this is a nice serendipity. ..yes, i believe that plants are sentient, too. they are friends. each one has a spirit/sprite in it and it is nice to have them near...talking with them always seems to bring more blooms. :) yes, i love them, too. they are kind enough to share bits of themselves with us for our healing/nutrition. we are made of the same raw materials (elements). :)   

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