It hit Brian hard. He snatched the divorce papers, wanting to shred them in pieces and fling them at his lawyer. Second marriage. Second divorce. This, despite his attempts at a host of psychological and spiritual therapies.

Hidden behind her locked office door, Sara reached for her third cookie. The staff could celebrate her co-worker’s promotion without her. They didn’t seem to notice or appreciate her work. She gulped the cookie in one swallow.

Michael put the bedtime storybook down and listened to his son’s soft breathing. He wanted to wake him up, clutch him to his chest and tell him he loved him. That he would always protect him. But the news that day shattered his illusion of safety. Children, the same age as his son, now dead in a nightmare school shooting. His heart was ravaged. How could his son be safe in a world that allowed horrific things like this to happen?

These are stories of the people who have come to Adorata searching for answers and relief. I came to Adorata because of a prayer. I had been writing Visionary Fiction – adventure tales that speak to our soul about the possibilities of our human potential and spiritual evolvement. I knew that one day I would find a practical spiritual path my stories would align with, one that could teach us how to transform our pain into the love trapped within it. I, along with others like Brian, Sara, and Michael, found what we were looking for in the Adorata Path of Enlovement.

The Adorata teachings and practices helped me keep my heart open, to not shut down during a devastating phase of my marriage. Yes, it saved my marriage, but, even more, it saved my heart. It helped me to find safety in love.


Adorata, Latin for “beloved,” is a body of teachings and a spiritual path where the goal is an increased ability to receive and give love in all its forms. It works by bringing together spiritual practices and psychological work within what Adorata calls the “deep psyche.” It is important to note that it is not therapy, but a spiritual system.

Adorata unites a Divine Feminine based spirituality with a new archetype of Divine Masculine spirituality, to create embodied love - the alchemy of Sacred Union within your body and heart. Embodied love is practical and down to earth. It is your capacity to love and be loved, and is achieved by uniting your inner male and inner female within, two aspects of the psyche existing in all men and women regardless of sexual preferences.

Adorata was founded by the Italian-born modern mystic, artist, and humanitarian, Tiziana DellaRovere. Tiziana’s journey began after a life threatening illness, culminating in visitations by Divine Mother. Tiziana experienced these visitations in the form of Mother Mary – not a cultural or religious Mary. Rather, Mary as the essence of the divinity within matter, the Mother in God. 

After 35 years of rigorous mystical practices, in-depth research into the deep psyche, and working with thousands of people, Tiziana developed the practical system of Adorata to teach others how to unite their inner male and inner female in order to embody love. Adorata offers three innovative and unique ways to help you achieve this: the Meditation, the Virtues, and the Descent and Enlovement process.

The Adorata Meditation

The mainstay of the system is The Adorata Meditation. In this foundational practice, Divine Mother’s love is brought up from the center of the earth and also from the deepest places within your cells. This grounds you in Her love and prepares your body and heart for the descent of the Divine Father, where the two can then alchemically unite in your heart. As the fruit of this tangible experience of Sacred Union, the Divine spark within you is ignited.

The meditation is nourishing and empowering. It harmonizes the polarities of your inner male and female within the sanctum of your heart and physical body, which expands your ability to receive and give love.

Sara found the Meditation helped her to listen to the rhythms of her body and its true needs. I do the Meditation every morning to help me feel calm and center me in my heart and my body.

The Sixteen Virtues

The Virtues are stepping-stones to embodying love. They are archetypal attributes of the Divine Feminine - such as Trust, Harmony, and Courage - depicted in sixteen Madonna portraits that emanate the qualities of each Virtue. The Virtue portraits are accompanied by sacred text and rich prose, offering a sensory experience of embodied love. Contemplations and practices show you how to use the Virtues in your daily life, developing your ability to receive and radiate an ever-increasing flow of Divine Love. 

Michael said the Virtues helped him navigate the suffering in the world with more peace, understanding, and personal power. I find that drawing a Virtue card during my busy day, or in stressful periods of my life, gives me the exact guidance I need.

Descent and Enlovement 

The Descent process into the deep psyche is a spiritual practice that unites your inner male and female in harmony. Descent and Enlovement alchemically transform the unconscious negative patterns that create unhappiness in your life and block your embodiment of Divine Love.  

Adorata calls these negative patterns crystallizations. When you have been wounded by life’s tragedies, the resulting painful emotions and memories freeze in destructive forms in the depth of your body. They become fragmented parts of you that dwell in your deep psyche, the unconscious aspect of yourself that exists in the subatomic levels of your physical body. It is there that a battle rages within you – between the crystallized wounded pieces of your inner male and female.

A disharmonious relationship between your inner male and female can cause you to experience life as an exhausting struggle; it may attract undermining situations, or may underlie unhappy relationships. Crystallizations determine your emotions, beliefs, actions, your success in the world, and your feelings about yourself.

Brian discovered how a crystallized aspect of his inner female sabotaged both of his marriages when the women he married were never good enough in his eyes, and could never fill the hole in his heart. In Adorata’s Descent process, Brian was guided by a trained practitioner to find and acknowledge the fragmented parts of his inner female. With his practitioner’s direction, he eventually harmonized and healed his crystallization using the power of Enlovement.

Enlovement is the mystical process that imparts healing transformation. Instead of releasing, cutting away, or rising above your suffering, the alchemy of Enlovement frees the Divine Love trapped within your crystallizations. It liberates your inherent gifts and power into your daily life, and creates spontaneous changes in the destructive patterns stemming from your crystallizations.

Brian finally found a loving relationship, peace in his heart, and a new clarity about his life’s purpose. I turn to Descents whenever I want to discover and transform the root cause contributing to any suffering I experience in my life.

I invite you to consider what area of your life would benefit from the alchemical loving changes that the practices of Adorata can bring about.


Jodine Turner is a certified practitioner of Adorata Descent work, and teaches Virtues classes. Jodine is also an award-winning, best-selling Visionary Fiction author. She wrote the Goddess of the Stars and the Seas series; mystical adventure tales about facing our deepest pain and transforming it through the power of embodied love.

Adorata website   

Jodine’s website

Jodine’s novels

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Comment by Jodine Turner on February 21, 2013 at 2:21pm


I'm so glad it resonates and I, too, look forward to you experiencing Adorata.

Comment by Jodine Turner on February 21, 2013 at 2:21pm

Theresa, thank you for your appreciation of harmony. Yes, the repetition of doing the meditation daily does deepen and strengthen our body container for balance - allowing the Divine Feminine and Masculine to unite in our heart; as well as strengthening the container for the harmonization of our wounded inner male and female.

Comment by Theresa Nash on February 21, 2013 at 11:45am
I hadn't heard of Adorata - it appeals to my appreciation of harmony and diversity. Great overview! I'm a fan of meditation, and this one sounds lovely. I like the specificity as well as the repitition (for deepening).
Blessings on your path. I look forward to reading more from you.
Comment by Jodine Turner on February 21, 2013 at 11:20am

Thank you Eleni, What a journey you have gone through. And what an incredible testimony to the power of balancing the wounded inner male and female aspects within our self. Adorata goes to the deepest layer of those wounds that I have ever seen as a practitioner and therapist. And the transformation happens with the power of Divine Love. Blessings on your continued empowerment and healing.

Comment by Eleni Papanou on February 21, 2013 at 12:21am

What a beautiful and inspiring article. I “love” the term enlovement.  I do kundalini meditation for my flashbacks. It's similar to a lot of what you mention in this article, specifically balancing the male and female. I can certainly attest that if they're not balanced, it can wreak havoc on your body and mind. For me, it took having cancer to learn the importance of balance. I still have a long way to go, but it's nice to know that we're empowered to heal ourselves from within.  Thanks for sharing.

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